6 Hotel Amenities Every Traveler Should Look For

Hospitality and tourism have become a multi-billion dollar industry in today’s time. Every traveler requires a hotel room, lodge, cabin, or any other place as accommodation while traveling. Nowadays, travelers are willing to spend significant money on hotels offering quality services, facilities, and amenities to have an amazing travel experience. 

When selecting hotels, most travelers look for a home-away-from-home experience and prefer hotels offering “a close to home” experience. Other essential factors they consider while selecting a hotel include the location, services, types of rooms, cost, and more. 

Hotels these days try to provide their guests with a splendid experience that has them returning for more. Unfortunately, there’s often a disconnection between the things guests want and what the hotels think the guests need. Therefore, sometimes hotels provide unnecessary amenities that the guests don’t even use and miss the necessary amenities. Moreover, various amenities considered essential in the past have become completely useless in modern times. We have also seen a change in the amenities required or demanded by travelers due to globalization. 

Now, many hotels in America are catching up with the trends and providing their guests with new and essential amenities to ensure their comfort and satisfaction. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some hotel amenities all travelers should look for to make their stay and vacations worthwhile.

1. Fun In-house Outlets

When selecting a hotel, look for the outdoor and indoor activities they offer. These activities can serve as a relaxing outlet for you. Most hotels offer these relaxing activities for free, while some charge a small fee. Some interesting activities you can look for include spa services, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a cinema, a stage show and more.

It’s crucial to look for a hotel offering in-house fun activities especially if you’re planning a weekend trip or traveling to a place with limited tourist activities. So, let’s say you’re heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to experience the marvels of Mother Nature. In that case, it’s imperative to explore places to stay in Gatlinburg to ensure a surreal and tranquil experience. 

Besides, if your travel plans don’t go as planned, you can still enjoy in-house activities.  

2. High Speed and Free Internet Connection

The internet has transformed the world into a global village. Whether it is related to work or our personal life, staying online and connected has become a major part of our lives. Therefore, check for Wi-Fi services when booking a hotel for your summer retreat or winter escape.

Suppose you are traveling for business purposes or planning to work while traveling. In that case, booking a hotel with a high-speed, secure, and stable internet connection should be your priority. If you’re on a limited budget, look for hotels providing free Wi-Fi.  

3. Safe and Technologically Advanced Parking Area

Parking is another crucial element to consider when selecting a hotel, especially when traveling on a personal vehicle. Reserving a hotel with a secure parking space is better and safer. 

Technology has also seeped into parking lots, and hotels are investing in parking technologies ever so earnestly. So, look for hotels with technologically advanced parking spaces – which are by default safer.

Parking guidance is an advanced tool that guides drivers about the number of available parking spots locations. Hotels also use this information to learn customer behavior and improve their services. Parking guidance can enhance customer experience by eliminating their need to drive around and look for a parking spot after a hectic day of travel.

Other popular parking-related technologies include PARCS (Parking Access Revenue Control Systems), LPR (License Plate Recognition) parking systems, and more.

4. Efficient Check-in Process

An inefficient and lengthy check-in process can put you in a bad mood. So, it’s necessary to consider and select a hotel with a smooth and efficiently online or in-person check-in process. Nowadays, many hotels offer smart check-in options. 

A smart, efficient, and easy check-in process is also less stressful and preferred by travelers. These check-in options don’t require you to come to the front desk and fill out lengthy forms and get keys for the room. Besides, the pandemic has further increased the use and popularity of contact-less hotel check-ins.

5. 24-hour Front Desk Service

It’s another amenity to look for when booking your accommodation. One of the primary benefits of a 24-hour front desk service is peace of mind. You can fully enjoy your vacation because if you face any problem, there’ll always be someone to assist you.

Moreover, a front desk receptionist can provide you with guides and answers to your questions about the place you have traveled to or your itinerary. Most travelers select convenience as their top priority while traveling. For this reason, hotels should focus on providing quality services to all their guests.

6. Concierges

Thanks to the internet, you can wander and explore your travel destination independently. However, a local guide can help you discover some hidden gems around the place that you have traveled to but aren’t aware of due to less popularity. So, if you want to experience a place through the eyes of a local, consider booking a hotel that offers concierge services.

A concierge can answer your questions regarding the city or town you are visiting. Moreover, if you ask, they might even design and plan a detailed itinerary for you or become your tour guide. The concierges are mostly fluent in multiple languages. Therefore, if you are going to a foreign land, booking a hotel that offers concierge services is better.

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The Bottom line

Travel and tourism is a huge industry that generates considerable revenue every year. The trends are always changing due to globalization, and travelers are always looking for more. Given this reason, hotels try to keep up with the demands and trends to provide incoming travelers with excellent amenities. However, sometimes they fail to do so, which results in a negative review. 

Whether traveling for fun or business matters, every traveler should reserve a hotel that offers the best amenities at an affordable price. Some hotel amenities you must look for when selecting a hotel include a free, secure, and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, safe and technologically advanced parking spaces, concierge service, 24-hour desk service, smart and efficient check-in process, and more. Moreover, if you plan to have a laid-back vacation, it is also crucial to consider a hotel that offers fun in-house activities.