14 Best Things to Do in Muskogee OK

In the heart of Oklahoma lies an enchanting city, Muskogee, that is a curious blend of natural beauty, heritage, and outdoor adventures. Travelers from different parts of the world have visited this place, only to be captivated by its beauty and charm. Muskogee exudes a warm, homely vibe that attracts people from far and wide. With all that this city has to offer, it ensures that the tourists have a memorable experience.

Cherish the Wonders of Natural Beauty at Honor Heights Park

Honor Heights Park

Honor Heights Park is a natural sanctuary that spreads over 132 acres. The picturesque natural beauty of the park has been able to enchant its visitors. With its scenic hiking trails, beautiful gardens, and tranquil atmosphere, the park has been deemed to be a haven for the ones who seek serenity. The main highlight of the park is the Azalea Gardens, which acts like a splash of bright colors on a blank canvas. A riot of colors can be witnessed when the garden housing over 40,000 azaleas blossom. Nature enthusiasts find peace in exploring the scenic trails, navigating their way through the ponds and streams, flora and fauna, and panoramic vistas.

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Transport Yourself into the World of Medieval Enchantment at the Castle of Muskogee

The Castle of Muskogee is a regal fortress that is located in the midst of picturesque landscapes. This fortress will provide you with a peek into the past as you find your way through the grand architecture and spirited festivals. As you enter the Castle of Muskogee, you will be captivated by the impeccable craftsmanship of the intricate details of the stone walls and the high towers. The Castle of Muskogee bears an uncanny resemblance to the European fortress of the ancient era. The spirit of medieval times is brought to life through the Renaissance festivals which are celebrated annually. Visitors dwell in mirth and merriment during these festivals as music, art, and delicious food take center stage.

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Take a Journey of the Bygone Era by Visiting the Five Tribes Museum

Native American culture and heritage have been preserved in the Five Tribes Museum. Through the immersive exhibits and fascinating artifacts, the museum highlights the rich tapestry of the lives of the Native Americans. These photographs, documents, and artworks uphold the different facets of the life and culture of the Native Americans. A glimpse is offered into the significant historical events of the nation. The cultural exhibits showcase the ways of life and challenges faced by different cultures like the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole. By offering a glimpse of the past, the museum aims to educate visitors about the history of the Native Americans.

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Explore a Slice of Naval History at The USS Batfish

The USS Batfish
Doug Wertman from Rogers, AR, USA, CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Muskogee has been able to preserve a remarkable piece of naval history: the stately submarine. This submarine has been a part of several missions during World War II and testifies to the gallantry and sacrifices of the submariners. The relic now stands as a visual signifier of the captivating stories that took place beneath the surface of the ocean. A walk through the narrow passages and different compartments offers a peek into the routine life of the submariners during the war. The USS Batfish has been deemed to be one of the most successful submarines of the war. The vessel boasts an immersive collection of naval artifacts and displays. 

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Spend a Musical Evening at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Museum

As you step inside the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Museum, you will find yourself amidst fascinating stories of iconic musicians who have had a profound impact on the music industry. The museum pays tribute to legendary musicians like Merle Haggard, J.J. Cale, and Leon Russel. If you are a music enthusiast, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Museum will be a treasure trove for you. Through its interesting exhibits and intriguing history, it throws light on the legacy of the star musicians and singers of Oklahoma. If you witness the live performances and events at the Hall of Fame and Museum, you will be in a trance-like state until the performances get over.

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Savor Exceptional Wines at Pecan Creek Winery 

Whether you are a nature lover or a wine enthusiast, Pecan Creek Winery will bring you the most fascinating experience. With its spectacular vineyards, warm atmosphere, and delectable wines, the winery has been able to earn a reputation and popularity among the locals as well as visitors. At Pecan Creek Vinery, quality remains the first priority. In the countryside in Muskogee, the fertile soils and climate create a suitable environment for the cultivation of vines. A wide range of handcrafted wines are available for the visitors which caters to different palettes. From rose wine to revitalizing white wine, there are plenty of choices available for wine enthusiasts. 

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Explore the History of Muskogee at the Three Rivers Museum 

The Three Rivers Museum of Muskogee provides a peek into the enthralling history of the city through its compelling displays and educational events. Guided tours, lectures, and workshops are organized from time to time so that the visitors become aware of the heritage of the city. Through its exhibits, the museum showcases Native American history, the evolution of the railroad industry as well as the effects of World War II. With its wide collection of artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays the museum aims to educate its visitors about the past and how the communities navigated their way through life.

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Witness the Native American Artistic Endeavors at Ataloa Lodge Museum 

The Ataloa Lodge Museum is housed within the campus of Bacone College in Muskogee. The museum pays homage to the history, art, and culture of the Native Americans. With its huge collection of art, artifacts, and crafts, the museum showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of Native American artists. The artistic contributions that have been displayed in the museum stand as a testament to the creativity of the indigenous tribes. One of the main highlights of the museum is its collaboration with the tribal communities through which the artists can put up their works of art contributing to the dynamic experience of the visitors. 

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Delve into the World of Books at the Muskogee Public Library

the Muskogee Public Library
Dan Leonard, CC, via Wikimedia Commons

In the heart of Muskogee lies the Muskogee Public Library which has been considered as the primary source for gathering information and resources for the bookworms of Muskogee. The library offers an abundant collection of books and digital resources and acts as a hub of community gathering and knowledge enrichment. The Muskogee Public Library is a haven for bookworms. The library boasts a vast collection of books belonging to various literary genres. Members of the library can also find access to e-books and audiobooks. From the classic to the contemporary, fiction to non-fiction, book lovers would find themselves lost in all that this library has to offer. 


Shop for Timeless Treasures in Olde America Antique Mall 

If you are a hoarder of vintage and antique items then Olde America Antique Mall will present you with a treasure trove. From furniture to artworks and home décor, from books to jewelry and memorabilia, the mall houses an extensive collection for antique lovers. Paying a visit to Olde America Antique Mall is like taking a tour of the past. Each item has a different charm, and a story to tell. The antiques testify to the meticulous craftsmanship of the artists of the past generations. The mall, with its cozy corners and enchanting interiors, will take you on a nostalgic trip to the ancient treasures. 

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Take a Tour of the Nostalgic Past in Hattie’s House Antiques

Hattie’s House Antiques presents visitors with a fascinating journey through time, into the past. With innumerable vintage and antique items, the shop is committed to preserving the charm of the nostalgic past. Each item in the store is reminiscent of the timeless beauty of past eras. Take a stroll of the store and you might stumble upon a hidden treasure that will find its place in your house or office. From the antique typewriters to the porcelain doll, each item in this store is inevitably linked to the bygone eras. 

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Visit the Nutty Haven of Muskogee- Mayer Pecan Orchard

Pecans have always been linked to the culture and history of Muskogee and this family-owned orchard does its part in preserving its essence. The orchard is spread over several acres of fertile soil where the majestic pecan trees can be seen swaying in their own rhythm. As you enter the orchard, you will be greeted by the sweet scent of pecans and the comforting sounds of nature. The main delight of this pecan orchard is that it offers a chance for visitors to participate in the process of pecan harvesting. The pecans mature as the autumn months approach and the visitors are allowed to get on an exciting activity of collecting the nuts that have fallen from the tree. 

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Take a Stroll Around Spaulding Park

If you are willing to spend some quiet moments away from the hustle of the city, then Spaulding Park will serve as the perfect escapade. It offers a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Bring in your tennis rackets or basketball if you are up for a friendly match because the park has fields ideal for sports enthusiasts. If you are coming along with your little ones, the swings and slides in the park will keep them entertained. With its scenic hiking and jogging trails, Spaulding Park offers a chance for visitors to unite with nature. The park is surrounded by lush green, tall trees and serves as an ideal perfect spot for picnics. 


Go for a Game Night at Muskogee Creek Nation Casino

Muskogee Creek Nation Casino

If you want to have a fun time filled with exciting entertainment options then head over to Muskogee Creek Nation Casino. The Casino features an extensive range of gaming options, which cater to various preferences. There are live entertainment shows in the casino which features local artists and talents. From stand-up comedies to musical evenings, the casino has innumerable options for entertaining its guests. If you are tired after a gaming session and want to head over for a quick meal then let the on-site restaurant in the casino take care of your cravings. The casino also has a bar where you can catch up with friends or mates over a glass of chilled beer or cocktail shots. 

Muskogee has an undeniable spirit that captivates its visitors. The city has a number of tourist attractions that please visitors of all ages, tastes, and preferences. The nature enthusiast can find solace in the parks, the knowledge seeker can spend time in the public library while the museums present a host of information and artifacts on how the city has evolved into its present state from the past. The community comes together to spend joyous moments during the Azalea Festival. Whether you indulge in local cuisines or go for recreational activities, the city will steal your heart.