Do you enjoy exploring nature or admiring its beauty? If yes! Poteau, Oklahoma is one of the best places for you to visit. Poteau’s serene and tranquil surroundings will captivate you, whisking away all your stress and anxiety. Poteau can treat you with the best essence of mother nature that you will never forget.

This little town of around 10,000 population is located beside the Poteau River, which lends it its name and makes it an even more popular destination. Founded in 1885, Poteau is now a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. The attractiveness of the city is enough to draw visitors like a magnet. Not only does it have natural beauty, but it also has a rich, magnificent history. Its attractiveness is enhanced further by the exquisite ancient structures and architecture.

Poteau possesses everything that a person looks for when planning a trip. It is one of the destinations that does not disappoint its guests but rather exceeds their expectations.

If you’re wondering what this small town has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of the 14 Best Things to Do in Poteau OK to help you decide. So, pack your bags because once you see what this tiny place has to offer, you will be unable to resist paying it a visit.

So, let’s begin!


1. Be The Part Of Amazing And Colorful Poteau Balloon Fest

Have you ever wondered what a multicolored sky looks like? Interested to know? Then be a part of the magnificent Balloon Fest, which is held every year in October in Le Flore County of Poteau, and enjoy the splendor of the multicolored sky.

It is a perfect treat for your sore eyes. The majestic view of the sky from the ground is in itself a source of great enjoyment. However, if you take the ride and see what autumn looks like in Poteau, you will undoubtedly desire for time to halt right there and then!

This festival is held every year in Poteau. It not only allows you to enjoy the splendor of the colorful sky or the magnificent autumn landscape, but it also exhibits the region’s native art and crafts, which are worth exploring.Additionally, there are also other fun games and activities in which you can participate.


2. Get The Experience Of Watching A Movie Under The Stars At Tower Drive-In

Nothing surpasses the vibe of viewing a movie under the stars. If you want to be a part of this unforgettable Poteau experience, make your way to the historic drive-in theater on N. Broadway Street.

This spectacular drive-in theater experience has been entertaining Poteau residents since 1950. However, it has experienced significant transformation over time. It is now more modern and uses digital format to provide moviegoers with a more realistic viewing experience. The screens are 75 feet wide and 40 feet tall, so nothing stands between you and your thrilling experience. And, as a cherry on top, you can enjoy exquisite delicacies while lounging inside your car and watching movies.  Give it a try; we are sure you’ll like it!

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3. Try Camping At Lake Wister Park

Embark on an adventurous excursion to discover the Poteau’s raw, natural pleasures at the famed Lake Wister Park. 

Lake Wister Park, a popular tourist site, runs for 3,428 kilometers around Wister Lake and is a great place to camp. Apart from camping, you may also try bating, hiking, water skiing, and mountain biking here. Furthermore, you can take some pretty beautiful photos to flaunt on your social media account. Nature’s splendor seen here also provides you with excellent animal viewing possibilities.

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4. Wake Your Inner Gamer Up At Poteau Games

If you are a game enthusiast or want to awaken your inner gamer, Poteau Games is the place to go. After entering here, you will be thrilled with a new degree of excitement as you witness such a diverse assortment of games all around you. You may find a wide range of games here, from interesting and tedious board games to entertaining card games. You may also get next-generation fun consoles here. This location warmly welcomes both experienced gamers and newcomers and provides them with all they require.

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5. Trace The Magnificent History Of Poteau At Le Flore County

One of the best things to do in Poteau, OK is to trace and unravel the city’s past, and Le Flore County is an excellent choice for this. The museum was established in 1922 and is still in operation today. The museum tells the narrative of Poteau through a collection of relics and antiques ranging from ancient photographs to a cash register from the 1900s. The museum’s 25 rooms will tell you everything you need to know about Poteau. The museum commemorates several historical events, including the Afghan war, the Iraq war, and the Civil War. The museum also has an alumni room and ghost room. You can check them too.


6. Be The Part Of Grueling Cavanal Killer 8k

Cavanal Killer 8K is a well-known yearly celebration hosted in Poteau in the Month of May.  It is a sporting event in which players are challenged to climb the iconic Cavanal hill, also known as the “World’s Highest Hill.” Well, this is quite a challenge! However, reaching the top is a worthwhile effort because the winners receive some incredible rewards. Even if you don’t finish it, it’s a memorable experience that’s worth attempting.


7. Go Shopping At Poteau Farmers Market

Shopping at the Farmers Market is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you enjoy eating, you can find super fresh veggies and fruits, along with soft farm-raised meat, and sweet delicious honey here. Furthermore, you can buy some of the best soaps here, which are handcrafted and chemical-free, and have a wonderful aroma that will make you fall in love. And the best thing is that it markets a plethora of delightfully flavored jams. 

The market is only open on Saturdays from 8 am to 12pm. So, dare to miss out on it!


8. Know Archeology At Spiro Mounds

Another fantastic thing to do in Poteau is to visit the Spiro Mounds, a prehistoric archeology site. The location is around 25 miles north of Poteau. The location has an intriguing backstory; it is believed that the neighbouring inhabitants used it as a burial ground thousands of years ago. It is one of the most exciting places to learn about Poteau’s history and to see the magnificent surroundings of Poteau.


9. Show Off Your Best Shot At Choctow Country Club

Choctow Country Club is one of Lee Flore County’s top golf courses. The club opened in the 2930s and has since provided excellent experiences to numerous players while also providing scenic surroundings. The club has played an important role in golf’s evolving history. The club is one of Poteau’s most recognizable landmarks and should not be missed. So, go ahead and give golf a shot in Poteau.

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10. Try Your Hands At Harvesting Delicious Berries At Maple Greek Berry Farm

If so, have you ever harvested them? If not, Poteau gives you a chance. You can wander through the lovely blueberry farm and participate in berry-picking activities.

After picking them, you can wash and sample them or keep them for your tasty baked things. You may also purchase these delectable berries at extremely reasonable prices. The delicious aroma of these berries will draw you in, and you will have a wonderful country life experience here.

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11. Enjoy Nature At Bill J Barber Park

It’s no wonder that Poteau is known for its natural beauty. And that natural beauty can be fully appreciated visiting at the Bill J Barber Park. The park is lush with foliage, from grass to big trees all surrounded by greenery.  Therefore, it serves as an ideal spot for a morning walk. Here you can plan a perfect picnic with your friends or family, you can spend some quality time with your loved ones, or can enjoy nature in solitude. Furthermore, the park is also used as a playground, so you may even plan a game with your teammates here!

12. Go On A Drive Through Talimena National Scenic Byway

The Talimena National Scenic Byway runs through Poteau and several other eastern Oklahoma cities. It’s a heavenly kind of experience driving through these stunning scenic landscapes. The best part of the drive is seeing the incredible peak of foliage. The best time to see it is between October and November. The natural scenery all around you will astound you as you drive to this byway. You can even stop at several points to grab some stunning photographs.

13. Walk Through The Historic Downtown Poteau

The historic downtown Poteau is home to all of the city’s historical and commercial structures. Many historic artifacts may be found here, such as the Mc Kenna building, the ancient Indian Territory Federal courthouse, the renowned old bank that was looted by Bonnie and Clyde, and so on. As you continue your tour, you will come across stunning colorful local businesses with a perfect vintage feel. There are shops for furnishings, fashion and accessories, apparel, and so forth, as well as some excellent restaurants where you may savor the city’s specialties.

14. Try Finding Out The Mystery Behind The Runestones Of Heavener Runnestones Park

Spread over 55 acres of land, the Heavener Runestones park deserves to be there on your Poteau itinerary. Known for its famous Runnestones Viking festival that is held annually, the park is intended for both young and old visitors.. Because the location is mysterious and magical, you can only learn about it by visiting it. Aside from discovering and unraveling the park’s mysteries, you may also go hiking and camping here.



Poteau in Oklahoma is a wonderful choice for your next fun trip, whether with friends or family. It offers dozens of amazing activities to experience along with commendable hospitality. You can experience a variety of activities while learning about the nature, culture, and history of this magnificent location. So, put this destination on your bucket list right away!