Do you yearn for a truly enchanting experience, where the melodies of birdsong, the delicate rustling of leaves, and the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee envelop you as you awaken? If this captivating scene ignites your imagination, then get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders that Davis has to offer. This best-kept secret town offers a seamless fusion of comfort, hospitality, and the captivating essence of the local environment. 

The streets of Davis come alive with an array of charming bed and breakfasts, each promising not just a place to lay your head, but an immersive encounter that will etch lasting memories into your heart. These B&Bs transcend the mere notion of lodging; they elevate your entire experience. Davis, Oklahoma’s collection of bed and breakfasts stands prepared to be your gracious hosts. 

From the quaint and historic to the modern and luxurious, we’ll guide you through the most enchanting accommodations that have masterfully woven local charm into every aspect of your stay.

1. Pecan Valley Inn

Experience tranquility at Pecan Valley Inn Bed and Breakfast, a meticulously restored 1898 Victorian home spread over a sprawling 2,500-acre expanse. Since its opening in 2004, the inn has captivated guests with a plethora of unique experiences, including birding, berry and pecan picking, and even wild hog hunting.

Start your mornings at Pecan Valley Inn with a hearty country breakfast, setting the stage for a day filled with fun and adventure. The B&B unveils a world of exploration with three miles of scenic trails, mountain bike paths, and the beauty of tranquil fishing spots.

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As the evening sky turns gentle, take a moment to relax on the porch or gently swing in a hammock. Watch beautiful sunsets, a sky full of stars, and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature. Pecan Valley Inn isn’t just an ordinary bed and breakfast; it’s a place of calmness that lets you create special memories for yourself.

Moreover, the Pecan Valley Inn Bed & Breakfast boasts a strategic location. It is just a few miles away from Turners Fall, Chickasaw National Recreation Area and the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

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2. Arbuckle Mountain Motel

Arbuckle Mountain Motel in Davis, Oklahoma, excels at making your visit not just comfortable but genuinely relaxing and enjoyable. Situated just a few miles away from the captivating Arbuckle Wilderness, this charming motel ensures that your explorations are conveniently within reach.

The cosy B&B ambience, adorned with charming decor, makes you feel at home. Each room boasts modern amenities – air conditioning, kitchenette – and free Wi-Fi to keep you connected.

But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. Step outside to find a refreshing pool area, to take a leisurely swim or lounge by the water’s edge. As you head to your cosy room after a day of exploration, the charm of Davis and the comforts of our motel seamlessly blend to soothe your tired mind and body. 

The allure of Arbuckle Mountain Motel is further enhanced by its reasonable prices, making your retreat both enjoyable and affordable. Whether seeking adventure in Arbuckle Wilderness or poolside serenity, your journey to Davis starts here – where relaxation meets enjoyment, and every moment feels like coming home.

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3. Stay Inn Oklahoma 

Whether you are visiting Davis for leisure or business purpose, Stay Inn Oklahoma B&B extends a warm invitation to all kinds of travelers. 

At Stay Inn, each room has been thoughtfully equipped to cater to your convenience. A functional desk awaits your tasks, a flat-screen TV ensures your entertainment and a refrigerator keeps your refreshments at hand. 

But Stay Inn Oklahoma doesn’t stop at comfort – it’s committed to sustainability as well. This value echoes across the property, ensuring that every facet of your stay aligns with eco-conscious values. From responsible practices to eco-friendly accommodations, the commitment to responsible hospitality is integrated into the fabric of this establishment.

Recharge your energy with an array of refreshing beverages and quick snacks available in the welcoming lobby. The selection spans from invigorating energy drinks to familiar sodas, crunchy chips, and delightful cookies, catering to every craving.

Should you seek a more extensive dining experience, a myriad of nearby restaurants is ready to be explored? From a quick bite to an elaborate meal, culinary exploration awaits.


Stay Inn Oklahoma understands the diversity of its guests’ preferences. This understanding is reflected in the range of offerings – from standard rooms to deluxe accommodations and spacious suites. 

4. Davis Inn Motel

Davis Inn Motel is a family-friendly Bed and Breakfast known for offering an enchanting experience for guests of all ages. As you step into the rooms at Davis Inn, you’ll immerse yourself in the utmost comfort. The inviting aura of B&B guarantees you a cozy night’s sleep, accompanied by effective air conditioning that ensures a pleasant stay even on warmer days. The rooms are equipped with WiFi and have the added convenience of in-room facilities including a microwave and fridge. 

Additionally, the IHOP restaurant onsite presents a chance to relish some of the finest cuisine in the town.

Situated close to the captivating Turner Falls waterfall and the Arbuckle Mountains wilderness, a world of natural splendor awaits just outside your accommodation here. Elevate your stay with considerate amenities such as a picnic area and charcoal grills, ideal for crafting precious family moments.

For added excitement, the nearby Treasure Valley Casino is just a minute’s drive away. The B&B also has a dedicated picnic area and charcoal grills to let you spend precious family moments. 

Choose from various room options: the Comfort Studio, Economy Double Room, cozy Economy Single Room, or spacious Premium Double Room.

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Thus, ensuring seamless comfort, delectable dining, and proximity to nature’s wonders, your journey to an extraordinary retreat begins at Davis Inn Motel.

5. River Bend Lodge

River Bend Lodge

Set against the breathtaking Arbuckle Mountains backdrop, River Bend Lodge is the ultimate destination for a personalized vacation. This B&B offers a variety of accommodations tailored to your needs. From rustic cabins to lakeside retreats and secluded country homes, a range of choices awaits, ensuring individual preferences are met.

With an unwavering commitment to exceptional service, every stay at the River Bend Lodge is destined to be unforgettable. The accommodations here provide both comfort and picturesque views. The serene environment is perfect for families seeking a tranquil getaway, complete with kid-friendly activities and an atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

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The cabins boast an inviting spaciousness, fostering an ambience of comfort and openness. Inside, every need is meticulously anticipated, ensuring convenience and luxury throughout your stay. For the adventurous, the Lodge’s trails lead to captivating river views, treating hikers to breathtaking panoramas.

Strategically located near attractions like Turner Falls, Arbuckle Wilderness, and Chickasaw National Park, River Bend Lodge guarantees an exciting exploration. Whether it’s a revitalizing family retreat, an adventure with friends, or a serene solo escape, the River Bend Lodge ensures personalization as per your needs. 


Final Words

Davis, Oklahoma, has a collection of truly exceptional bed and breakfast establishments. These cozy establishments are all about creating an atmosphere of comfort and positive energy. The moment you step inside, you’re in for a delightful experience. These B&Bs have mastered the art of making guests feel right at home, and let’s not forget the delectable breakfasts they serve up.

Whether you’re seeking tranquility or a touch of excitement, the aforementioned bed and breakfasts in Davis have got you covered. They offer a perfect blend of laid-back vibes and the little luxuries that make your stay truly special. So why not take the plunge and start making memories? The finest bed and breakfasts in Davis, Oklahoma, are calling your name.