Dog Friendly Beaches In St Augustine Florida

A historic city in North America, St. Augustine is located in Florida. You can do various activities in this place with or without a dog. You can find many local shops and food in this heavenly place. Saint Augustine comes up with amazing history and plenty of things to see. 

One of the most astonishing things in Saint Augustine is the pristine beaches and developed beach parks. It is noteworthy that Saint Augustine is present in Saint John’s country. 

According to experts, it is considered the friendliest dog place with friendly dog rules in Florida. In every country, almost every beach allows dogs to come and enjoy themselves. This is why there are many incredible options for dog friendly beaches in the Saint Augustine area.

This article will discuss the seven best dog friendly beaches in St Augustine, Florida. You will be surprised to know that here in this place; you can find many pet-friendly restaurants and other attractions.

At the seaside in Florida, you will always love enjoying yourself with your four-legged guests. Many restaurants near these beaches are pet friendly, and most have floor rooms. The bed and breakfast are also pet friendly at these places. So first of all, you must ensure that your room is ready for both of you.

These are great places for your pet to sleep well and do other healthy activities. You always want to do other interesting activities with your pet during your stay. The good thing about Saint Augustine beaches is that there are many pet-friendly options, and we think we have put together the best pet-friendly beaches in this article. 

I hope you will get enough information about these Dog Friendly Beaches In St Augustine and, in the end, you will make up your mind to go to any of these beaches with your pet friend. Let’s talk about these beaches in detail.

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Vilano Beach

Fishing, skimboarding, and jet skiing are all popular water sports at Vilano Beach. However, most people like to surf at Vilano beach. In this area, there is the heavy surf and a current created by rapid drop-offs, so surfing is popular.

A fun place to people-watch is Vilano Beach Pier, however. In the walkway, you will find a beautiful dolphin-shaped archway and various statues. 

There is a beautiful bluebird of happiness at the start, which will make you feel relieved when you visit this place. Here, you will enjoy the stunning views of the Saint Augustine skyline.

You can park your car on the sand at porpoise point on Vilano beach. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with your pet friend. Vilano Beach is also famous for its best ocean-side dining. You can also go for outdoor dining with your dog at small eateries. Here, you can also choose the views from the water while dining.


It is located at 2750 Anahma Drive in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Matanzas Inlet Beach

It is present next to the National monument. You can surf, swim, and surf fish from this beach in Saint Augustine. This is also the best place for paddle boarding and kayaking.

As it is a big and beautiful beach, you can take your pet with you and enjoy it with him. Coquina shells crushed into a fine powder make up the sand on this beach. You can find a variety of shells on this shore.

With your pet, you will definitely enjoy the waves of the beach as well as the calm water in the next session. In the shallow pools, the beach extends over the sandbar, causing more stagnant water. Kayak rentals are available nearby, and water sports are popular at this beach. 

It is better to go to the Matanzas Inlet Beach earlier in the day because of its popularity. Your dog will enjoy the shoreline at the beach. Keep in mind that the shoreline is never the same from year to year.

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8635 A1A S, St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA

Anastasia State Park Beach

Taking your dog to this lovely place is a wonderful way to pass time together. Among the activities, you can do on this beach are swimming and water sports. It is the most stunning beach in Saint Augustine, giving your dog a protected environment.

Besides playing with your pet, you can also enjoy kayaking, biking, and paddleboarding at the park. In the park, you can rent equipment from an outfitter. You can also enjoy the concerts in the amphitheater and the morning and sunset and the waves of the beach.

Your pet will also enjoy the wildlife area within the park. In this park, you can find many animals and birds such as dear, tortoises, tricolored herons, wood storks, etc. 

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The address is 300 Anastasia Park Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA

GTM Beach

It is located between Ponte Vedra beach and North Beach and has 4.7 miles of undeveloped beach. This is the perfect way to enjoy Saint Augustine’s beautiful waters and provide your dog with a natural environment. It is a rich area in its diversity of plants and wildlife.

At GTM beach, one of the best things you can do is to go beachcombing and enjoy looking for shark teeth and shells for an extended period of time.

So if you want to give a natural environment to your pet, you must visit this beach. It is a 

great supplement for your day, where you can enjoy nature. You can also take your pet for a long walk along the beach, which is a very blessed feeling.


505 Guana River Rd #6527, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA

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Matanzas National Park Beach

You must visit monument park if you are interested in visiting the beach with your pet while visiting monument park. There is no need to go to another location to get here.

This beach is dog friendly, so you can easily swim with your dog there. Remember that driving is not allowed on the sand, so make sure you park your car or vehicle in the protected area. This beach is full of nature, beautiful scenery, and blue water. You can go for a long walk with your pet, which also relieves him and makes him happy.

There are plenty of natural trails near the visitor center parking lot that you can walk on and spend the whole day on this beach. There is a forest surrounding the oldest section of the barrier island. It is also possible to extend your trip to the fort by walking through the marsh area.

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The address is 8635 A1A South in St. Augustine, Florida

Ponte Vedra Beach

There is no better beach to see shark teeth than this one, especially if you want to see the most popular beaches. Visiting this place with your pet is a great way to experience Florida’s highest sand dunes.

Remember that pets are allowed on this beach, just like other beaches in Saint Augustine. Ponce de Leon’s 15-foot statue is the most notable thing at this beach. At this location, he discovered the land in 1513, displaying his travels.

There are also beautiful luxury resorts on this beach. It is also famous for water sports, such as kayaking, surfing, and paddle boarding. You can also go fishing in this area and enjoy it with your dog. 

It is also a great spot for a picnic and enjoying the whole day by utilizing the picnic tables and grills available at this beach. You can also go to nearby beachside dining restaurants. There are also restroom facilities on Ponte Vedra Beach where dogs are permitted on a leash as long as they are on a leash.

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2993 S. Ponte Vedra Blvd, St. Augustine, Florida 32082, USA

St. Augustine Beach

Saint Augustine beach is the city’s main beach, as its name implies. This is why this beach is a popular spot for many people as well as their pets. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can also enjoy outdoor evening concerts every Wednesday.

The most famous place for anglers on the beach is St. John’s County Ocean Pier. If you pay a fee, you will have access to the pier where you can see the beach from a great vantage point.

Alternatively, you can sit on the benches to watch the sunset. Saint Augustine beach comes in the category of the most convenient beach in that area. You can easily get a great parking space with beach access. 

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You can get a driving permit on the beach at certain times. Now, you can also take your pet with you on this beach, and keep in mind that showers and restrooms are also available. 

This beach has great importance in the history of Saint Augustine. With its soft sand and friendly people, it is a popular beach among both locals and tourists. At St. Augustine beach you can choose from a wide variety of outstanding seaside dining options. Leashed pets are also permitted on the beach in pet-friendly restaurants.


Located at 350 A1A Beach Blvd. in St. Augustine, Florida

Crescent Beach

The sand at Crescent Beach is famous for its pure whiteness and softness. There is a lot of open space on this beach. This beach gets its name from its crescent-shaped shoreline, which is why it is called a crescent beach. Located between Matanzas Inlet and St. Augustine, it runs along a 4-mile stretch.

The beach is a bit out of the way compared to the other beaches in Saint Augustine. Due to its location on the southernmost end of Florida’s historic coast, and its distance from Saint Augustine, it is a popular tourist destination. Despite its distance from Saint Augustine, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Crescent beach is popular for relaxing with pets and allows different water-based sports, such as kayaking and paddleboarding. Moreover, you can also go on dolphin-watching tours on the recent beach.

As a result, the locals prefer the present beach because it is bad-friendly. Due to the fact that it is located in a residential area rather than a tourist destination, it is quieter than other beaches.

Along with it, there are convenient restrooms and parking. Taking your pet and your family to the park is a great idea. It is, therefore, a perfect picnic point to enjoy the beautiful waves of the beach.


6930 A1A South, St. Augustine, Florida v6499 Midnight Pass Rd. Sarasota, FL 34242

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on Butler Beach in Saint Augustine?

Butler Beach is a beautiful place to spend a day with family and friends. It is a great part of lifeguards and other amenities such as showers, barbecues, grills, picnic pavilions, restrooms, and free parking. Just like other beaches in St. Augustine, dogs are also fully welcomed on Butler Beach but make sure that they are on a leash.

Are there any dog friendly beaches in Saint Augustine?

Now, traveling with your pet is easy and fun on the beaches of Saint Augustine. On these beaches, many pet dogs run with their owners. They play with their owners with balls in the ocean and lots of other opportunities for you to socialize with others

Is it possible for the dogs to walk on crescent beach?

It is noteworthy that dogs are not allowed at crescent beach from May 15th to September 15th. However, you can take your dog to neighboring ideas located north of Crescent Beach.

Can you bring your dog to a six flags safari?

No, you cannot bring your dog to Six Flags Safari. Service animals are also not allowed on the beach. There are strict rules, which is why you cannot smoke or litter. 

Final Thoughts

Saint Augustine comes in the category of the most dog friendly city in Florida. You can do different healthy activities with your pet dog in the city. Saint Augustine is equipped with numerous world-class beaches to spend your day in. 

Most different beaches allow your dog to come along for the ride. Keep in mind that all the beaches in Saint Augustine are the best in the Southeastern United States. All the beaches have their unique perks and amenities. 

I hope this post will help you get enough information about the Saint Augustine beaches. So what are you waiting for? You can plan your trip today; don’t forget to pack your pup. You can buy some healthy treats for your dog and go for some tips to help them relax on the beach and during the ride.