25 Best Things to Do in Tulsa Ok

Located in the heart of Oklahoma, Tulsa is a charming city. The city is famous for its art deco architecture and its diverse cultural exhibits. With its rich history, natural beauty, cultural harmony, and culinary delights, Tulsa has a wealth of attractions that will make you fall in love with the city. In this article, we will explore the best ways to make the most of your time in Tulsa. 

Visit Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook Museum of Art

Tulsa is best known for its art and architecture. The villa in which the museum is housed will instantly transport you to the period of the Italian Renaissance. The museum has carefully curated its exhibits which range from Native American art to European and modern paintings. One of the highlights of this museum is its gardens which have been perfectly manicured. The museum remains relatively crowded at all times and specifically during the special exhibits. After exploring the marvels that are exhibited in the museum, you can take a leisurely stroll around the garden and sit by the fountain side, spending your time amidst nature.

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Grab a Chance to Meet the Exotic Animals at Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo is a family-friendly place of attraction that has showcased its commitment to the welfare of wildlife. A diverse range of animals can be found in the zoo, making it one of the most popular places of attraction in Tulsa. A variety of birds, primates, and reptiles find their home in the zoo. These animals originally hail from Australia, Africa, Asia, and North America. The main highlight of this zoo is the animatronic dinosaurs which will take you back to the prehistoric era. The movements and sounds of the dinosaurs have been perfectly replicated and will assure a sense of thrill and adventure at the zoo.

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Immerse in the World of American Folk Music at the Woody Guthrie Center

the Woody Guthrie Center
Peter Greenberg, CC via Wikimedia Commons

The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa celebrates the life and legacy of Woody Guthrie, who left an indelible mark in the world of American Folk Music. The Center features a wide range of exhibits and artifacts that opens a window into the life of Guthrie- his influence on music and his social activism. His artistic expression is expressed in his song manuscripts and journals, which have been preserved as archival data. The Center also features an urban park where community gatherings are hosted through events like concerts and festivals. The gift shop housed within the center has an extensive collection of books, music, and merchandise, inspired by Guthrie.

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Discover the Mystery of The Cave House

If you are gravitated towards the mysterious and the obscure then The Cave House will be the perfect spot for you to visit. It is one of the hidden gems in Tulsa that had been hand-carved by Linda Collier, an artist who sought inspiration from the natural caves. To sculpt the rock formations in her abode she invested over a decade’s time. The house now serves as a popular landmark attracting visitors who want to witness the enigmatic. Guided tours are available which provide you with information about the marvelous architecture and the intriguing interiors. The property is surrounded by lush green landscapes where you will be able to enjoy some quiet moments in the midst of nature.

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Groove to Your Favorite Music at BOK Center

Farleyeye, CC via Wikimedia Commons

In downtown Tulsa lies the BOK Center, which is known for its top-class performances and has been regarded as the hub for community gatherings. Whether it’s a concert or a sporting event or a live entertainment gig, BOK Center is the premier destination for visitors who seek unadulterated entertainment. BOK Center boasts top-notch facilities through which both performers and audience are able to enjoy themselves. It is the ultimate destination for music lovers since the venue hosts a diverse range of events that feature local bands as well as nationally acclaimed musicians. Fans of different genres of music like rock, pop, hip-hop, and country amalgamate here since there are versatile live shows that feature different music genres. 

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Unravel the Enigma Around the Center of the Universe

the Center of the Universe

Explore the magic of acoustic anomaly at The Center of the Universe. When you stand on this concrete circle and make a sound, it is echoed back in a much higher pitch. To date, scientists have not been able to uncover the mystery behind this acoustic intrigue. Folklore has it that if you stand in the middle of this concrete circle and make a wish, that wish will be granted owing to some stroke of luck. The Center of the Universe defies explanation by logic yet offers a unique experience for its visitors who immerse themselves in the mystique.

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Watch a Performance at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center

the Tulsa Performing Arts Center
Jiri Lebl, CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

The Performing Arts Center in Tulsa had been developed in 1977 and had ever since been regarded as the hub of cultural excellence. The venue has separate halls dedicated to music, concerts, and theatre. A diverse range of performances is featured in the center, thus fostering cultural enrichment among the members of the community. Artists with national and international acclaim, as well as local ones, showcase their skills on the stage and provide an immersive experience to the audience. People of all ages and different tastes gather as an audience to witness the excellent performances. This helps to promote inclusivity and foster friendship among the community members.

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Take a Stroll Around River Parks

Tulsa is a city that is filled with picturesque natural landscapes where people find ample space to relax and rejuvenate. River Parks offer the solace of uniting with nature. Whether you are coming for a leisurely stroll or with your bike, the hiking trails are filled with natural wonders that will captivate you with their beauty. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, make sure to bring your binoculars to witness a diverse species of birds. With a lot of open space, the park offers a perfect spot for a picnic with your loved ones. Watch the sunset by the river in the park and end your day with happy memories. 

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Learn Sewing at Vintage Sewing Center and Museum

Vintage Sewing Center and Museum

If you want to learn a new hobby while you are in Tulsa, then head over to Vintage Sewing Center and Museum. While you are here, you will fall in love with the art of sewing. The Vintage Sewing Center will take you on a journey through time where you will be able to gain knowledge about the evolution of sewing machines, and how the sewing industry has been revolutionized with the passage of time. Different classes and workshops are offered at the Center on the basis of the skill of the students. Participate in these classes and workshops and sew that intricate embroidery that you will cherish forever. 

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Visit the Baseball Haven- ONEOK Field

Nmajdan, CC, via Wikimedia Commons

Tulsa harbors a community that takes pride in its sports enthusiasm. ONEOK Field presents its visitors with a slice of that sports enthusiasm through its state-of-the-art facilities, sporting events, and a memorable experience for all baseball fans. As you enter the ONEOK Field, you will be able to feel the pulse, the energy, and the excitement of the audience cheering for their favorite teams. The stadium boasts a seating capacity of over 7,800 people and in that intimate seating arrangement, the audience can connect more with the players on the field. Whether you are a baseball fan or are looking for a memorable experience pertaining to sports, ONEOK Field will not provide you with any scope for complaint. 


Learn About the Wonders of Space in the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Auditorium

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Auditorium takes its visitors on an immersive journey into the world of aviation and space. If you are intrigued about the happenings in the cosmos, then The Tulsa Air and Space Museum must be on your go-to list. The exhibits of the museum present a wealth of knowledge about aviation history. It pays tribute to those fearless pioneers who have defied gravity and earned recognition for themselves in the history of aerospace. The museum houses a splendid collection of aircraft where you will be able to witness both vintage biplanes and modern aircraft.

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Pay Homage to Tulsa’s Iconic Oilman- The Golden Driller

Tulsa’s Iconic Oilman- The Golden Driller
Timdayf5, CC via Wikimedia Commons

The Golden Driller is a massive 75 feet tall statue that will remind you of Tulsa’s heritage in relation to the oil industry. Much of the growth and development of the city is due to the success of the oil industry. Artist Hugh Davis had been entrusted with the responsibility of creating the design of the Golden Driller. The statue portrays an oil worker with intricate details and realistic features. It is the sixth-tallest statue in the US and is a sight to behold. This iconic landmark captures the essence of the oil industry of Oklahoma. Visitors have frequented this destination for a quick photo with the colossal statue that is symbolic of Tulsa’s heritage. 

Witness the Tranquil Beauty of Woodward Park and Gardens

the Tranquil Beauty of Woodward Park and Gardens

Woodward Park and Gardens is one of the iconic tourist spots of Tulsa. With its stunning blossoms, it captivates the visitors who are mesmerized by the riot of colors of the manicured gardens. The diverse landscapes surrounding the gardens are a treat to the eyes of the visitors. The park is spread over 45 acres and offers a perfect spot for a retreat. Woodward Park had been donated to the city by Helen Woodward (after whom the park has been named) in the year 1909. With the passage of time, the park has undergone several developments in order to create a space for community gatherings and the preservation of natural beauty.


Book a Luxurious Stay at River Spirit Casino Resort

Tulsa is packed with entertainment options for its guests. One such delight is the River Spirit Casino Resort. Whether it’s with gaming, luxurious accommodation, and amenities, or top-class dining options, the resort will make your visit to Tulsa a memorable one. The Casino Resort has a wide range of gaming options for gaming enthusiasts. The excitement and anticipation of the results of the game can be instantly felt as you enter the casino floor. The resort offers grand accommodations for its guests. Sit by the window side and enjoy the panoramic views of the river after a tiring day at the casino. Your stay will be enhanced by the diverse culinary delights offered at the fine dining restaurant of the resort. If you are in Tulsa, you must pack your bags for an exciting stay at the River Spirit Casino Resort. 

Visit the Architectural Marvel- The Boston Avenue Methodist Church

The Boston Avenue Methodist Church
Camerafiend at the English-language Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in the heart of downtown Tulsa, The Boston Avenue Methodist Church is a masterpiece in terms of architecture that has captivated the heart of visitors as well as locals. The construction of the church took place between 1926-1929 when Tulsa was undergoing exponential growth in terms of economy and overall development because of the boom in the oil industry. The ArtDeco style of architecture had been very famous during the early 20th century- the church stands as a main example of it. As you enter the premises of the church you will be able to sense the community spirit of enduring faith that binds the people of Tulsa together.

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Witness a Rich Tapestry of Jewish Artistry in The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art 

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art 
Kiddo27, CC via Wikimedia Commons

Jewish Art is famous for its intricate details- whether it’s with paintings or sculptures, textiles, and artifacts. The impressive collection of the museum the myriad facets of Jewish culture. The main highlight of this museum is its collection of Judaica, including menorahs that have been meticulously curated. Such is the power of art- it has the power of connecting communities and bridge gaps. The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art testifies to the legacy of rich Jewish heritage in Tulsa. If you are a history enthusiast or a lover of art, this museum should be a must-visit destination for you.


Witness the Natural Beauty Surrounding Guthrie Green

Spread over 2.7 acres Guthrie Green Park is regarded as a hub of community gatherings, cultural events, and natural splendor. With its tall trees, well-maintained lawns, and beautiful blossoms, it creates a tranquil atmosphere where visitors can relax and find some quiet moments in the lap of nature. It makes an ideal space for a picnic with your loved ones. A number of events are hosted throughout the year in the park, where the members of the community find a space to gather, interact and foster friendships. The main highlight of the park is the series “Guthrie Green and the Arts” where local talents find a pedestal to showcase their talents through exhibitions, concerts, and theatre.

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Explore Outdoor Recreational Activities at LaFortune Park

Spread over 270 acres, LaFortune Park is filled with lush green, extensive fields, and well-manicured gardens which are home to charming flora. It offers a tranquil space and an idyllic backdrop for nature enthusiasts to relax and unwind. The park offers a host of recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts. From tennis courts to soccer fields and golf courses, the park is packed with activities to suit every interest. The park also features a fishing pond and a gym, thus catering to the interest of every age group. The hiking trails in the park serve as a haven for nature enthusiasts. Whether you are biking or jogging, you will be able to find a diversity of flora and fauna.

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Visit the Oral Roberts University Campus 

the Oral Roberts University Campus
Photo by and ©2004 Dustin M. Ramsey (Kralizec!), CC via Wikimedia Commons

Oral Roberts University is a well-known institution in Tulsa that has been able to combine beautifully academic brilliance and spiritual growth. The campus is an architectural marvel which features iconic structures and vistas that captivates its visitors. The Prayer Tower stands as a testament to the spiritual inclination of the staff and students of the campus. It provides a quiet space to reflect and offer prayers. A number of undergraduate and graduate courses are available across myriad disciplines on the campus. The university is committed to fostering academic brilliance and has therefore appointed distinguished faculties for each stream of study.

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Learn About the History of Tulsa City at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum 

With its immersive exhibits, the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum takes its visitors on a journey to the past. The main aim of the museum is to showcase and preserve the rich heritage of the city and its surrounding areas. With an extensive collection of artifacts, documents, archives, and photographs, the visitors are provided with a glimpse of Tulsa’s history and its lesser-known facts. The museum also organizes programs, lectures, and workshops where visitors of all ages can participate. The educational programs offer an immersive learning experience to the visitors, and they are able to broaden their knowledge about the history of this city.


Dwell in the Beauty of Themed Gardens at the Tulsa Botanic Center

The Tulsa Botanic Center is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Spread over a space of 170 acres, the garden takes pride in its landscapes which have been meticulously curated, and a wide variety of plants, The main highlight of this Center is the themed gardens which are enough to captivate the visitors with its beauty. The charming gardens are filled with blossoms of vibrant colors which offer breathtaking views. If you want to escape the hustle of city life and film your inner calm in a serene spot then the Tulsa Botanic Center will serve as a respite for you.

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Take a Stroll Around the Natural Oasis- Oxley Nature Center

If you want to find a perfect space to connect with nature, then head over to Oxley Nature Center. With the soothing sounds of nature, you will be able to rejuvenate your senses and calm your spirit. The center will provide you with the chance to encounter a wide array of flora and fauna in their natural abodes. The center has earned a name for itself for its birdwatching opportunities. A variety of songbirds, migratory birds, and waterfowl can be spotted in this area. Many observation towers are placed in key areas from which the splendor can be best viewed.


Take Yourself on a Musical Journey at the Bob Dylan Center

the Bob Dylan Center
Idiotwind918, CC via Wikimedia Commons

The legacy of the Nobel laureate, singer, and songwriter Bob Dylan has been preserved in the Bob Dylan Center. The center presents the fans of this iconic singer with a journey through his life and musical endeavors. The Center has an impressive collection of captivating exhibits that provide a peek into the life of Bob Dylan. Through the rare photographs, recreated sets, and archival data, the Center pays homage to the man who left an indelible mark in the music industry. A host of workshops, performances, and lectures are organized from time to time which celebrates the legacy of Dylan and the impact that he left on society through his music.

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Hike your Way Through Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

Through its breathtaking panoramic views, varied ecosystems, and extensive range of trails, the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area offers a respite from the busy city life. Whether you are in for a leisurely stroll or a moderately difficult hike, you will be able to witness the beauty and splendor of nature through the rugged terrain of the area. You will be able to witness a wide variety of plants and animals as you navigate your way through the trails. The elevated points offer a stunning backdrop for a perfect picture with picturesque views of the cityscape.

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Pay Homage to Cyrus Avery at the Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza

Cyrus Avery, known as the “Father of Route 66” is a visionary who has played a crucial role in transforming the American landscape. The plaza pays tribute to this person who had been able to bridge the gaps in the nation through this iconic highway. As you witness the colossal East meets West sculpture, you will be able to understand the symbolic significance of Route 66 that binds the country together. The Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza is a place where the past is valued and the present is celebrated, where community, history, and culture coalesce to form an iconic tourist destination.

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Tulsa exudes a certain warmth and charm that magically makes the visitors feel like they are at home. In this vibrant city, culture, heritage, history, community, nature and recreation merge with one another to provide unforgettable memories to its visitors. The community of Tulsa is harmoniously bound together and defines the charm of this enchanting city.