Miami, Oklahoma is one of the best destinations to witness the perfect blend of culture, traditions, and history. Not just culture and history, Miami, OK also excels at catering to its visitors needs and serving them with the best. It is the location that goes above and beyond your expectations, capable of providing you with an experience you will never forget in your lifetime. Moreover, when it comes to hospitality, no other city in Oklahoma can really compete with Miami.

This small town has the potential to offer you a lot of fun and excitement. The charm of Miami, OK is something that people crave and hence it is a destination that is perfect to spend some quality time. Having unique and astonishing route 66 attractions and a glorious past, Miami, OK has a lot that can be unfolded by visiting here.

Miami, OK, one of the cleanest cities in America, was originally a chartered town in Indian Territory and is now a renowned capital of the local tribes of Oklahoma. Located on the great Neosho river, Miami, OK once witnessed a severe flood in the year 1951. However, following this tragedy, Miami was hit by floods multiple times, but none of them could take away its beauty. Miami, together with Ottawa County, is believed to be the state’s third-largest tourism attraction. Not only that, but Miami has produced some outstanding musicians, painters, and actors.

Besides rich culture and magnificent history Miami, OK has much more to explore.

Are you curious to find what this small town has to offer? If that’s so, then keep reading. This post will take you through the top things to do in Miami, OK. By the end of this post, you will undoubtedly desire to travel here by any means necessary.

So, let’s begin our list!


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#1. Trace The History Of Route 66 By Paying A Visit To Coleman Theater

How can a list of the best things to do in Miami, OK begin without mentioning the very-famous and acclaimed Coleman Theater?

Built-in 1929 by the famed mining tycoon George Coleman, after whom the theater is named, the Coleman theater is one of the best Spanish-style theaters to date. It is a Miami architectural wonder and is known to host some fascinating and stunning concerts and performances every year. This theater, hailed as the most spectacular between Dallas and Kansas City, is worth a trip on your tour to Miami, OK.

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#2. Take A Dive Into The Miami’s Past At Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center

The Shawnee Tribe Center is well-known for its depictions of the Shawnee tribe’s history and culture. The interactive exhibits here allow you to explore the famed Shawnee tribes’ present, past, and even future.

Opened recently in 2018, the museum also provides glimpses of Native American history. You can also take part in some fantastic events that are held here. These events are specifically designed for tourists to become acquainted with Miami’s tribal culture.

Not only that, but you may also learn some incredible traditional arts like basket weaving and drum making here. The best part of the facility is when tribes gather to tell their history through songs, drama, and stories. Don’t miss it in Miami, OK, or you’ll be sorry!


#3. Give Yourself A Lavish Treat At Butters Bunn Café

How can the list of Best Things to Do in Miami, OK proceed without mentioning some fantastic options for treating yourself to delicacies?

The Buttered Bun Cafe is an ideal and must-stop café on Route 66. The cafe serves everything from breakfast to dinner, so there is no time limit, and you may visit whenever you want. Everything from meatloaf and chicken-fried steaks to burritos and hotcakes is available here. And the icing on the cake are its delectable desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, try a dessert at the café; you will definitely enjoy it!

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#4. Try Playing At Playland Lanes

If you are visiting Miami with friends and family, or even by yourself, Playland Lanes is one of the best places to visit. The bowling alley in Miami knows how to treat its customers. Several events and bowling leagues are held at the facility. The playland is equipped with bumpers to prevent balls from falling into the gutters. It also has cosmic bowling, shoe rental, and 16 bowling lanes. Overall, it is a worthwhile destination for fun and amusement.

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#5. Try Fishing At Spoonbill Wreckers

If you want to try something out of the box, then fishing is one of the best options to try your hands at. 

Spoonbill wreckers offer you the opportunity to be a part of a fishing excursion, which is held during the spring for four-hour morning and afternoon sessions. Even if you are not trained for fishing but are interested in it, you can seek the assistance of skilled guides who will not only instruct you but will also assist you in catching some of the largest and most sought-after fishes in the pond, such as spoonbills or paddlefish.

And the best part is they don’t even charge a penny if you don’t catch any fish. So you may go fishing here without spending a dime!

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#6. Test Your Luck At High Winds Casino

Apart from witnessing Miami’s history and culture, you may also have a good time at High Winds Casino to have an enchanting experience.

The casino has more than 400 electronic gaming machines and is open 24*7 for visitors. You can also try your luck at the competitions and challenges that are held on a regular basis, and you can learn more about them by following them on social media. Besides gaming, you can also indulge in some delectable food and beverages at the Steakhouse Lounge. In a nutshell, this is a one-of-a-kind event that you must have!

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#7. Know A Little More About Miami’s Past At The Dobson Museum

Another amazing option to learn more about the history of Miami is by visiting the Dobson Museum. The museum speaks about the magnificent history of Miami. This museum is operated by Ottawa county and allows visitors from Tuesday to Saturday. It exhibits the mining history of Miami along with the beautiful culture of the native Americans. The museum is one of the best options to know about how mining began and changed Miami’s economic conditions.

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#8. Take Some Souvenirs Home From Miami Nation Gift Shop

How could a tour of any city be complete without taking its souvenirs home as a memory?

Well, you can get some of the best souvenirs from the Miami Nation Gift shop. It is one of the best spots in Miami to explore for shopaholics. It has so many options that you can even get confused about what to take and what not to. The store also has some fantastic keepsake pieces as well as some unique things that elegantly depict Native American culture. Furthermore, the shop keeps everything, including jewelry, apparel, home décor, and many other products. 

You can complete your shopping quota for the trip here at one stop only!


#9. Celebrate Nature At Sarasota Kiwani’s Park

Miami’s exploration is incomplete without celebrating and admiring the beautiful nature surrounding it. 

The breathtaking  Sarasota Kiwani park allows you to witness the different shades of green in one location. The park’s wealth of greenery makes it an ideal place to escape the city’s scorching weather. It is also a great site for kids because it includes a large playground for them, and it is a great picnic spot for families. 

So, if you want to get away from the rush and bustle of the city, pay a visit here.

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#10. Know About The Bravery And Valour Of Miami’s People

Visiting the GAR, Grand Army of Republic cemetery, is one of the most thoughtful ways to honour cadet sacrifices in Miami. The cemetery commemorates the cadets who gave their life for the cause of the city. The location was originally used as a training ground for British pilots, which led to the founding of the British Flyers Training School. In 2018, a new statue, the ‘Angel of Hope,’ was erected to it as a monument to the children who have perished and their bereaved parents. The cemetery can make you feel various bittersweet emotions while also inspiring you.

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#11. Be The Part Of An Event At The Miami Fairgrounds

Another on the list of best things to do in Miami, OK is to be a part of an event at Miami Fairgrounds. The Miami Fairground is known for hosting some amazing events in Miami throughout the year. Some of the events that are very famous and occur once every year include the Miami tradition Ottawa county fair in August, National Monster Truck Show where the monster trucks crash in the arena held every summer, and so on. Also, here you can go for some amazing carnival rides and purchase some amazing products from the local shops. To know about the event details you must check their social media handles.

#12. Get To Know About The Local Plants At George Francis Riverview Park

Learn more about Miami and Oklahoma by visiting Francis Riverview Park. There are some fantastic local flora and stunning flowers all around, as well as a pretty art gallery. You can also participate in their fantastic annual show. Apart from learning about the indigenous plants, you can also enjoy some stunning landscapes and scenes throughout the park. The park’s quiet and peaceful ambiance will wash away all of your worry and fatigue.

#13. Get A Bite Of Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger

How can one miss the delicious Ku-Ku burger in Miami? It is one of the tastiest things to do in Miami. 

Opened in 1965, the restaurant stands still and tastes as amazing as it tasted in its initial days. The perfect ambiance giving the 1950s vibes with that iconic yellow cuckoo bird sitting at the top of its entry makes it a perfect spot to experience the beauty of the past. Enjoy the world’s best burger with fries or soda here and satisfy your tummy!


So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan your next trip to Miami, Oklahoma to experience its culture, history, nature, and hospitality. You will not at all regret visiting this amazing place. You can bet on it. However, there are so many amazing things to explore in Miami, OK but we have listed out the best which are not to be missed at any cost. Have a wonderful journey!