10 Best Things to Do in Greer AZ

Greer, Arizona’s tallest town, is a gorgeous and unique treasure in Eastern Arizona. This small town nestled among the White Mountains lies at an elevation of 8500 feet. The beauty of the town is further accentuated by the Little Colorado River, which runs through it. 

Greer is also known as “Winter Wonderland” because of the snow layer that covers the entire town in the winter. As a result, the best time to visit here is between November and March. Snowshoeing, sledding, snow tubing, snowboarding, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing are among the activities that attract visitors here from all over the world.

If you’re visiting with children, don’t forget to try your hand at crafting snow angels!

There are numerous things to discover about this location. But one thing is certain: after visiting here, you will have a bucket full of memories and photographs in your camera to cherish for the rest of your life.

If you are planning a vacation and want to know what are the coolest things to do in Greer AZ here is a comprehensive guide to this tranquil location.

1. Hike the trails and enjoy the scenery

Hiking is one of the most challenging yet rewarding pursuits for anyone. Those who enjoy the idea of trekking along the road can do so in Greer, Arizona.

There are numerous trails available to you here, and not all of them are to be covered on foot. You can also go for bike and equestrian rides, or simply wander along the roads and discover other outdoor activities. Greer is bordered by the Apache National Forest, and thus there are several paths to trek and appreciate the surrounding wildlife. There are also paths that will show you both history and nature at the same time for a genuinely unique experience.

Some of the top trails in Greer are Pelham Mill Park, Pole Knoll, Greer City Loop, and Butler Canyon.

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2. Zip Line Tour At Sunrise Ski Resort

Zip lining is an exciting and adventure-filled activity that would give you a rush like never before. Greer is well-known for its zip-line activities, particularly at Sunrise Ski Park. This is one of the best things to do in Greer, AZ.

Sunrise Ski Park is a Zip and Aerial adventure park popular among people for offering the longest zip line tour in Arizona. Book your tickets and soar to the sky to catch breathtaking views of tall pine trees and experiences to last a lifetime. In addition to the zip line, Sunrise Park also offers skiing and snow tubing. So, once here you can indulge in several activities. However, be sure you take out a complete day to experience the thrill here at Sunrise Ski Park.

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3. Go Fishing

Have you wondered what it would be like to go fishing with your family? Well, one of the best things to do in Greer is fishing, and believe me, you’d enjoy it.

The East Arizonian city, Greer is home to several pristine reservoirs, lakes, and streams, making it a fisherman’s paradise. People of all skill levels, whether novice or expert, come here to indulge in the activity and spend valuable time with their families. The best times for fishing in this area are in the fall, summer, and spring. That is when the trip will provide you with some wonderful experiences.

Before you go fishing, keep in mind that you need to obtain a fishing license, which is simple to obtain.

4. Take A Closer Look At Wildlife

Greer is not only a place where you can build snowmen, but you can also spend time with the wildlife. This city is located in the heart of the world’s largest forest of ponderosa pine trees. When you visit, you can explore the wildlife area surrounding White Mountain Grasslands and begin spotting animals. You may encounter deer, elk, red foxes, Abert squirrels, porcupines, black bears, and many other species. With enormous views unobstructed by trees, you are also urged to explore the twisting trails that lead to breathtaking slopes, juniper woodland, ponds, and expansive meadows.

Remember to bring your camera and binoculars to capture these wonderful events.

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5. Enjoy Bird Watching

Greer, Arizona is home to a rich assortment of birds in addition to wildlife. Greer, in fact, is known for offering some of the best bird-watching options. It is a popular destination for bird watchers from across the country.

Greer, being a hilly town, has a great atmosphere and weather. This makes it a great habitat for all bird species, whether permanent inhabitants or migratory.

There are owls, western bluebirds, American dippers, osprey, and other birds to be seen. It is one of Greer’s most tranquil activities. You could consider visiting Greer Lodge Resort or Rolfe C. Hoyer Campground to observe several bird species.

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6. Butterfly Lodge Museum

Regardless of wherever we are traveling, one thing that is always a part of our to-do list is learning about the history of that place. Greer’s heritage Museum is like a kaleidoscope for the city’s backdrop. 

This historical lodge depicts the lives of two notable people: famed writer James Willard Schulz and his son, artist, Hart Merriam Schulz (nicknamed Lone Wolf).

It is located where initially a hunting cabin was built by John Butler for James W. Schultz. and helps you learn whatever you want to know about the creative works of this father-son duo. 


7. Molly Butler Lodge & Restaurant

This is Arizona’s oldest lodge and that’s why it is a part of Greer’s history. 

The Molly Butler restaurant greets its guests with delectable home-cooked dishes that are simply irresistible. There is also a pub and bar for guests who wish to kick back and relax. The restaurant offers a glimpse of the scenic valley due to its location on the city’s main street.

On occasion, the restaurant also hosts live music, which enhances the whole dining experience in this quaint establishment.

8. Horseback Riding At X Diamond Ranch 

Hardly anything beats the exhilarating experience of horse riding!

Imagine riding a horse in the white mountains! The idea is so beautiful and the experience is even better. Greer offers you an exclusive opportunity to enjoy horse riding at various ranches. There is an X Diamond ranch that is 30 mins away from the main city. It is where you would get the true experience of living in the moment. Take your kids to join the ride and spend some amazing time together!

Imagine riding a horse through the white mountains!

9. Rendezvous Diner- A Mountain Restaurant

We have another eating joint on our list. Rendezvous Diner has been one of the favourites for every visitor and local. Its delectable meals and quirky interior are what act as attraction points. This place was set up in 1909 and is still going strong. The owners believe in giving you home meals away from your city. You can enjoy sandwiches, burgers, and soups here.

10. Experience Thrill of Boating

Experience the rush of lakes with boating. You can visit Lee Valley Lake which sits at a height of 9,420 ft. over the sea level. Since it is a little distant from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’d feel the tranquillity and satisfaction that this place has to offer.

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Some Other Important Things You Need To Discover About Greer, AZ

  • One of Greer’s most famous tourist spots, Sunrise Skiing Park, is open from Thanksgiving to Easter. So, if you’re planning such events, make sure to get your tickets in advance.
  • Those who want to capture glimpses of wildlife should head to the Greer Valley Meadow. There are two rivers and an abundance of wildlife. Elk and deer often come out by late afternoon where they play and spend some time.
  • Not only humans but also birds, travel long distances to spend time in Greer. You’d see migrating birds like Canadian eagles who travel 2,000 miles to arrive here.
  • Skygazing is one of the most popular activities here. Owing to the absence of a high altitude and clear sky with no city light; this is where you can sit all night and look at the stars. It is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your partner.
  • Greer Lodge, which is the main choice for every tourist was initially built as a spiritual retreat place. If you visit there, you’d still feel that calm and peaceful aura that cannot be found in city life.
  • Greer’s Day is an annual event that was first celebrated in 1979. It marked the completion of 100 years for the city and there were plenty of rides, food, and barn dance. It was so popular that the event is still hosted to continue feeling those happy spirits.

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The Parting Words

If you are thinking about where to visit for a peaceful and rejuvenating time, there is nothing better than this white mountain place. Greer would give you an experience that you’d share for years to come. You can enjoy nature, adventure activities, food, and much more here!