12 Best Things To Do In Moore OK

Moore in Oklahoma is a treasure trove of natural wonders, entertainment hubs, and endless attractions. It is one of a few tourist destinations that has everything to offer a visitor, from fun and excitement to thrilling activities and a calm, tranquil setting. Moore, once known for its “sleeping community,” has now transformed its entire impression by opening doors to incredible activities.

This wonder city sits just next to the northern border of Cleveland Country. With a population of over sixty thousand people over its territory, Moore stands as the seventh-largest city in the diversified state of Oklahoma. 

The pretty town of Moore is known not only for its exciting attractions but also for its unique culture and vivid history. The most interesting element that drew international attention to this tiny hamlet was its destructive tornadoes. The area is very much prone to tornadoes. Despite this, Moore has retained its value and continues to shine brilliantly to this day.

If you haven’t tried Moore for your vacation yet, now is the time. If you want to get a sense of what a vacation to Moore is like, we have compiled a list of the Best Things to Do in Moore, OK. This article will provide you with a glimpse of what Moore has to offer. So, let us begin with our amazing list of 12 best things to do in Moore OK.

Best Things To Do In Moore Okalahoma

1. Have A Watery Day At Central Park Aquatic Center

Spending a day at Central Aquatic Center splashing around in the sun is one of the coolest things to do in Moore, OK. The park is spacious enough to hold around 800 people and is open to the public. Because of the numerous amenities accessible here, you could easily spend hours of your day here enjoying yourself. The park has a lap pool, a lazy river, and leisure spots where you can spend relaxing hours. Moreover, there are so many amazing food counters around the pool to let you indulge in some delicious snacks and enjoy!

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2. Check Out The Dz Comics And Gaming 

Another interesting thing to go for in Moore, OK is checking out the DZ comics and gaming. This amazing spot boasts a superb collection of DZ comics, merchandise, graphic novels, and amazing games for everyone. It is Moore’s one-stop shop for gaming enthusiasts to hang around and enjoy a vast variety of comics and games. Here you can find some of the best comics and games, including the most recent ones. You can also participate in trading events, card game tournaments, and other activities.

There is also a café here where you can enjoy delicacies in addition to comics!

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3. Sip Some Seasonal Beers At Royal Bavaria

There’s a good chance that you have heard of Royal Bavaria. It is one of the best restaurants and breweries to check out in Moore, OK. Bavaria serves authentic German cuisine in a pleasant setting. Not to forget about Bavaria’s noteworthy and popular seasonal beers that are a must-try in Moore. In the brewing process of the beers, Royals Bavaria only uses unfiltered water, full-grain malt, Hallertauer, and German yeast. 

Aside from fantastic beers and cuisine, you can also enjoy live music and raffle rewards. The restaurant is open daily from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM, except on Sundays, when it closes at 8:30 PM.

4. Try Your Hands At Skating At Skate Moore

If in doubt, try strolling and skating in Moore. The Skate Moore offers a state-of-art facility for visitors to try their hand at skating. It’s a lot of fun to skate here as you can find the best assortment of roller skates, roller blades, inline skates, roller hockey skates, and all other skate accessories you could think of! 

The Skate Moore also serves as a venue for gatherings, birthday parties, and corporate events. Furthermore, you can also enrol here if you want to learn to skate and receive training from experts. So you’re bound to make some memories here at Skate Moore!

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5. Experience Some Adventures At The Urban Air Trampoline And Adventure Park

Don’t let the name Trampoline Park trick you; this park has much more to offer than trampolines. It has so much to offer that you won’t be able to see it all in a single visit. Here you can indulge yourself in numerous activities, including rope courses, indoor kart rides, wall climbing and much more. The location is ideal for people of all ages. There are a plethora of recreational, fun, and adventurous activities available to make your visit worthwhile.

Don’t worry if you become hungry; the park has facilities for that as well. So, relax and have fun!

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6. Spend Some Relaxing Time At Moore Central Park

Moore Central Park is impossible to overlook while in Moore.

The park is an impressive sight to learn about Moore’s rich and diverse past. The railroad industry is the cornerstone on which Moore was established, and its importance to the City of Moore is portrayed subtly and clearly all across this park. The park’s main attraction is a train-themed playground. Furthermore, the park has a gym and areas where you can participate in a variety of activities. Plus, there is a public pool park that is accessible to everyone and free of charge.

Overall, Moore Central Park is a fantastic spot to spend some quality time in nature in peace, as well as a pleasant place for kids to have a good time.

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7. Pay A Visit To The Escape Rooms In Moore

Checking out the escape rooms is one of the coolest and most exciting things to do in Moore, Oklahoma. Your inner detective will be awakened by visiting here and uncovering the mysteries. The Serum 42, Mystery Mountain, Pirates, and the Tomb are the 4 distinct escape rooms. The rooms are arranged according to difficulty level, from low to high. You can go and check out one or all four of them. The best part about these rooms is that you can play the role of a character from each room’s storyline. Sounds Interesting, doesn’t it?

8. Watch Some Cool Movies At Winchester Drive-In

A fantastic activity for movie buffs to engage in Moore is to watch a few cinematic masterpieces at the Winchester drive-in.

Since 1968, the theatre has been entertaining visitors. It is one of the best places to spend a night watching movies with your friends and family. You don’t have to worry about your food because there are stalls where you can acquire whatever you want to eat. You may also order anything here, including pizzas and sandwiches, drinks or popcorn.


9. Test Your Luck At I-35 Bingo

Looking for some Bingo fun?

I-35 Bingo in Moore provides hours of entertainment and excitement. Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as large flashboards, the I-35 ensures that every player has the experience they desire. Customers can watch sporting events on multiple flat-screen TVs in a spacious hall while cheering on their favourite teams. There is also a full-service kitchen with a choice of food and drink options to satisfy your appetite. 

Because there are so many games available here every day, you can spend hours playing bingo uninterrupted. Also, there are plenty of well-lit parking places nearby, and there is security on-site for your safety.

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 10. Shop Your Heart At Boy Mom Vibes

I’m a shopaholic with no time. And that’s where Boy Mom Vibes comes to my rescue. 

Boy Mom Vibes was founded to assist individuals in doing all of the natural and simple DIY chores that they desire but lack the time to execute. It is a one-stop shop for purchasing goodies, accessories, and gifts. The Boy Mom Vibes initially started by distributing low-cost goods like scrubs, body butter, and bath bombs. They now run a small “brick & mortar” business which gives you a distinctive shopping experience in Moore, Oklahoma. 

You can also find artisan fairs and local shops selling local goods here. You may purchase handcrafted, high-quality items at reasonable costs. The most popular goods from Boy Mom vibe include scrubs for kids, body butter, bath bombs, personalized rollerballs, and Christmas gifts.

So come here to spoil your loved ones with exotic gifts.  

11. Enter The World Of Casinos In Moore

If you’re hunting for fast-paced table games or the latest electronic games, look no further than New Castle Casino.

The New Castle Casino delivers an authentic experience. With over 2,000 conventional and modern casino games, this 112-square-foot facility ensures an all-around engagement. The Wheel of Fortune, off-track betting and traditional poker games are a couple of the casino’s favourites where you can try your luck. After you’ve had your dose of casino fun, you may dine at one of New Castle Casino’s restaurants and enjoy one of their scrumptious menu offerings. If you want to unwind, there is also a bar where you may get some of the finest drinks.


12. Take A Tour Of The Orr Family Farm

Southeast Oklahoma is home to the fun-filled Orr Family Farm, which welcomes visitors of all ages. The range of activities available at Orr Family Farm will provide you with total entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. Among the activities available here are:

  • Ride the historic carousel and four-lane zip line, 
  • ride the pedal carts, 
  • go fishing in Hidden Lake, 
  • or stop by the barn to feed some of the animals kept there.

By the way, fall is the best season to visit Orr Farm because then you can explore the massive corn maze in full bloom. However, one day is not sufficient to explore all of Orr Farm’s activities, so make plans to return soon.

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Moore, Oklahoma, is an entertainment powerhouse, as evidenced by the city’s numerous attractions.

Apart from the aforementioned attractions, Moore, OK has a lot more to offer. But yes, my advice: don’t miss the ones listed above because they are the biggest draws of Moore, OK.

If you want to visit somewhere that will keep you entertained and relieved of the stresses of everyday life, this is the place to go!!