14 Best Things To Do In Salisbury NC

Salisbury is a lovely and historic city in North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Founded in 1753, the city stands out for its rich history and culture. It treats visitors of all ages with a wide range of attractions. From museums to historic landmarks and from outdoor leisure to authentic local cuisine, there are lots of interesting things to do in Salisbury.

 In addition to its historical backdrop and awe-inspiring natural views, the city boasts a vibrant urban side which allows you to shop your heart out and participate in local dives. In a sense, the city has an allure that appeals to people of diverse backgrounds and budgets.

Throughout the city, there are numerous places to visit. Given below is a list of things you can do in 3 to 4 days during your visit here.

1. Historic Downtown Salisbury

Exploring the old downtown area is one of the nicest things to do in Salisbury. The neighbourhood is filled with lovely buildings, charming boutiques, and delectable eateries. A walk down Main Street will take you through historic sites such as the Salisbury Station, Rowan County Courthouse, and Dr Josephus Hall Mansion. There are also several local stores to get you started with your shopping.

The downtown area is also home to many events throughout the year, including the annual Christmas parade and the Farmer’s Market.


2. North Carolina Transportation Museum

The North Carolina Transportation Museum is housed in a historic railroad depot and features exhibits portraying the transportation history of railroads, aviation, and automobiles. 

On your journey to this museum, you will come across a lot of refurbished artefacts including diesel locomotives, fire trucks, trolley cars, and antique automobiles. You will also get to explore the background of these ground-breaking discoveries, which trace their origin to the 1930s.

The museum’s highlight includes antiques and railroad machinery. There are around more than $2 million in exhibits on display. Yet another exciting perk is that you’ll get to experience a wonderful train ride. 

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3. Dan Nicholas Park and Campground 

Spread over an area of 425 acres, Dan Nicholas Park is a great place to spend a day with your friends and family enjoying Salisbury. 

The park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and boating. There are also picnic areas, playgrounds, and a zoo on site. On select nights, the park’s campground serves as an outdoor theatre.

Wait! There is more to it. You can enjoy delightful miniature train rides, go gem hunting, or play miniature golf. Furthermore, the park features various sports grounds where you can try your hand at different activities and awaken the active person within you. Thus, the park is a popular spot for family outings and is open year-round.


4. Rowan Museum

The Rowan Museum, housed within the 1854 courthouse, is a stunning specimen of pre-Civil War architecture which has the charm to immediately grab your attention. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Rowan County and the surrounding area. 

It features exhibits on local histories, such as the Civil War, agriculture, and the growth of the state’s textile industry. Visitors can learn more about history by touring the museum’s historic houses, which include the 1820 Utzman-Chambers House and the 1815 Hall House.


5. The Salisbury Confederate Prison

The Salisbury Confederate Prison was a Civil War prison camp that held over 10,000 Union soldiers from 1861 to 1865. The site has now been designated a National Historic Site, and travellers are welcome to pay their respects to the Confederate and Union soldiers who died during the Civil War.

Visitors are welcome to see the historic jail site, which includes the recreated stockade walls and guard towers.


6. Take A Historic Trolley Tour

Every visitor to Salisbury should experience a trolley tour to take in the sight of the city’s top attractions.

Trolley Tours of Salisbury offer a unique way to explore the city’s history, culture, and landmark destinations. On your trolley trip, you may come across various movie and television filming places.

The tours are guided and cover the city’s historic downtown area, as well as the local colleges and universities. As a result, the trolley rides are both enjoyable and educational. It offers you a convenient way to learn about Salisbury’s history.


7. Hurley Park

Hurley Park is a beautiful park located in the heart of Salisbury. It spans over an area of 18 acres and features quiet walking trails, woodlands, a garden and a pond. 

Visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch, play a game of frisbee, or simply relax in the park’s peaceful surroundings. Further, the elegantly designed seating furniture, distinguishable gazebos, and ingeniously built bridges enrich the park’s grandeur. 

The park also hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the annual Art Festival in the Park.

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8. Exotic Food and Dining

Salisbury is home to a variety of restaurants and dining options. From fine dining to casual fare, there’s something for every palate. Some of the city’s most popular dining spots include Chef Santos, Mambo Grill and Tapas, Blue Bay Restaurant, and Sidewalk Deli. You can visit any of these places, depending on what you would like to have for the day! The options in Salisbury are limitless.

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9. Salisbury Symphony Orchestra

The Salisbury Symphony Orchestra is a community-based orchestra that performs throughout the year. The orchestra contains skilled local musicians and performs a wide range of classical and contemporary music. The Orchestra concerts are held in a variety of locations throughout the city and are free to the public. As a result, you can hunt for such events and participate in them to add a touch of music and fun to your Salisbury visit.


10. Piedmont Players Theatre

This theatre in Salisbury, North Carolina is one of the state’s most important. It attracts performers, volunteer groups, and audiences from every nook of the state to the city’s theatre. 

The Piedmont Players Theatre has been entertaining the audience for more than 50 years. The Theatre comprises the local community and every season, almost 10 shows are produced that leave everyone impressed. This non-profit theatre also educates and teaches its members about the dramatic arts.

Furthermore, the theatre has also achieved the accolades of “The Outstanding Community Theatre in North Carolina” and “The Best Theater in Rowan County”.

11. Go Burrito

If you are looking for a fun place to hang out with your friends and family then “Go Burrito” is waiting for you. This is a local community eatery with a laid-back ambience that allows you to hang out with your friends and family members while enjoying yummy dishes and refreshing yourself with cold drinks.

It is a Californian-style restaurant and has derived its menu from 20 fresh ingredients. If you desire to try its signature dishes, order burritos; however, nachos, chicken tortilla soup, quesadillas, and salad are also available.

12. Beacon Hall

Beacon Hall is a music lovers’ paradise.

This venue is well-known for hosting a variety of concerts centred on various musical genres, providing something for every type of audience. While Beacon Hall is not hosting concerts, visitors can explore various music classes and workshops to hone their skills. It can be an enjoyable hobby to do with your spouse. Thus, whether you want to learn music or just enjoy listening to music, this is the place to be.

13. Fine Frame Gallery

Stop by the Fine Frame Gallery if you are an art enthusiast looking for frames or art.

Having served the region for about forty years, the Fine Frame Gallery is a premium choice for frames, shadow box framing, custom mirror framing, and photo restoration services.

This Frame Gallery is ready to go whenever you need a photo framed. During holidays, you frequently take photos that you wish you could post on your bedroom wall. So, this time, take advantage of the occasion and pay a visit to the gallery. This location has long welcomed artists and collectors and has become well-known in the city for its excellent customer service and high-quality results.

Apart from framing services, the Fine Frame Gallery also features a small collection of artwork by local and regional artists. 

14. Historic Salisbury Foundation

The Historic Salisbury Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the historic landmarks of Salisbury. The foundation offers tours of historic homes and buildings throughout the city, including the Dr Josephus Hall House and the Rowan Museum. The foundation also sponsors events throughout the year, including the annual October Tour of Homes.

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Key Takeaway

Apart from the places discussed above, there are plenty of fine things to explore like the New Sarum Brewing Company, Blue Waters Pool, Ellis Park, and Millbridge Speedway. So roll up your sleeves, pack your bags and head on to Salisbury this holiday season!

Throughout the city, there are numerous enjoyable activities for people of all ages. Indeed, you would have a fantastic time here no matter which part of the city you wish to explore.