5 Best Dog Friendly Beaches On Long Island

The beaches on Long Island are among the most visited attractions on the island. It is believed that there are 1,600 miles of coastline along this narrow strip of land to the east of New York City. It isn’t easy to see this amount of coastline variety occurring in any other location of the same size as Long Island. Yet, everyone, including your dogs, wants to take advantage of the opportunities to explore these regions. There are hundreds of dog friendly beaches on Long Island.

There are also gated dog parks on Long Island, in addition to the numerous vineyards, wineries, and restaurants that welcome people traveling with their pets. Here, we have mentioned some beaches where you and your pet will be greeted with open arms and paws. There are some of the facts that you have to know before you start exploring these beaches.

Things to keep in mind before going to beaches:

  • Be sure to bring the appropriate equipment, including waste disposal bags, water, treats, and a towel. Before you set off, double-check that you are adequately supplied and have everything you need.
  • Watch out for ticks! Make sure you check your dog for ticks multiple times during the day and give your dog tick protection.
  • Check the forecast before taking your dog outside; you don’t want him to become too hot! Make sure the temperatures aren’t too high, and if it’s going to be too hot throughout the day, try to schedule your trips for the morning or evening.
  • Rinse off any saltwater, as your dog’s skin can become irritated by saltwater. After your visit, please give them a good rinse or bring some grooming wipes with you.
  • Keep your distance from wild animals, particularly dogs; these should be kept out of protected nesting locations and away from other animals.

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5 best dog friendly beaches on Long Island 

1. Montauk Beach

For those who appreciate the great outdoors, Montauk is heaven. Montauk is a lovely village that can be found back down at the eastern tip of Long Island’s East End. Because there is such a large stretch of coastline, most of its beaches do not have lifeguards, and finding a parking spot might be difficult. If you choose the appropriate locations, you and your dog will have access to a great deal of freedom and room.

It should be no surprise that this magnificent location ranks at the top of the list for dog-friendly beaches on Long Island, given its great open spaces, big parks, and breathtaking beaches. So that you know, you can’t bring your dog to the beach between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. from the 15th of May until the end of September. During the remaining months of the year, bringing your dog to the beach at any time is perfectly fine. There are no regulations regarding the use of leashes in Montauk. Thus they are free to run around.

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2. Port Jefferson Dog Beach

The Port Jefferson Public Beach is a tiny beach with scenic locations to explore, and you will enjoy going through the pet-friendly and historic community of Port Jefferson. On this lovely stretch of shore, dogs are free to run and swim without leashes at any time of the year. The tide should be low when you go so that there is more of the beach to look around on. Free parking is accessible, besides the local availability of bars and restaurants serving food and drinks.

Puppies can get lots of exercise and freedom to truly run because there are no leash rules in the area. Dogs enjoy playing catch and splashing about in the water. If you could only take your dog to one beach on Long Island, Port Jefferson would be the one you pick to take them to.

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3. East Hampton Beaches

The East Hampton may be found at the farthest southeastern part of Suffolk County, along the South Coast of Long Island. During the off-season, dogs are permitted anytime as long as they are on a leash. During the summer months, from the 15th of May to the 30th of September, visitors are only permitted to bring their dogs to Main Beach in East Hampton before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m.The regulations for bringing dogs to the beach at harbor and sea beaches are completely different.

Beaches are often monitored, so be careful to behave appropriately and don’t break the regulations. Because plastic bags are accessible at the park, there is no excuse for you not to clean up after your dog while there. Wiborg Beach, Main Beach, Egypt Beach, Two Mile Hollow Beach, and Georgica Beach are the five beaches found in East Hampton.

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4. Shadmoor State Park

Shadmoor State Park, which can be found near Montauk, New York, is the perfect place for you and your four-legged companion to get away from it all. You may bring your dog to this park any time of the year; be sure to keep it on a leash. Dogs must always be monitored. However, they are permitted to run about on the beach and swim in the water as long as they are on a leash no longer than six feet.

In addition, there are hiking routes that provide beautiful views of the beach. Enjoy great hiking routes with stunning seashore views; they are well defined, and exploring them is risk-free. Dogs are required to remain on a leash that is no more than six feet in length at all times.

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5. Fire Island National Seashore

Fire Island is a well-known destination for both humans and wildlife in the area. This island, which allows dogs, does not allow automobiles and can only be reached by boat. On the ocean beaches of the Fire Island National Seashore, having dogs is prohibited from the 15th of March to the day after Labor Day. On several of Fire Island’s municipal beaches, it is required that pets be kept on a leash at all times.

Additionally, pets are not permitted at all without a leash. Some ferry companies that allow canine passengers will charge an additional fee for the dog’s fare. Since dogs are required to be on leashes and may tug into the water, the ideal time to go is when the tide is low.


On Long Island, there are various dog – beaches where you and your furry friend can roam freely on beaches. There are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow. There is no doubt that long island beaches are beautiful beaches where you and your pet can explore this serene nature.