10 Best Things To Do In Altus OK

Are you looking for fun things to do and things to see in Altus, Oklahoma? 

Situated in the southwest region of Oklahoma, Altus is one of those towns that will leave you awestruck. This small city is packed with a lot of surprises and has got everything on point. Whether you are an Oklahoma native or a first-time visitor, Altus must be there on your itinerary. In addition to being popular as a US Air Force Base, this beautiful city offers you plenty of attractions to visit and activities to do.  

Whichever part of the city you visit, you will undoubtedly be astounded by the magnificence of the city. There are plenty of attractions to visit and activities to do in Altus. However, with so many choices, it’s likely that you will find it hard to decide what you want to do! Thus, here in this article, we have compiled some of the top selections for you. 

#1. Visit Around Museum of Western Prairie:

Would you like to peep behind the scenes of historic art and culture of OK?

Spare some time exploring the fascinating exhibits at the Museum of the Western Prairie. This museum chronicles the history of southwest Oklahoma, covering everything from irrigated agriculture to Altus Air Force Base.

This museum commemorates the colorful and compelling history of the local trail bosses, Native Americans, ranchers, cowboys, and homesteaders. More than 35,000 items and pictures make up its whole collection. 

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#2. Heritage Park Theatre:

The Heritage Park Theatre is the perfect place for movie buffs to spend quality time with their loved ones while having fun. It is a multi-screen theater equipped with premium seating and digital sound. At this theatre, you have the option of enjoying Hollywood films all year long, regardless of the day or time you are visiting.

Grab some freshly popped popcorn, candies, and your favorite drink and get ready to indulge in a soothing cinematic experience.

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#3. Altus City Reservoir:

Situated in the southwest of Oklahoma, this reservoir possesses two miles of shoreline and has nearly 140 acres of open water. This reservoir is well appreciated for its picnic area, fishing dock, and outdoor grills. Additionally, you may take advantage of camping areas and boat ramps here.  

If fishing is your love, you can do it here all year round. Your visit to this reservoir will be enhanced by additional amenities including jogging trails, a playground, and restrooms located near the lake. 

#4. Spotting Wildlife at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge:

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is within a one-hour drive from the Altus. It covers 59020 acres and preserves historic granite mountains, mixed-grass plains, and freshwater lakes and streams for wildlife to use. Longhorn cattle, bison, and rocky mountain elk roaming herds can be seen in the vicinity of this refuge. This location is the most popular tourist destination since it is home to 806 plant species, more than 250 bird species, 50 mammal species, 36 fish species, and 54 reptiles and amphibian species.

The refuge’s northern section is designated as a special-use area with very little public access and is only available to wild animals. While the southern portion is open to the public and protected as Charon’s Garde Wilderness Unit. Fishing, bird viewing, wildlife photography, camping, hiking, and kayaking are some of the enjoyable activities you will find here.

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#5. Boating at Fort Cobb State Park:

Fort Cobb State Park is the ideal place for you to go next if you enjoy being near the water.

Lake Cobb offers something for everyone to enjoy and lose themselves in the wonders of nature, whether they enjoy boating, hiking, fishing, or camping. Sprawling over 4,000 acres, this lake is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A variety of species, including catfish, crappie, saugeye, walleye, white bass, and largemouth bass, which are frequent sights in this area, complement the exotic charm of this place.

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#6. Hike up the Quartz Mountain:

Quartz Mountain State Park is among the most breathtaking natural areas in Altus, OK. Whether you want to go riding, hiking, bouldering, rock climbing, camping, or just take in some beautiful sunrise and sunset views  —this place will capture your attention.

It is situated amid the Wichita highlands of Southwest Oklahoma and Lake Altus-Lugert and lies about 9 miles away from the small town of Lone Wolf.  Quartz Mountain State Park with a sizable 4,000-acre footprint is also touted to be the most popular among Oklahoma’s seven state parks. 

Some of the well-known hiking trails found here are:

  • New Horizon Trail
  • Baldy Point through Cedar Valley
  • Twin Peaks Trail
  • Cave Trail
  • Heart Healthy Trail

Additionally, camping is also an option available here. There are almost 5 campground areas with primitive tent camping sites, Class B sites for smaller RVs, and Full Hookup sites for bigger RVs.

The ideal times to visit are in late October and mid-April, however, this location is open all year for exploring and camping.

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#7. Windy Trails Golf Course:

Visit this location if you are fascinated by the game of golf.

This 18-hole golf course provides players with a challenging yet enjoyable experience. Golfers can  have ample speed and smooth placement, thanks to the level terrain and green grass all around. Further, this region is unique because of the sweeping vistas of Quartz Mountain and Navajo Mountain. 

#8. Fishing in Lake Altus:

Situated in Southwest Oklahoma close to Lone Wolf, Lake Altus is the best place for fishing and enjoying other water activities. This lake has about 6500 acres of open water. Popular sports to be enjoyed here are fishing, water skiing, and jet skiing. Fish species that you might spot in this area include walleye, white bass, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, and crappie.

Lake Altus’s closest neighbor is Quartz Mountain Resort Park.  There you will find hiking trails, water slides, and paddle boats.  In addition, here you can enjoy the appeal of observing gorgeous birds, butterflies, and wildflowers in a serene, sparsely populated environment. Thus, for photographers and bird watchers, it’s a great location. 

Moreover, for people who prefer cooling off in freshwater and are good swimmers, this lake also features a section with a long shoreline extending up to 50 miles which are perfect for swimming. 

#9. Seek Adventure At JD’s Hideaway:

Try out this place if you’re willing to try your hands on some fun-filled challenging activities.

The JD’s Hideaway is the ultimate place for a family vacation with kids. It is a premier axe throwing place in Altus, OK. It also makes a fantastic location for entertaining arcade games and golf simulators.

So, if you’re looking for some fun and excitement, JD’s is the ideal local hangout for fantastic games, food, drinks, and activities.

#10. Savor Delicacies at Fred’s Saloon:

If you’re a foodie and craving an authentic home-cooked meal in Altus, OK, Fred’s Steak and Salon is your one-stop destination. This full-service restaurant and bar are popular for serving delectable steaks, sandwiches, burgers, fried pickles, and various tantalizing appetizers.

A special mention should go to the Fred Salon’s signature blended drinks, which shouldn’t be missed by any means. The main highlight of this place is the inviting atmosphere and affordable pricing.

Everything about this restaurant is so excellent that after going, you will gush about returning.


If you’re seeking something a little more tranquil than the bustling routine’s hustle and bustle, Altus is a wonderful location to visit. With tons of outdoor recreation options and destinations to explore, it’s easy to see why this city has become so popular with tourists.