9 Best Things to Do in McAlester Ok

The charming city of McAlester in Oklahoma is located in the heart of Pittsburg County and boasts a diverse range of activities and attractions for tourists to explore. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a history buff or a die-hard foodie, you will find plenty of places to visit and explore that will make your visit a memorable one. 

Enjoy a Gaming Session at Choctaw Casino-McAlester

Choctaw Casino in McAlester is a very popular gaming destination that mingles excitement, thrill, and entertainment. Whether you are a pro gamer or are simply looking to while away your time while you are in the city, Choctaw Casino will be the ideal place to visit. There is a vast array of gaming options available ranging from classic slot machines to table games.

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If you are lucky, you might even win a jackpot in the slot machine. The casino also hosts live music performances and stand-up comedies to keep the visitors thoroughly engaged and provide them with an enjoyable experience. A range of culinary options is also available at the cafes in the casino. Munch on your favorite meal or snack after an intense gaming session and have a fun-filled day at Choctaw Casino. 

Savor Finest Wines at Whispering Meadows Winery 

Want to know about the art of winemaking? Visit the lush vineyards of Whispering Meadows Winery. This place is tucked away from the hustle of the city and provides visitors with a unique experience where they can indulge themselves in the process of winemaking. The winery with its welcoming ambiance and warm hospitality has quickly become a popular spot for visitors to reconnect with nature while savoring exquisite wines. A variety of flavors are available from red wines to white wines, you will definitely find something to match your palate. Savor their handcrafted wine and enjoy the local flavors. 

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Visit Urban Wineworks for an Interesting Twist on Traditional Winemaking

At Urban Wineworks, the classic winemaking process comes with a modern twist. Located in a contemporary urban area, this winery ensures that wine enthusiasts have a unique experience. With their daring experimentation and passion, Urban Wineworks has curated a classic collection of the finest wines to suit every palate. The workshops and events hosted at Urban Wineworks provide insight into the art of winemaking.

The staff have a wealth of knowledge about their wine offerings and can even provide you with recommendations on the basis of your taste palate. What sets Urban Wineworks apart from other wineries is its commitment to sustainability. They use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible for making wine, which will provide you with a burst of unique flavors and provide you with an amazing tasting experience.

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Taste Some Exceptional Beers at BierKraft

If you are a beer enthusiast and are looking for exceptional and unique flavors, then you must visit Bierkraft. There is a wide range of brews available to choose from depending on your taste. Even the staff at BierKraft come with a wealth of knowledge about the brews and flavors that they offer. You can even ask them for recommendations on the basis of your preferences. With its rustic interior and special interior décor, the establishment creates a warm and welcoming ambiance for its guests. Furthermore, BierKraft hosts regular tasting events when they release new flavors.

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Watch a Theatrical Performance at McAlester’s Okla Theater 

McAlester’s Okla Theater 
25or6to4, CC via Wikimedia Commons

As soon as you enter McAlester Theater, you will be hit by a sense of nostalgia that will remind you of a bygone era. The Okla Theatre is an iconic landmark in the city of McAlester. It is the oldest running theater which had originally been constructed as a vaudeville house. The architectural style of the theater is a classic Art Deco with some Neo-classical elements.

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A wide array of events and performances can be watched in the theater which is why the locals regard the theater to be the hub of entertainment. From film screenings to community events- the theater caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The theater stands as a testament to the rich history of Oklahoma.

Witness Exceptional Fireworks at Great Balls of Fire

The display of fireworks that happens annually in McAlester is a spectacular event for both the locals and the visitors. Great Balls of Fire showcases pyrotechnic artistry that attracts people from far and wide every year. It is held every year in the picturesque Chadick Park which is famous for its natural beauty and greenery. Visitors from all walks of life gather together to witness how the array of fireworks light up the night sky. The event becomes a treat to the visual and the sensory experience. Local residents, visitors, and travelers gather before the show and a strong sense of community is fostered through the event. 

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Watch a Movie at Apex Cinema 

Apex Cinema offers a visual treat to regular moviegoers. If you are a movie buff residing in McAlester or visiting the city you must visit the theater. Apex Cinema would go the extra mile to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. With its plush seating, sufficient legroom, and capacious auditorium, you will be able to get that luxurious feel while you watch the movie. A wide range of movies are played in the theatre, which appeals to different tastes and preferences. With its top-notch projection screens, state of the art sound systems, the theatre provides an excellent cinematic experience.

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Experience Timeless Elegance at the McAlester Scottish Rite Masonic Center 

The Scottish Rite Masonic Center in McAlester had been founded in 1909, with the aim of fostering intellectual enlightenment, philanthropy, and moral education. The marvelous architecture of this center has been captivating visitors ever since its inception. Constructed in a typical neoclassical style, the interior exudes a fascinating timeless charm. By propagating Masonic principles, the center aims to bring about personal development and interest in community services among the members.  The legacy of Freemasonry has been preserved by the Center. The Center is steeped in rich history which is evident through the artifacts, memorabilia, and documents featured there, highlighting the offerings and impact of Masonic lodges on the city.

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Witness the Cultural Heritage of McAlester at The Enchanting Garrard Ardeneum 

The Garrard Ardeneum is a historic mansion which had eventually transformed into a museum. This iconic landmark has been able to successfully preserve the rich cultural heritage of the city. The architectural style is a combination of Neoclassical and Victorian elements. The interior exudes a sense of elegance in every nook and cranny. The mansion has been used for a variety of reasons for the community like an abode, and a place for social gathering, among others. The place features a wide array of artifacts and documents that highlights the growth of the city over the years. If you are a history enthusiast, this place should be on your must-visit list.

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What strikes the most about McAlester as a city is its warm hospitality and sense of community. Whether you are a visitor or a local the city will embrace you with open arms and you will be able to enjoy a plethora of activities and experiences that will be etched in your heart forever.