Why Do You Need Prescription Sunglasses for Outdoors?

About 68% of Americans suffer from visual acuity loss or blindness, and the number will likely keep growing. The harsh UV rays contribute significantly to these problems. This is due to the fact that the majority of people spend most of their day outdoors hence exposing their eyes to direct sunlight. Even with the risk of experiencing eye damage from the sun, only 31 out of 100 adults use eye protection when outdoors.  

Therefore, to protect and shield your eyes from possible damage when outdoors, you should invest in prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses help to shield your eyes against harmful rays from the sun and harsh weather.

Whether you work outdoors or you are going on a road trip, prescription sunglasses are a must-have for everyone, especially if you wear prescription glasses. Learn more about their importance, where to get them, and what to look for in every pair you choose from this article.

9 Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

You enjoy many benefits when you buy prescription sunglasses. Here are the top nine benefits you can get:

They Enhance Visibility

Prescription glasses make your vision better in addition to protecting your eyes from damage. If your eyes are photosensitive, they protect you from the bright sun rays hence correcting your vision. These glasses also correct vision for other eye conditions such as myopia. If you use them consistently, they prevent cataract growth, which may cause blurred vision or partial blindness. 

Protection Against UV 

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Prolonged exposure to direct UV degenerates parts of your eyes leading to poor vision. The ultraviolet rays accelerate the aging of the cornea and retina, among other parts. In addition, it catalyzes cataract growth, which blurs your vision. 

Thanks to technology, even cheap prescription glasses can shield your eyes against direct sunlight. The protective layer on the lenses blocks sun rays from hitting your eyes.

Convenience – No Alternating Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses

If you suffer from short or long-sightedness, prescription glasses can improve your eyesight. However, they cannot protect your eyes against UV light when outdoors. To shield your eyes, you need to switch to sunglasses, which is inconvenient.

Before you go outdoors for your favorite sport, you need prescription sunglasses to protect you against UV rays. Optical shops in your neighborhood and online shops have a collection of eyecare products to choose from.

Prescription sunglasses can improve your vision while protecting your eyes. You only need to polarize them for better vision and you won’t need to switch them with prescribed glasses. 

They Can Act As an Alternative to Your Prescribed Glasses

Your prescribed glasses can break while out and about. This, however, should not make you postpone your work or outdoor experience. If you have some cool prescription sunglasses in your backpack, they are a perfect backup.

Comfort During Physical Activity

A pair of prescription sunglasses can be more comfortable, especially during physical activities. For example, when you go for a morning jog in your neighborhood or when cycling. These special glasses are designed to fit perfectly on your eyes and cannot fall easily.

For a better experience when exercising, get yourself a pair from your nearest company. You can also buy online sunglasses from e-commerce websites.

Sunscreen for Your Eyes

Applying sunscreen to your face protects you against sunburns. However, the region around your eyes remains exposed and can suffer burns from UV if not protected. If you have a cool pair of sunscreen glasses, your eyes are protected. 

Keep Dust Particles and Allergens Away

Dust particles, allergens from plants, and industrial gasses can affect your eyes. If your eyes become teary when outdoors, you may have an allergy. You can minimize the allergen effects by putting on prescribed sunglasses before you go out. 

In addition, prescribed sunglasses protect your eyes against falling debris, which can cause eye irritation and damage.

Give You a Break From Contact Lenses

Contact lenses work well when moistened. When they dry up, they become uncomfortable for your eyes. You can remove them and use prescription sunglasses lenses while outdoors, and wear your contact again later. 

Protection Against Blue Light

Blue light from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone screen can damage your eyes. Like UV, blue light causes macular degeneration leading to poor vision. Putting on your prescribed sunglasses can prevent blue light penetration hence protecting your eyes from damage.

What to Look for When Choosing Prescription Sunglasses 

Prescription sunglasses come in different sizes and designs. The pair you choose depends on many factors. The following should guide you to make a perfect choice for yourself.

  • Frame size: Choose a frame that fits your face perfectly to avoid your glasses falling off, or being too tight on your face. In addition, pick a frame that has a classic look.
  • Lens type: There are different types of lenses for different eye problems. For example, if you experience photosensitivity, a photochromic lens is ideal for you. Other lens types include polarized, blue, and anti-reflective lenses.
  • Choose sunglasses that fix your eye problem: You need an eye examination to help you determine the right prescription sunglasses for you. Polarized glasses can protect your eyes and improve your vision. If you have no underlying eye problem, however, cheap prescription sunglasses for eye protection is enough.

Where to Buy Prescription Sunglasses

You can buy sunglasses from any optical shop near you. After your optician examines your eyes, they should advise you on the right sunglasses for your eyes. Many online companies are offering sports eye care products and services for outdoor use. 

Goggles, lenses, and prescription sunglasses are some of the most quality products for your eyecare. Athletes, who spend more time outdoors, can guard their eyes against damage by using sports eyewear.  

Online companies have a variety of products for adults and kids. However, you should choose a product after guidance from your optician to avoid further eye damage.

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Final Thoughts

With the increasing number of people developing eye problems from exposure to sunlight, prescribed sunglasses are a must-have for everyone. The damage to your eyes grows gradually, and you may lose your sight if you fail to take corrective measures. 

Although there are many companies selling prescription glasses, you should visit your optician for an eye examination before you order your pair. This can help you avoid accelerating eye damage from the wrong lenses. 

There are many types of prescription sunglasses in the market. However, some types are not ideal for you because they are made to correct different eye problems. Choose the right lens type for your eyes following your optician’s advice. In addition, you should pick a frame that fits well on your eyes.