11 Best Things To Do In Durant OK

If you haven’t been to Durant, you’re already missing out on a lot! They say that good things come in tiny packages, and our exploration of this small town in Oklahoma made us believe so! 

Durant, Oklahoma’s capital city, is located in Bryan County. It is home to culturally rich American indigenous tribes, which is why the city is also recognized as the “Magnolia Capital” of Oklahoma.

At Durant you can find the perfect mix of everything; be it events, food, or entertainment. You may also witness here the winding of national festivals, cultural art shows, and other gala events. Apart from this, this beautiful city is also home to historic landmarks.

So, if you’re not afraid to try new things and want to explore beyond the usual, pay a visit to Durant.

Want to know the best things to do in Durant, OK? Continue to read ahead!

Best Things To Do In Durant OK

 1. Pay A Visit To The Semple Family Museum Of Native American Art

On Montgomery Drive, lies this lovely museum. Simply pass by and proceed to the Russell and Fine Arts buildings’ north side and you will reach here.

At the Semple Family Museum, you will find Native American Art and wonderful Luther cultural art on display. These art exhibits are owned and stored solely by Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The museum allows you to explore the stunning cultural art of more than 80 painters from the 26 federally recognized Native American nations.

People from all over the world come here to see wonderful works of art. Thus, this is the place to go if you want to experience Native American culture in its purest form.

Location: 430 Montgomery Drive, 425 W University Blvd, Durant, OK 74701, United States.

Opening Hours: Wed – Fri from 1 pm – 5 pm (closed on Sat-Mon).


2. Fan Of Mexican Cuisine? Taste The Authentic At Panaderia Villegas!

Alert! Panaderia Villegas – Durant’s only true Mexican food – will make you an addict.

Everyone loves Mexican food! But what about the authentic flavor of the cuisine? For that purpose, you ought to try the Panaderia Villegas’ staple!

The menu here is full of authentic Mexican flavors that will make you drool. Try the classic beef guisado, fajitas, and other dishes. Even the tacos are delicious here! Panaderia will introduce you to authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is well-recognized for its food, which is unquestionably delicious! We are confident that you will not leave feeling hungry or dissatisfied after visiting here. 

Need something sweet after a heavy meal? The superb bakery on the next corner will take care of you. So, don’t forget to try some wonderful pastries and other delicacies.

Location: 510 S 9th Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States.

Opening Hours: Mon: 11am – 9pm; Tues: 9am – 9pm; Wed – Thu: 8am – 9pm; Fri: 10am – 10pm; Sat: 8am – 9pm.

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3. Have A Crafted-Brewed Beer At Lost Street Brewing Company

They say when in Oklahoma, grab a beer! And all the beer lovers would connect. 

Try the best beer at the best brewing company, Lost Street and you’ll not leave home disappointed. Here, you’ll get fresh and various kinds of specially brewed beer. The menu serves a lot of exotic drinks, and Lost Street offers not just amazing drinks but also an impeccable ambience.

Visiting with the family? No need to be concerned; this restaurant caters to children also. Simply borrow the board games and let your kids play while you sip your beer.

Have a pet? This place is pet friendly as well! 

The restaurant has a wonderful vibe, and people enjoy visiting here. Many people have praised the service and atmosphere of the establishment, and I, too, would encourage a visit based on my experience.

Location: 109 W Lost St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

Opening Hours: Wed – Thu: 3 pm – 9 pm; Fri: 3 pm – 10 pm; Sat: 12 pm – 10 pm; Sun: 12 pm – 6 pm (closed on Mon & Tue) 


4. Have A Drinks Night With Friends At Hometown Hideout

Relish all things drink? Here’s another location. We’re sure you’ve been to many pubs, but none like this one!

Nothing surpasses the atmosphere at Hometown Hideout for chilling and relaxing. You may enjoy chilled and fresh flavoured drinks here, as well as a pleasant environment. The pub also features pool tables, a jukebox, and a cornhole. Apart from the place’s vibe, the staff here is very friendly. You can’t ignore the bartenders’ intrigue (who are knowledgeable about the best cocktails and mocktails in the house).

So, if you want to meet friends or spend some quality time together, come to Hometown Hideout. The pub will provide you with the best of all times.

Location: 1319 N 1st Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

Opening Hours: 2 pm – 2 am (daily)

5. Explore The Latest Events And Shows At Durant Rodeo

Durant Rodeo is the place to go to learn about the newest shows and activities! Durant Rodeo, a 75-year-old establishment, takes pleasure in hosting the finest events of all time.

Every year, this facility hosts the best events and shows in Oklahoma. The Durant Rodeo also promotes equestrian sports and other educational opportunities for its community and members. It is a part of the Durant Riding Organization (a nonprofit Oklahoma riding club that promotes the same aims).

Do you have an event planned? You can also book the Rodeo Arena for your special events. Simply contact the owners and your requests will be met!

Location: 1901 S 9th Ave, Durant, OK 74701, United States

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours from Mon-Sun

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6. Explore The Civil War Site At Fort Washita Historic Site

Did you know? Fort Washita was constructed in 1842 as a military outpost to protect the residents of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations. It was built by the then-general and later president Zachary Taylor. You’ve probably figured out by now that this place uncovers a lot of fascinating historical truths.

The entrance to this heritage structure is flanked by lush green trees, and there is a pillar with the word Fort Washita inscribed on it. Furthermore, the property contains several historically noteworthy structures. According to historical records, the post was abandoned when the American Civil War began, and the entire facility was burned to the ground.

It was in 1962 that the Oklahoma Historical Society took over the fort and converted it into a Museum. Pay a visit here if you wish to hear stories about the civil war and the city’s history!

Location: 3348 OK-199, Durant, OK 74701, United States

Opening Hours: Wed-Sat from 9am – 4 pm; Sun from 1 pm – 4:30pm (closed on Mon & Tue)

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7. Explore The Historical Exhibits And Local Artifacts At Three Valley Museum

Did you know the beautiful city of Durant has a long history? And, thankfully, you can learn about it all at the Three Valley Museum.

The museum showcases the best collections of Bryan County’s historical backdrop from 1873 to the twentieth century. It seeks to inform people about Durant’s history and culture, as well as what the city stands for. It also displays the background of transportation and facts on the city’s Indian tribes.

This museum was established in 1976 under the supervision of the Durant Historical society. Moreover, you’ll be delighted to learn that it was named after Henry McCreary’s book about Durant, “Queen of the Three Valleys.”

Location: 401 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States. 

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 1 pm – 5 pm (closed on Sat & Sun). 

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8. Plan A Picnic At Carl Albert Memorial Park

Are you thinking of having a picnic outdoors? Prepare your baskets and head to Carl Albert Memorial Park!

This park is a joy to visit because it has so many things to do. You can try your hand at a variety of outdoor activities here; the park contains a swimming pool, tennis court, skatepark, and a separate playground for children.

So, if you enjoy skateboarding, this location will satisfy you. Furthermore, the park has one of the playgrounds reserved for lawn tennis players. With three lawn tennis courts, we’re sure you’d like to give it a go.

Not to forget, Gazebos and picnic tables are also available here. Then, what next? So, what comes next? Hurry up and bring a few munchies and snacks for a fantastic family and friend hangout.

Location: 1301 Gail Farrell Drive, Durant, Oklahoma, United States

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours from Mon-Sun

9. Visit Elements Art Center

Join workshops at Elements Art Center if you wish to discover your inner artist. 

This location in Southeast Oklahoma is a haven for art lovers who want to enjoy art while learning more about it. Elements Art Center is distinguished by the fact that it is led by award-winning artist Amanda Henslee, implying that you will be working with an accomplished teacher.

Furthermore, to make you feel delighted, the walls here are adorned with innovative artwork created by other students. This art facility provides workshops for people of all ages and ability levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist.

Location: 305 W Main St, Durant, OK 74701, United States

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am – 9 pm (closed on Sun)

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10. Visit the World’s Largest Peanut Monument

You’ve probably seen many monuments, but have you seen the world’s largest peanut monument? As unusual as it may sound, this location holds a special place in Durant’s heart. It’s a beautiful monument with an actual peanut image. When you visit here, remember to take pictures and shoot videos as this is something you won’t see anywhere else.

The monument is made of a cast-metal peanut that sits atop a granite monument. It is 3 feet long and 18 inches in circumference. This monument was built to commemorate the Bryan County peanut farmers.

Location: 300 W. Evergreen St., Durant, OK, United States.

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours from Mon-Sun.

11. Relaxation and Entertainment At Choctaw Casino Resort

Are you bored? Do you require both entertainment and recreation in the same location? This is the place to be if you nodded.

The Choctaw Casino Resort is a spectacular establishment with hundreds of slot machines, card games, and table games. To relax and unwind, the hotel also includes a full-service spa, outdoor swimming, and the Oasis Pool. You can also find pubs and lounges to keep you entertained. What else do you require except this? In every way, this is a full bundle in itself.

Final Words

Durant is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Oklahoma. The city offers a distinct ambiance that combines historic events, cultural legacy, and the best cuisines. You’ll need several days to view the city from every angle. The aforementioned things to do and see are some of the top hand-picked suggestions for your next Durant vacation!

We hope you enjoy all of them. Why wait much longer? Book your Durant tickets as early as possible.