Best Things To Do In Tahlequah OK

Tahlequah is one of Oklahoma’s most popular tourist spots, noted for providing the best of everything to both visitors and local explorers. This quaint city sits near the beautiful and serene Illinois river which contributes to it making an abode for outdoor recreational activities.

Moreover, its location along the base of the magnificent Ozark mountains adds to its charm, lending a lot to its picturesque surroundings. This Oklahoma town is recognized for its gorgeous surroundings and for providing some of the best recreation opportunities. Undoubtedly, with so much to offer, Tahlequah emerges as one of the best places to spend quality time.

This is a city that is not only beautiful but also has a vibrant culture and rich past that will entice you. It has been named one of the largest cities in America and also serves as the capital city of the Cherokee nation. 

With all that in mind, let’s list out some of the top things to do in Tahlequah that you shouldn’t miss by any chance during your visit here. So let’s get started with best things to do in Tahlequah OK!

10 Best Things To Do In Tahlequah, OK

1. Get To Know The History Of The Cherokee At The Cherokee National History Museum

Learning about the Cherokee Nation’s history is one of the best things to do in Tahlequah. While Tahlequah boasts several museums, each one has a unique tale to tell.

A visit to the Cherokee National History Museum will immerse you in Cherokee culture. The museum tells you about the whole history of the Cherokees from beginning to end. It highlights the country’s vibrant culture and glorious history through varied arts, weaponry, interactive AI presentations, and a variety of other exhibits that can educate you a lot about the country’s history in seconds.

A visit to this museum is worth a lot of pleasure and learning!

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2. Take A Picnic At Norris Park.

Named after a well-known lawyer, Floyd H. Norris who made a lot of contributions and donations for the sake of the development of the city, Norris park is a must-see attraction in Tahlequah, OK.

The park embodies nature’s serenity and beauty in its purest form. The tranquillity and the various shades of greenery spread all around here can help you wash away your worries.

The park serves as an ideal picnic spot, with designated sections and tables to make your lunch memorable. Even if you don’t want to have a picnic, you can walk around the park and enjoy the beauty of nature in solitude. The best part of the park is that it is surrounded by local vendors selling some of the really very fascinating items.

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3. Play A Game Of Golf At Cherokee Trails Golf Course

Have you ever tried the elite game of golf? If not, then it’s time to try your hands at it. 

Cherokee trails Golf Course offers you the opportunity to try your hands at golf and that too at very affordable prices. The trail along with the game offers a very scenic view. What else do you need to entertain yourself if you have the option to play golf in beautiful surroundings? 

Don’t forget to get clicked!

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4. Enjoy The View From The Top Of Sparrow Hawk Mountains

Another fantastic thing to do in Tahlequah, OK is to trek to the top of Hawk Mountains, which offers you breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and the Illinois River. With the pine and oak trees around it and the rocky slopes, even trekking is an exciting experience here. When you reach the summit, you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see in your life. It’s no less than a piece of heaven on Earth. So, don’t forget to bring your cameras to record the scenery.

5. Float along the Illinois River

Want to take in the beauty of the riverfront?

Book a stay at the War Eagle Resort for a fully immersive experience. This hotel on the picturesque Illinois River bank provides a variety of relaxing and rejuvenating activities.

From a leisurely raft, canoe, or kayak ride down the river or simply camping beside the river, the hotel offers the ideal setting for you to immerse yourself in nature’s wilderness and enjoy life without the distractions of technology.

If camping isn’t your thing, this resort also has lodging in the form of light and airy log cabins. 


6. Take A Sip Of Beer At Kroner And Bauer Pub

How can one miss Kroner and Bauer Pub’s beer while in Tahlequah, OK?

The Kroner and Bauer Pub is famous for its beer so do grab one during your trip to Tahlequah, OK. This brewery’s superb selection of beverages includes 16 beers on tap, canned beers, wines, blended cocktails, and seasonal drinks.

Besides exotic drinks, Kroner & Bauer Pub provides you with the opportunity for group connections. Board games, pool tables, and an outdoor bocce ball court are just a few of the numerous social entertainment options available here. Furthermore, the bar conducts themed events such as trivia night, karaoke, and live music. Gladly, all of this is available at a beautiful, laid-back establishment with an industrial interior design and a lovely outdoor patio.

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7. Enjoy At Thunderbowl

A bowling alley can be found in virtually every city because it is such a popular and enjoyable pastime. 

Thunder Bowl, located on Choctaw Street, is a popular Tahlequah entertainment destination. Equipped with expansive bowling lanes, pool tables, and arcades, this facility offers countless opportunities for fun with family, friends, and colleagues.

Despite having been in service for 15 years, Thunder Bowl’s attractions are in superb condition. This is why it continues to have a special place in people’s hearts. Furthermore, they serve regular American meals and beverages to satisfy your appetites as you indulge in their games. 

For those seeking a communal setting for casual gaming, ThunderBowl is a place to visit.


8. Witness The Art Of Local Artists At Tahlequah Creates

Tahlequah Creates brings together the city’s various local artisans. Knitted products, figurines, jewelry, paintings, and sculptures are some of the inventive pieces on display at this exhibition. The beauty of this exhibition is that each item is handcrafted in the region by local communities, so even if you only walk by, you will be helping local artisans.

Tahlequah Creates also organizes social events such as poetry readings, open mic nights, artwork classes, and live music performances, and the favourite bit is that you can be a part of them. 

Thus, it is one of a kind experience to relish here at Tahlequah Creates.

9. Get The Souvenirs From Cherokee National Gift Shop

The Cherokee Nation Gift Shop is the city’s one-stop shop for all things Cherokee. This gift shop has something for everyone, from everyday souvenirs to intriguing mementos. 

Keychains, wood carvings, flags, weavings, and similar items are some of the simpler souvenirs you can find here. Whereas if you love something unusual and unique go for sculptured knives, animal paws, and Cherokee alphabet blocks.

Regardless of how rare the object is, it shows the city’s enduring culture, and you can easily find such related items at Cherokee National Gift Shop.

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10. Try Skating At Skate House In Tahlequah, OK

Roller skating is a delightful, vintage pastime that Skate House brings back to you! 

Since its inception in 1978, the Skate House has been the location of a vibrant and enjoyable skating activity. Simply renting roller skates will allow you to rediscover your love of skating. Furthermore, you will be provided with a smooth, spacious rink to glide your heart out.

The iconic roller disco tunes playing in the background at Skate House can transport you back to the days when roller skating was popular. Whether you’ve skated before or not, the friendly staff here will show you how to stay balanced and move around the rink securely.

Two of the interesting party options offered here include Nerf gun group party and private rink access.


Tahlequah has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is capable enough to serve every visitor at its best and never disappoints anybody! So, do pin this list of the best things to do in Tahlequah so that you don’t miss anything when it comes to your trip to Tahlequah. So, plan your next trip to Tahlequah and have unlimited fun!