A vacation is your time away from your work and normal worries; it’s your time to relax. However, going away for a vacation means making prior arrangements which can be a headache. Arranging for travel, food, and accommodation is difficult, especially in a new place where you’re unfamiliar with anything. A hasty decision can mean you potentially losing your money over poor service, which, let’s face it, is another stress and at the end of the day, you are robbed of your vacation. Consider a rent by owner service to ensure quality service and mitigate the stress of booking a place to stay.

If you are planning a vacation for yourself, we’ve compiled a checklist for you to go over before making a decision when deciding on accommodation.

Here are some things you should go over.

Know where to look

In this day and age, of course, you’ll be searching the internet to extract the information you need about accommodation at a new place. However, with so many websites with a plethora of information at your disposal, it’s difficult to find accurate information about accommodation. For instance, searching for condos in Gatlinburg TN on the web will give you lots of options and information, but it’s difficult to know which source to trust.

You can make it easier by searching trusted websites with customer reviews to find the appropriate accommodation suited to your needs. Expedia, Airbnb, Hotels.com and  tribetravel.com.au are some of the best places to look for and compare prices in a new place, and it’ll help you make an informed decision.

Decide what you’re looking for

With your budget all sorted, it’s time to decide what you’re looking for in a rental. Having a decent space with amenities is good, but you have to draw a line somewhere. You can make a list of questions to search for the best place for your stay. Firstly, is it pet-friendly if you want to take your pet along? Is it near a beach or away from the main city’s hustle-bustle? What amenities are you expecting from your rental?

Find a balance between your expectations and budget. Don’t be too cheap and rent a closet-sized room for your vacation, but you don’t have to go overboard with rentals either. Find a decent space with good amenities. You can’t go wrong with having a few luxuries here and there, but you definitely don’t need a house-sized bathroom. Contact the host of your prospective rental and clear out details with them. It’ll surely bring more clarity to your decision, and you can iron out other details while on it.


A review is your go-to metric to decide where to stay during your vacation. Pictures that owners post online can be deceiving and make the decision-making process difficult since you’ve not seen the place in person. In this case, read reviews on different websites as they’ll give you a good insight into the service you’ll experience.

Remember, cheap accommodation may sound pretty appealing, but it can ruin your vacation if you don’t do due diligence.

Find the right location

Picking the rental location depends on what you’re expecting out of your vacation. If you’re just looking to relax and use facilities at your rest-house, then location doesn’t play that much of a role in your decision, although a good view wouldn’t hurt.

However, if you’re looking to explore tourist attractions and adventure around, then booking a holiday rental close to the tourist attractions will save you a lot of traveling. An ideal rental would be near all of the places that you want to explore. It may cost you more than other rentals, but at the end of the day, you’ll be saving money on travel and cut down commute time by a significant percentage.

Food is another big consideration that you have to consider. Will you be making your own food, or will you be going out for it? Some rentals do offer fully stocked kitchens (contact your host for more information), but if they don’t, then you’ll have to look for a place close to good eateries.

Read the policies

Booking a rental means that you are entering an agreement under certain conditions. It’s important to read the tenant’s policies, especially any extra charges. Read the fine print and know the terminologies. Knowing the technical terms will help you learn the hidden cost of the offered services and give you room for bargaining or adjusting your decided budget. It’s also good to review the check-in and check-out policies so you can plan ahead.

Communication with the host is vital here. Contact them as many times as you need before you commit to anything. Remember, you are about to spend your hard-earned money; make sure that you’re clear about everything before going for it.

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Book Early

After you’ve done your due diligence, the only thing left for you to do is book the rental. Planning ahead and booking early is a good practice in this case. Prices normally skyrocket when vacation season arrives, and you book last minute. Being proactive will be a wise policy here and will save you a lot of last-minute stress and hassle.

Be Flexible with your timing

Rentals usually have high prices during the holiday season, which normally falls during the summer. Work out your schedule to make a holiday in spring feasible for you. It’ll save you from the high prices of the tourist season, and it’ll keep you from the crowd of tourists. You’ll be able to explore and enjoy your vacation without worrying about going over budget.


Going on a vacation requires you to do some homework to save yourself from unexpected trouble. It’s important to do your due diligence to truly get the needed relaxation, especially when deciding your accommodation arrangements.

Make sure you research reliable websites, know what you’re looking for, read reviews thoroughly, and find the best-suited location for yourself. It’s important to be aware of your host’s policies before committing to anything. After that, all you have to do is book yourself that rental timely and get the vacation you deserve.