Everything You Need to Know About Matoaka Beach Cabins

Looking for an offbeat beach experience in Maryland? If you nodded your head, then Matoaka Beach Cabins is just what you need.

Think of something warm, rustic, and serene, far from the rush and gush of the city. That’s exactly what Mataoka beach encapsulates. Unlike the busy beaches of Maryland, this hidden gem allows you to unwind fully.  The main appeal of this beach is its off-grid beach cabins tucked away in the middle of nature.

The Matoaka Beach Cabins offer an intimate experience on Chesapeake Bayfront. They are a wonderful accommodation option in a beautiful part of the beach. Apart from cozy rooms and spacious cabins, these beachfront rentals offer stunning oceanfront views. Moreover, guests to the Matoaka Beach Cabins get access to the Matoaka beach 24*7.

Everything sounds tempting, right? If you are willing to learn more about the pristine Mataoka beach cabins, this detailed guide will take you through every aspect.

Here’s everything you need to know about Matoaka Beach Cabins:

About Matoaka Beach Cabins in Maryland, United States

The Matoaka Beach Cabins are located in Saint Leonard, MD, United States. These beach cabins boast of wonderful accommodations overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and a privately owned beach. The Matoaka Beach Cabins is actually a vast wooded area with farmland, bamboo trees, and graveled roads around. Being nestled in nature, residing in beach cabins offers you opportunities to explore Maryland’s flora and fauna. Additionally, you can go swimming in the bay and head for fossil hunting. 

Matoaka beach cabins promise you an unforgettable vacation experience with its many distinctive features.

Here are some important things you need to know about Matoaka Beach Cabins:

Cabin rental period – From mid-April to mid-October.

Check-in period – 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. are the check-in hours. You can check out by 11 am.

Pets – Pets are not permitted on the premises of Matoaka Beach Cabins.

● The cabin has room for a maximum of six persons to sleep.

Pricing and affordability: Every day from 7 am until sunset, the beach is accessible to the general public. Adults and children over five years old are charged a fee of $10 per person. While the beach is free for young children and toddlers under five.

The Matoaka Beach Cabins property is reserved with a 100% deposit. However, to assist you with currency conversion, the Matoaka Beach Cabins website offers a currency converter. It implies that you are liberated from having to determine the currency exchange rate and can instead concentrate on your enjoyable beach days.

Cancellation policy at Matoaka Beach Cabins: If you cancel at least seven days in advance of your visit, you may be eligible for a refund of up to 90%. If you cancel after this window of time, your booking cost is not refunded.

Note: You can only pay the beach fee in cash. The Matoaka Beach Cabins however accept credit cards.

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Amenities at the Matoaka Beach Cabins

The Matoaka Beach Cabins have space for a small family. However, since the cabins aren’t equipped with bedding, you’ll need to bring your own if you want a tranquil stay. The cabins, though, do have a semi-furnished kitchen equipped with a propane burner, microwave, and basket-style coffee machine.

Besides, the Matoaka Beach Cabins provide private restrooms, sinks, and showers. But you need to stock up on your toiletries.

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Grocery stores near Matoaka Beach Cabins

Forgot your supplies? Don’t fret because you can look up grocery stores near Matoaka Beach Cabins offline as well as online.

You can get your groceries from Prince Frederick in the north and Lusby in the South. Both are a ten-minute drive away from the Matoaka Beach Cabins.

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Things to do at Matoaka Beach Cabins

One of the attractions of the Matoaka Beach Cabins is the property itself. Surrounded by lush greenery, you can feel at home with nature here. It is perfect for intimate gatherings and family getaways. The various entertaining things you can do here include: 

  • Go camping with your kids and take a walk through the sandy trail. The authority at Matoaka Beach Cabins must, however, be contacted for approval for this. 
  • Enjoy swimming in the bay, one of the more popular benefits of having unrestricted beach access.
  • Fossil-hunting; At Matoaka Beach Cabin, finding fossils is a completely unique experience to enjoy. Your curious children will find it to be an engaging pastime.
  • Kayaking is a unique experience for individuals looking to work out their muscles. However, this might require you to force yourself up and down the hill. 
  • Enjoy sunrise and sunset views on the Chesapeake Bayfront.
  • Enjoy freshly grilled food as the cabins offer charcoal cooking options for all guests.
  • Witness nature from close. Explore bird-watching and photography amidst the foliage.
  • Get some fishing experience in the Bay.

Restaurants Near Matoaka Beach Cabins

If you’ve been looking for restaurants nearby while enjoying your stay at Matoaka Beach Cabins – have no fear. The number of restaurants and local eateries located in proximity here offers you the opportunity to try the authentic local seafood delicacies of Saint Leonard. Moreover, vegetarian and allergy-friendly choices can always be requested in advance at these eateries.

Thus, the food scenes at the Matoaka Beach Cabins are diverse and easily accessible. 

Following is a curated list of restaurants near Matoaka Beach Cabins:

● Gateway Seafood Restaurant & Lounge, (Take out & Dine-in). 

● Fredy’s Woodfire Pizza (open for delivery).

● Happy Buddha (take out).

● Jerry’s Place.

● Captain Jons.

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Important Considerations For Your Visit To Matoaka Beach Cabins

Just like other vacation rental facilities, there are some rules and regulations that you must follow at the Matoaka Beach Cabins. The dos and don’ts stated below allow visitors to have fun while yet protecting their interests.

● Make sure to carry your own bedding as the Matoaka Beach Cabins do not provide bedding.

● You have the option to cook for yourself as the cabin comes with a coffee maker (basket style), fridge, propane stove, and microwave.

● You also need to bring towels, kitchen items, and supplies.

● The Matoaka Beach Cabin has a grill. But do remember to bring your own charcoal for the grill.

● No pets are allowed at the Matoaka Beach Cabins. 

● No wood fires as the grill is only for charcoal cooking.

● There is a strict no-smoking policy inside the cabins.

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Key Takeaway: Spend offbeat and relaxing days at Matoaka Beach Cabins

For those seeking unusual, tranquil vacations, Matoaka Beach Cabins is a perfect choice. On the Chesapeake Bayfront, you can experiment with a variety of activities like camping, fishing, and kayaking. The cabins have a rustic beauty and are better suited for peaceful beach days. You may unwind and spend time with your loved ones while soaking in the distinctive vistas of the Chesapeake Bay at Matoaka Beach.