6 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Monterey

With seasons changing, individuals are packing up their cars and whilst moving overall beach, and it is significant and interesting to bring your dog. It may not be easy to discover places that are appropriate, but there are some of the Dog Friendly Beaches in Monterey that you would love. Whether you are moving for one day or discovering beach house rental, your time with digs at these all beaches is bound to be full of endless enjoyable. So spend your time with your dog and enjoy the view of these dog friendly beaches in Monterey.

List of the best dog friendly beaches in Monterey

1. Asilomar State Beach Pacific Grove, Monterey County

The Asilomar State Beach Pacific Grove, Monterey County, is a narrow and mile-long strip of sandy beach that has bordered by a bike trail. It is one of the most prominent and effective dog friendly beaches in Monterey to visit that provides loads of fun. The water in this beach has been recognized for unpredictable surf or rip tides, and this water is cooler than another beach due to its exposure to the open ocean.

Despite the cold water, this beach area is most well known with visitors or surfers throughout the globe. More so, dogs are allowed on this beach, and this beach is in the boundary of Asilomar marine reserve, so it is a marine protected area.

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2 Garrapata State Beach Carmel

This effective beach at the Garrapata state park is situated all along the north Big Sur coastline, approximately 10 miles south of Carmel by the Sea. This beach is 4 miles long; however, only a sandy beach at the southern end, and all the dogs feel very relaxed on this beautiful beach. The beach has two parking regions along the highway and north regions, delivering a similar kind of access down sleep dirt trails; however, the south route near the bridge is safer, wider, or more direct. This is one of the most loved dog friendly beaches in Monterey.

People can go with their dogs and do loads of things on this beach. The wooden staircase down to the Garrapata State Beach is five hundred feet of Garrapata creek bridge at 19 gates. In addition, the beach is pure magic with turquoise waters or white sans. The slopes are carpeting in wildflowers in springtime, and Soberano’s point is clearly visible in the distance. This point is 2.6 miles north of the beach on Highway 1, and it is rugged with sheer cliffs.

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3. Monetary State Beach

Monetary State Beach is a fantastic dog-friendly beach with amazing views. On this beach, your dog would jump for fun or joy, and pets are also welcome to join you o leash at this beach. You may spend your vacation with your dogs on this beach, and when they visit this beach, your dogs would also play with sand. They would feel very fresh due to fabulous surroundings with beautiful nature.

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4. Del Monte Beach, Monterey County

Carmel by the Sea is one of the most rated dog-friendly beaches that offer loads of enjoyment to you and your dogs. Del Monte Beach is in the middle of the two units of the Monterey, Houghton M Roberts beach, a small beach walk north, and Window on the Bay beach, walking distance to the south. It is a hidden gem that is known to Monterey Bay locals, and it is tucked away from the main roads.

It is a brilliant beach that is beautiful, clean, dog-friendly, and pets are welcome to join you on leash. It is most popular each where your dog may run and enjoy with you during weekends. You may capture loads of memorable moments with your dog on this beach.

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5. Carmel by the Sea City Beach, Monterey County

While most of Monterey county ables you to walk on the sand with dogs on a leash however Carmel by the Sea City Beach is unique in that it lets the dogs run the whole length of the downtown beach off-leash.

This white sand beach is hectic from day to night with individuals walking along the water or playful dogs. More so, it is a secure place to let the dogs run as it is a wide beach that has bordered by steep sand dunes, and even your dogs can play with other dogs too. So this is the favorite place for you or your dogs to run, and the northern side of the beach delivers mossy, coastal cliffs, and black rock tide pools, or the southern side of the Carmel by the sea city beach is riched with washed-up kelp forest that dogs like to explore or sniff.

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6. Carmel River State Beach Carmel, Monterey County

It is a dog-friendly and excellent beach where dogs are permitted on a leash at this beach. This Carmel River State Beach Carmel features the bird sanctuary in the lagoon, and it is also recognized as San Jose creek beach is part of the park and is well well-known with scuba divers. On this beach, swimmers need to be more careful s it may become dangerous.

During weekends most people visit with their dogs, and it is a beautiful and white sand beach with a protected lagoon. All the dogs love this beach due to the soft white sand, and they love to watch the seagulls shouting.

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Final words

It can conclude that each beach has its regulations on dog walking, and there are loads of beaches that allow the dog, but some do not allow it during summer. However, above mentioned all dog friendly beaches in Monterey are top and popular beaches that allow your dogs and provide full enjoyment and fun to them. They can enjoy the environment and play with their family or another dog.

These beaches are a safe place for your dogs to run, and these beaches are very beneficial to help your dogs keep their body temperature cool and let them rest out of sunlight when required. So visit these beaches and make your moments more memorable.