Linville, situated in North Carolina, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Despite its small population of around 560 residents, the area offers many exciting activities for visitors. 

From hiking and camping to exploring wineries, Linville has something for everyone. 

With each visit, the charm of Linville becomes more apparent, making it a must-visit destination. Here are some of my favorite things to experience in Linville, North Carolina.

If you plan to spend your vacation there, first you should know about the fun things to do in Linville, NC. 


There are many things that you can do there and it can bring you lots of joy, you are fortunate that you are reading this blog before landing there.

About Linville, North Carolina

Linville is a charming, charming and rich gold mining town located in the heart of the Carolinas.

Linville was founded in the late 19th century (1883), and its population is disciplined, treating visitors like family members.

There is no dearth of places to stay, or places to visit, In addition to being full of natural beauty, the best place for adventure is the Blue Ridge Mountains, making this place even better for tourism.


Linville Caverns and Linville Fall are one of the wonders here, which leave the tourists in deep thought. Are there such nice natural beauty places on earth?

If you are planning a trip to the Carolinas, you must visit Linville, the small historic town that tells you about its glorious past.

Moreover, you have many activities to keep you busy there, such as eating delicious food in charming restaurants, watching the whole world from the high mountains, hiking, and many more activities that you can do in Linville, North. Can in Carolina.


7 Best Fun Things to Do in Linville NC

It will be very exciting to know about the place before going there, along with the imagination of fun that you will have, you should know about that place such as its establishment, its history, specialty, strange things, etc…

Linville is situated in North Carolina, and the border of Tennessee is very close to it.

It has a natural gift that everyone will like, it is surrounded by higher and more beautiful mountains, and the best place to visit anytime during the year.

1. Visit Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain

To enjoy the natural beauty with a bit of thrill, you must visit Grandfather Mountain.

It is called Grandfather Mountain because the earlier people found the face of an older man on one rock; from that time, it has been called Grandfather Mountain.

Here, there are many things to do and experience, including visiting a zoo of wild animals, the Forrest Gump curve, a high swinging bridge, and scenes of the locations of Tom Hanks’ character.

Don’t miss to enjoy the ride of the high swinging bridge to get the mixed experience of natural beauty and a little thrill. 

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You will note this experience for your entire life and not be able to stop yourself from clicking all the moments in your camera forever.

As the name suggests, the high swinging bridge is hanging on the sea above one mile. It gives you access to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic scene.

Apart from these, you will learn about the wildlife habitats and enjoy hiking, picnicking, dining, events, and the Wilson Center for Nature Discovery.

Entry to Grandfather Mountain in Linville North Carolina is not free; the charges are mentioned below.

Adults: $24

Senior Citizen (60+): $22

Children: $10

It remains open all day throughout the year, just the timings of opening vary according to the weather it is 8 and 9 a.m.

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2. Hiking at Table Rock Trail

Table Rock Trail

If you are fond of hiking, and you like to do adventure then there is Table Rock Tail next to Linville Gorge Wilderness Boundary located in Linville, which will give you the unforgettable pleasure of hiking.

The adventure does not end here, there is still Hawksbill Mountain Trail ahead from where you can hike to the summit of Hawksbill Mountain Trail, from where Grandfather Mountain and Mitchell Mountain can also be seen.

This view is so amazing that you cannot stop yourself from capturing it on camera.

Grandfather Mountain and Linville have a lot of amazing scenery that you can walk through on the Flat Rock Loop Trail, which is just 4 miles from the Lin Cove Viaduct.


3. Enjoy Appalachian Summer Festival

If you are fond of celebrating and seeing festivals, then you should plan a trip to Linville in July.

Every year in July, a unique festival is celebrated here which is known as the name of Appalachian Summer Festival.

This festival has been held since 1984 and is one of the largest regional multi-art festivals of the entire country, which you should not miss.

You will be surprised to know that every year more than 26,000 people participate in this festival and celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm.

This festival features a unique blend of instruments, theatre, dance, song, music, visual arts, and films, which thrills your mind and enthralls you.

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4. Thrill at Zip Line

Thrill at Zip Line

The Appalachian Country is famous for its thrills, making it the best place for the adventurer and adventure lover.

There are many Zip Lines, from which you can take a Zip Line tour of your choice.

You can pick your adventure at Hawksnest Snow Tubing and Zipline, where there are more than 20 Zip Lines, and 2 of them are over 2000 feet long.

One place you’ll be dying to go after reading this is Hawksnest Snow Tubing and Zipline, just 10 miles north of Linville, and off Highway 105.

If you are looking for Adventurous things to do in Linville, then this is the best option for you that you can enjoy immensely.

5. Wiseman’s View in Linville

North Carolina is a great place for landscape view enthusiasts, and Wiseman’s View is a great place to be. Go to the top of Wiseman’s View and you can see the view from all sides and I guarantee you won’t want to come back.

It lies to the west of Linville Gorge, which is also known as the Grand Canyon of Eastern America.

Along the banks of the same Linville River are the peaks of Table Rock and Hawksbill which many people gather to see and enjoy.

If you are fond of enjoying the natural beauty and planning a trip to Linville, then don’t miss Wiseman’s View.


6. The Miles High Swinging Bridge

The Miles High Swinging Bridge

If you want to see the 8th wonder of the world, you don’t need to go anywhere, because in Carolina you will find it in the form of The Mile High Swinging Bridge.

Think why this bridge is named Mile High Swinging Bridge, as it spans a height of 5,280 feet, and this gives you not only a view of the sky but also a unique experience.

The main attraction of this bridge is its construction and engineering, and it is worth wondering who and how could have built such a safe bridge at such a height.

As you walk across the Mile High Swinging Bridge, you can see all the sights as far as your vision can reach, lush green grass, flowing rivers, tall green trees, and delightful blue skies.

A unique blend of natural beauty, engineering, and ecosystem can be found nearby, so if you are visiting Linville, you must visit The Mile High Swinging Bridge.


7. Enjoy The Beauty of Linville Falls

You must have seen many waterfalls in your life, famous waterfalls too, and enjoyed them a lot, but every waterfall has its special feature, and the one we are going to talk about now is the same for Linville Fall. There is something.

Located in the quiet wilderness of Linville, the main reason for the attraction of Linville Fall is its captivating beauty and various recreational opportunities.

This is the best place in Linville for lovers of nature and natural beauty, hiking enthusiasts, and those eager to experience the immersive outdoors.

The waterfall descends from a rugged gorge across the roads, a sight that you will be compelled to capture on camera.

You can also enjoy hiking there, The Linville Falls Trail System allows you to hike, and even teach you if you are a beginner, and if you are experienced, and you need some help, they will guide you. Complete help crosses.


Final Words on Things to Do Linville, NC

By reading the entire blog, you might be very sure to visit the mentioned places in Linville, NC. Well, this is a city having all kinds of places including different choices of people.

You will find Natural beauty, thrilling places, luxury places, peaceful destinations, fun things doable places, and every combination here.

It is also very recommended to have information about the accommodation and transportation structure in Linville before you land there, you should do enough research and grab the information about the same in advance.

Moreover, you can also hire a guide to save your time after reaching there if you have enough budget, and if you don’t have you can bookmark our website, it will work like a guide for you wherever you go.


Is Linville Falls worth visiting?

Linville Falls is worth visiting! Its majestic waterfalls, scenic hiking trails, and stunning mountain landscapes offer a captivating natural experience that’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Don’t miss the chance to explore this picturesque destination and create lasting memories.

What is the best trail to see Linville Falls?

The Plunge Basin Trail is one of the best options for viewing Linville Falls. This moderate hike leads you to various viewpoints, including the upper falls, the main falls, and the iconic plunge basin. The trail offers a diverse perspective of the waterfall’s cascades and the surrounding beauty of the Linville Gorge Wilderness.

What is the easiest way to see Linville Falls?

The Erwin’s View Trail is the easiest way to see Linville Falls. It’s a relatively short and well-maintained trail that leads to multiple overlooks providing impressive views of the falls. This trail is accessible for most visitors and offers a rewarding experience without requiring extensive hiking.

Can you swim in Linville Falls?

Swimming is not allowed at Linville Falls due to safety concerns. The currents and rocky terrain make it hazardous for swimming. It’s important to respect the rules and guidelines in place to ensure your safety and the preservation of the natural environment.

What is the nickname of Linville Gorge?

The Linville Gorge is often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East” due to its deep and rugged terrain that resembles the iconic Grand Canyon in the western United States.