5 Products for Washing Clothes While Traveling

It is always tempting to bring your whole wardrobe when going on a travel. But have you thought washing clothes while traveling helps you save and travel more freely? Overpacking results in additional baggage fees and trouble with weight restrictions. So, one way to avoid these and make a more practical move is to do laundry.

Some travelers look for a trusted laundry service in their destination, while others bring these products for washing clothes.

5 Product Essentials for Travel Laundry

Laundry happens wherever you go. Whether you plan to do laundry in your hotel room or at the nearest laundromat, it is essential to have a laundry bag with you. A laundry bag separates your worn and clean clothes. But, aside from a foldable laundry bag, include packing these few items for your trip to eliminate the stress of dealing with post-travel laundry, stains, and additional baggage fees. 

  1. Stain Remover

As much as you avoid catching stains, we never know what may happen. You need to carry around a travel-sized stain remover for drips and dribbles that may occur. A stain remover pen helps you pre-treat your clothes and laundry them later. Remember, stains need to be pre-treated to avoid them making them difficult to remove. 

  1. Laundry Detergent

Bring a small amount of laundry detergent, enough to wash your clothes during the days you are on travel. It is nice to bring laundry soap sheets instead of liquid detergent; a laundry soap sheet dissolves in water and prevents spills inside your bag. Toss one sheet into where you are doing your laundry. 

  1. Portable Wash Bag

If you are tight on space and traveling on the road, having a portable wash bag is the best solution. It helps you do laundry properly, even when on the road. You put your laundry, clean water, and detergent in and rub the garments against the bumps before rising them. 

It only takes a few minutes to wash your clothes in a portable wash bag, and it does a good job of cleaning your garments. People who love to go on camping trips find potable wash bags quite useful. 

  1. Travel Clothesline

If you have tried washing your clothes inside a hotel room bathroom, you have become creative in looking for surfaces to drape your clothes. You do not want to experience the hassle again, right? It is best to bring a travel clothesline with pins. Travel clotheslines are easily packable and sturdy to connect. 

  1. Drain Stopper

Bringing your drain stopper is helpful. You need a drain stopper for the hotel room sink or tub to collect water to hand wash your clothes. Use a universal drain stopper that is heavy-duty enough that it will not move while you are soaking your clothes.


Final Thoughts

While several laundry pickups and delivery services are nearby, these product essentials allow you to do unexpected laundry needs. These items do not take up much room in your suitcase. Make it easier to do laundry wherever you are.