10 Best Things To Do In Davis Oklahoma

Davis is a city located in the scenic Garvin and Murray counties of south-central Oklahoma. The place is known for its serene small-town surroundings, many open spaces, parks, and a life that everyone desires. Often tourists visit different cities and explore their lives to get a wholesome experience. Davis is also a part of those cities where you can enjoy deep at heart. There are hyperlocal cafes, antique stores, boutiques, waterfalls, gourmet chocolates, casinos, wildlife, and much more in the city.

The city of Davis is about a tight-knit community that welcomes everyone. Whether you are planning a quick trip to the town or a new resident who wants to explore the city, there is a lot to do in Davis, OK.

So, without further ado, let’s find out which are the 10 best places to see and things to do in Davis Oklahoma.

1. Arbuckle Wilderness

Are you a lover of nature? Do you love to explore wildlife and what all it has to offer? Arbuckle Wilderness is the right choice for you. This park is spread over more than 400 acres and is home to many animals. You can spot zebras, buffalos, llamas, camels, and deer here and if you are lucky, you might even get to see a yak! Arbuckle also gives access to safari and gives you the opportunity to come down and feed the animals that come to you. Walk a little extra and you might spot birds and reptiles. There is a complete garden dedicated to them.

Want more? This wildlife park is also suitable for paddle boating, go-karting, bumper boating, and moon bounces.

Location: 6132 Kay Starr Trail, Davis.


2. Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park is Oklahoma’s tallest and oldest waterfall, and thousands of people visit each year to dive into it. It is one of the best things to do in Davis Oklahoma. When you reach its top via trekking, you would witness a drop of around 77 ft. into the freshwater pool. If you want to reach the falls easily, climb the Arbuckle Mountains. This mountain is composed of rocks that are 1.4 billion years old. You can bring your family and friends to this park and enjoy some amazing water sports adventures. It also has three caves that you can enjoy.

If you love fishing, this would be the perfect opportunity for you, especially between November and March as the place has stocked streams at that time.

Location: 4550 Dolese Rd, Davis. 

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3. Forgotten Wheels Museum

For individuals who enjoy vintage automobiles, the Forgotten Wheels Museum is an excellent exploration option. Some vintage vehicle enthusiasts go to Davis (OK) solely to visit this museum. Here you can explore old trucks, vintage motorcycles, and antique automobiles. It is unquestionably one of the most revered things in Oklahoma for car enthusiasts. This is also a great location for a family, as children will enjoy browsing the gift shop, which features a variety of automobile toys as an attraction.

Location: 1775 US-77, Davis.


4. Treasure Valley Casino

If you love table games then you should definitely check out the Treasure Valley Casino. It is one of the top places to see in Davis (OK) and you can visit with your friends here. There are table and electronic games for those who are experienced or want to explore their card game skills. On the gaming floor, you’d get a chance to enjoy around 400 classic and new games, including slot machines, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and more. If you feel hungry after playing, you can also visit the Main Street Grill to enjoy some snacks.

Location: 12252 Ruppe Road.

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5. Bedre Fine Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolate, and if you’re visiting Davis, it is essential to try a variety of sweet sensations at Bedre Fine Chocolates. This state-of-art facility is one of the best places in Davis to indulge in the tempting and luxurious flavors of chocolate. There is a vast selection of chocolates available, and you can even get a gift box or gourmet chocolates to take home.

Location: 37 N Colbert Road, Davis. 

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6. Wild Horse Creek Hunting

The Wild Horse Creek Hunting is perfect for you if you are into something adventurous. This place gives you access to 3-day hunting activities for white deer and wild hogs. It is spread across a 2,500-acre ranch and is close to Turner Falls. So, if you are going there then make sure you check out this place. If you don’t want to set up a camp in the wild then you can even book a resort in Pecan Valley. It is a Victorian-style bed and breakfast and you’d surely enjoy it.

Location: 36819 Hwy 7, Davis. 

7. Cross Bar Ranch Park

If you are an off-roader driving enthusiast, this ranch park is the perfect place for you. It is spread over 6,500 acres of land and provides you with more than 200 miles of trails. You can select any route that interests you and the experience will undoubtedly be thrilling. Check out the rocky mountainsides, dirt trails, prairies, and creek beds; and bring out the intense driver within you. This is a journey worth experiencing as you would see some beautiful sights and can even go climbing hills. Around 28 sites are available there for tents.

Location: 4550 Dolese Rd.

8. Arbuckle Mountain Shop

In for some food? Don’t miss out on the fried pies shop of Arbuckle Mountain. This is a popular food joint in Davis OK and serves delicious fried pie to its customers. The recipes of this place go back to the 1950s. Maude Pletcher formed the recipes and it is now being passed onto the family tree. Today, these pies come in 20 different flavors, both sweet and sour. So, make sure you visit!

Location: 4145 US-77, Davis

9. Arbuckle Museum

Learn about the history of the city at the famous Arbuckle Museum. If you are kind of a history buff, this place will surely take away your heart. It is located inside the Sulphur City Hall, one of the historical buildings in Davis, OK. The museum shows the story of the city, its pioneering families, and how it evolved over the years. This museum’s historical antiques, early settler attire displays, copies of the Davis News Daily, school photo displays, and other exhibits tell the story of the city’s magnificent past.

10. River Bottom Campground & Tubing

Prepare for a fun-filled adventure in nature at River Bottom Campground and Tubing.

Camping, fishing, floating, and tubing are just a few of the activities available to you here. You can visit  River Bottom Campground and Tubing with your family and friends to have a fantastic time in the Washita River’s waters. The most enjoyable aspect of this trip would be floating down the four-mile-long Washita river stream. After your ride, you can snap stunning shots of the region or go swimming in the river.

Address: 3629 Hwy 77 S, Davis, OK.

Final Words!

Davis is one of the best places to plan your next vacation for a distinctive and memorable travel experience. This small yet vibrant city has a lot to offer. As a result, it must not be ignored. If you do, you will miss out on the city’s vibrant natural attractions and historical landmarks.

A pleasant and intriguing excursion awaits you in Davis, OK. Make a trip today!!