Things To Do at Seaside Heights Boardwalk At Night

Want to visit the seaside heights boardwalk at night? Here’s all you need to know about the legendary location of MTV Jersey Shore.

Introducing Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Seaside Heights is located in New Jersey, in the US. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and provides you access to the enthralling Jersey Shore beach. The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is known for its vibrant culture. You can find casinos, food stalls, arcades and more. Like a typical boardwalk, this one comes alive at night.

The daytime is usually a more appropriate time to bring your kids to Seaside Heights. They can chill at the amusement parks and enjoy the rides. However, adults really must visit the Seaside Heights Boardwalk at night. From the colorful lights to the most unique local food and fine dining, this place has got something for everyone. You can unwind at the bars and enjoy delightful cuisines as you stroll along the beach.

Things To Do At Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Night

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk has a charm of its own during the night. You can visit during the on season to really enjoy the local attractions of this Jersey Shore beach. However, for a quiet getaway, visit the Seaside Heights Boardwalk at night during the off season. It has less to offer but you get to spend quiet evenings walking along the Boardwalk.

The night scene at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk mostly consists of food, alcohol, and games at the Casino Pier. Though the young crowd is the frequent visitor at night, the Boardwalk has a little something for everyone.

1. Hemingway’s Cafe

Want to try fresh seafood while enjoying your night at the Seaside Heights? The first on the list is the iconic Hemingway’s Cafe. They are open throughout the week and you get lip-smacking seafood to try. Hemingway’s has an after-work happy hour and a special late-night menu for evening walks along the Boardwalk. You can play pool with friends or enjoy a relaxing evening with your significant other.

Hemingway’s Cafe also provides live entertainment which is one of the key attractions of the Seaside Heights boardwalk at night. Hemingway’s Cafe provides both indoor and outdoor dining options. You can also have a non-seafood menu – prime steak, cocktails and more. What’s more? Hemingway’s Cafe also allows you to do a booking for special events and private parties!

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2. Bum Rogers Tavern

If you’re looking to destress with a drink, Bum Rogers Tavern is your best choice. From locally-sourced ingredients to live music, Bum Rogers Tavern is a must-visit place. It is a local tavern that specializes in seafood and drinks. Every Friday and Saturday night, the tavern organizes local entertainment. They’ve been gracing the Seaside Heights Boardwalk night scene for fifty years now. Grab their garlic crabs and beer as you enjoy the live entertainment.

3. JR’s Ocean Bar and Grill

Ever wondered what it is like to sip a cocktail by a boardwalk? Well, JR’s Ocean Bar and Grill lets you do just that at the seaside heights boardwalk at night.

This is a classic spot for regular visitors of Seaside Heights night scenes. You get to try classic Boardwalk food like hotdogs, corn on the cob, mozzarella sticks,  sausage sandwiches and seafood along with drinks. JR’s has an awesome music menu too – you can groove to the 60’s or vibe with the local band.

4. The Bamboo Bar

If you don’t want a crowded club, The Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights is the best choice. While it is open during the day, the Bamboo Bar is mostly an attraction for the young crowd at night. You get to enjoy a nice bar and some of the local dishes of Seaside Heights. Don’t want to experiment with food? Don’t worry, the Bamboo Bar has the regulars.

5. EJ’S Tap House

An underrated pick for enjoying Seaside Heights Boardwalk at night. EJ’s Tap House does not have a dress code like The Bamboo Bar. It is more casual than others, quiet and makes for a fun experience with friendly staff. You can get sixteen rotating beers on tap and enjoy pool with your friends. Or you can opt for a game night with EJ’s 70″ high definition television set. It is definitely a place to enjoy with friends and family at Seaside Heights.

 EJ’s also has live music on the weekends.

6. Waves Bar at Casino Pier Arcade

Who does not want to go drinking at the arcade? During the day, the Casino Pier is a major attraction for children. With its fun activities and games, you can bet that the little ones will have a grand time at the Pier. However, it would be wrong to assume that the Casino Pier has nothing to offer for a more older crowd.

The Waves Bar has a fun vibe. You can chill there during the Happy Hours (3pm to 6pm) or enjoy the Seaside Heights Boardwalk nightlife.

7. The Jersey Shore House

Remember MTV’s show? Well The Jersey Shore House allows you to live your life as a reality TV star. Snookie, Mike the Situation, Sammie and Vinny made this a household name after it aired. While this is not exactly a part of the night scene at the Seaside Heights, you can spend a night here. Jersey Shore House allows you to organise birthday parties and enjoy a short stay with your friends. It holds up to six beds, three baths and a small parking lot. You can also avail of its catering service and DJ.

Do You Want To Just Sit Back and Relax?

In addition to the several captivating beach locales, this broadwalk is a great place to unwind and hang out. Dip your toes in the sand, sip on cocktails, and allow the fantastical beauty surrounding you to engulf you. Let the aroma of food and cotton candies tempt your taste buds. All-in-all, this boardwalk is a fantastic location to unplug and enjoy the subtleness of oceanic waves in all its glory.

Final Word: Seaside Heights Boardwalk at Night Time is Unmissable

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk, NJ is nothing if not tenacious. The Boardwalk was affected frequently – by the boardwalk fire and by Hurricane Sandy. Yet, it has made a comeback and the nightlife is as vibrant as before.

While enjoying the beach during the day is fun, it cannot match the aura that quieter evenings provide. Seaside Heights Boardwalk at night time is exactly what you need to loosen up after work. You get the best of both worlds – the luxurious nightlife and the wholesomeness of the beach.