The Most Fun Things that Memphis Residents Like to Do

If you’re looking into moving to Memphis, you may be wondering about the lifestyle in terms of what the locals do for fun. You may even be curious about what to do to occupy your kids’ time if you have them. Fear not! Here are some fun things to do in Memphis that will not only convince you to move there but will have you feeling at home in no time.

1.   Beale Street

If you love music, particularly blues, jazz, country, and rock ‘n’ roll, then chances are you’ve heard of Beale Street. It’s one of the most famous streets in America, renowned for its spectacular restaurants, live music venues, shops, and more. There’s a lot of happiness flooding the streets of Beale, whether its an outside event or the day-to-day exploration of residents and tourists alike. If you’re in town, this is one place you won’t want to miss.

2.   Graceland

Even if you aren’t an Elvis fan, Graceland has become more of a national monument than a celebrity’s home. This impeccable mansion sits on 13.8 acres in the Whitehaven community of Memphis. The site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 7, 1991, becoming the first site related to rock and roll to be entered therein. Graceland was declared a National Historic Landmark on March 27, 2006, also a first for such a site. Graceland is the most-visited privately owned home in America with over 650,000 visitors a year, rivaling publicly owned houses such as Biltmore Estate, Hearst Castle and the White House.

3.   Sun Studio

Known worldwide as the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Sun Studio is a recording studio opened by music pioneer Sam Phillips at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 3, 1950. It was originally called Memphis Recording Service, sharing the same building with the Sun Records label business. It is the discovery location of musical legends and genres of the 50’s from B.B. King and Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis; from Blues and Gospel to Country and Rock’n’roll. Here you can see the priceless memorabilia from the musical legends that blended blues and country music to explode in the “big bang” of Rock’n’roll.​

4.   Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo, located in Midtown Memphis, is home to more than 3,500 animals representing over 500 different species. Created in April 1906, the zoo has been a major tenant of Overton Park for more than 100 years. Some of the animals you can see here include lions, cheetahs, elephants, gorillas, giraffes, orangutans, and jaguars. The zoo is a great place for the entire family to visit.

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There are just a few options in an absolute kaleidoscope of options for activities to participate in, places to visit, and sights to see in the spectacular city of Memphis, Tennessee. The sky’s the limit in this historic place, which may inspire you to look at Memphis Houses for Sale.