You’ve looked up vacation destinations but can’t seem to discover the one that suits your wandering spirit. Hold on a second—there is one great vacation place that may meet all of your requirements and desires while also fitting the criteria of the ideal getaway. This is the quintessential tiny town of Lexington, North Carolina.

Lexington is perhaps one of America’s hidden treasures. It was founded in the early 1770s and is located around 20 miles south of Winston-Salem. Whether it is politics, history, tranquil nature, or a cordial environment, there are a plethora of aspects that make this town a vacation-worthy destination. It has everything a person looks for in an ideal escape to get away from the hassles of regular life. Think of anything and you will find it in Lexington: pristine lakes, rivers, adorable tiny stores, mouth-watering food, and so on. Moreover, the fact that it houses six distinct wineries is the icing on the cake.

Thus, it’s a place with a lot to see and do. But, to make it easier for you to plan a trip here and to persuade you to come back on your next trip, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top things to do in Lexington, NC. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Things Do in Lexington, NC

1. Try Wakeboarding At Elevated Wake Park

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for fun things to do in Lexington? So, here’s the ultimate adventure and fun, the thrilling sport of wakeboarding. 

Elevated Wake Park in Lexington, NC is the region’s only full-size cable park. The park accepts users of all skill levels and offers courses and camps for anyone looking to enhance their wakeboarding game. It’s a lot of fun to try out different water activities here. If you are a beginner, you can enrol in training lessons provided by trained instructors in a separate location. The park also offers an aqua park, which is a floating playground where your children can have fun and make the most of their visit!


2. Pay A Visit To The Local Wineries

One of Lexington’s most well-known attractions is its wineries, so how could anyone miss them on a visit?

Lexington is the first legally certified wine region in North Carolina. It is home to six separate wineries. Among these six, Childress Vineyard is the largest in Lexington and the third largest in North Carolina. All of the vineyards in Lexington specialize in a diverse range of wines and serve customers a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Junius Lindsay serves dry and moderately sweet wines, whilst Weathervane serves sweet and dry wines. Moreover, Curran Alexander is primarily acclaimed for its red wines.

Weathervane also hosts live music programs and a variety of other events with a vintage feel. As a result, exploring vineyards while in Lexington is a terrific experience.

3. Treat Yourself To Delicious Barbecue

Dubbed the ‘Barbecue Capital of the world’, it’s no wonder that Lexington’s barbecue is among the best in the world.

So, if you haven’t had BBQ in Lexington, your trip will be deemed incomplete. Lexington has three distinct styles of barbecue: Lexington style, East style, and West style. The traditional Lexington-style barbeque is made entirely of pork shoulder meat and is mildly grilled on hardwood embers.

The town boasts more than 15 popular Barbecue establishments, allowing you to easily get one wherever and whenever you need. Try it; the delectable flavour of authentic Lexington barbeques will make your mouth water!

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4. Experience The Tranquility And Adventure At High Rock Lake

High Rock Lake, the second-largest lake in North Carolina, was constructed in 1929 and is known for offering a lovely fusion of peacefulness and excitement. Hence this place deserves to be explored.

The lake offers various activities throughout the year such as fishing, canoeing, jet skiing, and much more. Apart from participating in these activities, you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature by sitting near the lake. There are also superb swimming spots at High Rock, the best-known ones are Pebble Beach and Buddle Creek. 

5. Get Familiar With The History At Davidson Historical Museum

Established in 1858, this museum once served as the courthouse of the city. Now it showcases the vibrant history of the town through its wonderful and unique collections. It has been designed to educate visitors about the rich culture and heritage of Davison County and hence has been named so. The majority of the artefacts in the museum are organized thematically. One of the big sights here is a historic courthouse that is outfitted exactly as it would have been in the 1920s.

The museum is free to visit and open from Tuesday to Saturday.

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6. Try Hiking At Boone’s Cave Park

Boone’s Cave Park is a tranquil haven sprawled across 120 acres of area. About 7.5 miles of hiking trails in the park lead you through lush hardwood forests and along the Yadkin River. The star highlight here is a 14 feet deep cave that is thought to have been Daniel Boone’s family dwelling in the late 1700s. Since the cave is so deep, some sections need crawling to gain access.

So, if you are an adventure lover and don’t mind taking up challenging excursions this nature route is for you. Furthermore, if you want to spend the night gazing at the stars, the cave park has several picturesque campsites available on registration. 

However, if you don’t want to get inside the cave, you can also plan a picnic and enjoy nature.

7. Get Souvenirs Home By Going Shopping In Uptown

No trip is complete without shopping, and the trip to Lexington will be no exception. So go shopping in Uptown and browse the local stores for great stuff.

You may easily stroll around these stores and get the local specialities. Uptown contains about 190 retail establishments, including artist galleries, boutiques, and contemporary eateries. You can also find a variety of handcrafted items here. You can also buy some really lovely outfits and gowns!

From long-standing establishments to a new generation of entrepreneurs, the Uptown district has evolved into a shopping heaven for tourists. Thus, it’s a must-visit for shopaholics.

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8. Treat Your Sweet Tooth At The Candy Factory

If you want to treat your sweet tooth then, the candy factory in Lexington is just for you. The Candy Factory is housed within the Lexington Hardware building in Uptown and stands out for exuding a lovely vintage vibe.

As soon as you walk inside the factory, you will be greeted with the delectable aromas of chocolates and candies, which will leave you unable to resist these treats. Don’t forget to try Candy Factory’s unique red and white striped candy. Aside from this, you can also try delectable fudges and chocolates.

9. Be A Part Of The Local Festivals

Lexington is a bustling town with year-round activities and festivals. 

One of the most awaited events here is the Barbecue Festival. It is regarded as one of the top ten food events in the United States, not just in Lexington. The ritual of this festival began from the year 1984 and continues today. Every year in October, the celebration attracts around 2 lakh visitors. 

The NC Tribute Festival is another fantastic event that is happening here in Lexington. This event pays tribute to Elvis Presley by seeking to bring together several artists to contest and perform. This festival is held in April every year. 

So, if you are planning a trip to Lexington, don’t miss out on these festivals!

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10. Pay A Visit To RCR Museum And Gift Shop

Richard Childress is a well-known racing car driver and the owner of Richard Childress Racing, one of NASCAR’s most illustrious teams.

The RCR museum, which is located on the Richard Childress Racing site, provides information about Mr Childress’ career and the history of the progression of his team.

It unfolds the history of NASCAR’s famous teams and drivers. It tells the entire tale of Richard Childress’s early days. As a result, it is an ideal location for history buffs to discover Lexington, NC.

Take a Trail around Boone’s Cave Park


Final Words

Simply told, the small town of Lexington is a fantastic spot with several things to do and see. There are notable eateries, great cocktails, and other enjoyable things to do here. The ones we’ve mentioned above are the things that you shouldn’t miss by any chance. If you are planning a trip, you can certainly explore more things besides the ones listed above.

Finally, we can’t leave Lexington without mentioning its amazing people. The inhabitants are warm and welcoming. These are the individuals who have denied letting their town become just another unsuccessful tourist destination.