10 Questions to Ask While Booking a Hotel on an Online Site

As per reports, 65 percent of the global revenue of travel and tourism came from online services. The market size reached $432 billion globally. These numbers showcase how fast the tourism industry is paving its way towards online booking and product sales.

Undoubtedly, people, these days are more inclined towards browsing, searching, shortlisting, and booking services online. As people lead busy lives, lack of time and ease of digital access has paved the way to book services beforehand.

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You can now easily find, book, and even cancel your hotel rooms using booking sites. But, finding the perfect booking site and finding the right deal can be challenging at times.

Here are some questions that you should ask when you book hotels online.

Question 1. What Are The Type Of Hotels And Accommodations available?

When you book a hotel from an online site, you must find the best accommodation type. Check if the website has all kinds of hotels, resorts, and accommodations for travelers.

Also, make sure to filter the results based on the number of guests, overall budget, and requirements in terms of services.

Question 2. Is The Location Easy To Reach From The Airport?

Before booking, check the features of the hotel. Check things like the address, distance from various popular points in the city, the safety of the location, etc. You should check the maps on the site to get an overall idea of the exact place.

Question 3. Are There Any Car Rental Service Or Shuttle Service Available?

Many online booking sites can help hire car rental services along with hotels. It will help commute around the city and avoid unnecessary hassle for public transport. If you need a rental car or shuttle service after reaching the destination, check the packages and deals.

Question 4. What Are The Additional Deals Available?

It is a well-known fact that online sites provide many deals around the year. Check out the various deals offered by the site. Find out if they are currently providing discounts or promotions that you can avail of.

These deals and packages can be season-based or occasion-based. They will help reduce the overall cost of the bookings and allow you to save more.

Question 5. Is There Active Customer Support?

There should be a dedicated customer support team, available whenever you need them. It is one of the most crucial parts of online booking. Ensure that the site has 24×7 customer support to help solve queries regardless of your current location.

Question 6. Does The Site Help With Airline Bookings?

These days, many sites assist in airline bookings alongside hotel booking. It can be helpful for travelers who want to book flights and hotels together. It will help align the time and schedule of the trip. Choosing a site that helps book flights can help save time and effort.

Question 7. What Are The Payment Methods?

Not all sites allow all types of payment methods. Therefore, it is crucial to check if they support the payment methods you plan to use. The most popular methods are bank transfers, credit and debit cards, online wallets, etc.

Also, check the type of payment gateway they use for their site. A credible, high-end payment gateway will ensure that the payments are safe and secure.

Question 8. What Is The Cancelation Policy?

It is better to check the cancellation policy before making any booking. If you need to cancel your bookings, it is better to learn the process beforehand.

Choose a site to book hotels that provides a hassle-free cancellation process with only a few simple clicks. Beware of all the terms and conditions of cancellation, the period, the charges, and restrictions. You should know the minimum time to cancel the bookings to get a refund.

Ques 9. What Are The Extra Charges Of Booking And Cancellation?

Every site tends to have charges imposed on the final bill of booking. Check the site, and understand the breakdown of the service charges before booking. The service charges should be fair and as per the market.

When you cancel your booking, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Remember to verify how much the website charges for cancellations. Some don’t charge for cancellation as long as you do it well ahead of time. However, you will most certainly incur a cancellation fee if you cancel at the last minute.

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Question 10. What Is The Minimum Refund Period?

After you have canceled the booking, you will have to wait for some time to get the money back. In many cases, you may end up getting an immediate refund. But, many sites take 2-3 business days to refund your money. It is better to choose a website that has a shorter refund period. Asking the right questions will help dispel various doubts that you may have with online booking. Also, booking hotels from reputed websites like AmericanOtels can help you avoid frauds and scams. Such sites also allow you to compare hotels on various metrics, such as proximity to the city, locale, budget, amenities offered, pet-friendliness, and more.