Best Things to Do in Hazleton PA

Hazleton is a city that is steeped in rich history, cultural heritage, and a thriving sense of communal feelings. The city had originally been a clumsy settlement; however, the unearthing of anthracite deposits nearby completely changed the fate of this city as it slowly gained the stature of a flourishing mining town. At present, the city is an abode to more than 24,000 people, who have been making full use of the opportunities that the city brings with itself, in every sphere of their life. 

What attracts many visitors to this city is its cultural heritage. The historic district of the city is filled with eye-catching homes bringing back the vibes of the Victorian era. Quaint little shops and restaurants along with galleries and museums are like a window to the rich past of this district. In this blog, we will take a look at all the things that you can do while you are in the city. 


Head over to POCONOS Skydivers for an exhilarating adventure

If you are in love with thrills and adventures, then POCNOS Skydiving should be on the must-visit list for you. This skydiving center has been family-owned and has been successfully running for over 30 years in Hazleton. The skydive will be an event to remember not just for the thrill and adventure of it, but also because of the spectacular view of the POCONOS mountains and nature that it presents. All the skydivers are given elaborate instructions about the equipment and their safety during the jump. A licensed instructor is designated to take care of every aspect related to the jump so you don’t have to worry about your safety. 


Roll in Fun at the Strand Roller Rink

To make the most of your afternoons and evenings in Hazleton, don’t forget to take a tour of the Strand Roller Rink. With its retro décor, neon lights, and a disco light hanging from the ceiling, you would get a perfect party vibe. The rink offers an ample amount of space for skaters of all levels. People even visit the place for socializing and throwing parties. The rink is also a hub of DJ nights and live music events where people gather together for a fun time in the city. The Strand Roller Rink also supports charitable causes and organizes fundraisers from time to time for the same. 


Find Your Booze Haven at Conygham Brewing Company

The Conygham Brewing Company is a craft brewery that has been frequented by beer lovers ever since its foundation in 2016. This place has a snug taproom where the visitors can have a chill time enjoying their beer enjoying the accommodating atmosphere of the place. The brewery also features an outdoor garden which is beautifully decorated with tables, chairs, and umbrellas. One of the unique things about this place is its contribution towards a sustainable future. The brewery uses a solar-powered system for generating electricity and also makes a hefty donation of the yeast that it spends to a local farm for composting. 


Explore the Legacy of the Coal Mines at the Museum

If you are a history enthusiast then the Greater Hazleton Historical Society and Museum is just the right place for you. The museum has an array of exhibits on coal mines which sheds light on the history of these mines as well as the people who worked in them. These coal mines in Hazleton had been operational during the early 20th Century. The recreated coal mine in the museum attracts a large number of visitors to this place every year. By making the visitors go through a simulation of the underground mines, the museum has been able to create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

For the Ultimate Adventure, Visit the Whitewater Challengers

If thrill and adventure excite you, then Whitewater Challengers is the place you need to go to. This outdoor adventure company has established its legacy in Hazleton, PA with over 40 years of successful run in its business. Maximum visitors book their Whitewater rafting trips where they take you on a rafting trip in the Lehigh River. The instructors and guides of this company are well-trained and share their knowledge to ensure that you have a safe and fun trip. Apart from this, there are many other exciting activities offered by the Whitewater Challengers like kayaking and camping. They provide all the necessary equipment that you will need for these trips. To feed your adventurous soul, ensure that you’re making the most out of these trips and creating memories. 


Take a Walk Around the Heritage Mining Town at Eckley Miner’s Village

Eckley Miner’s Village is a museum that is owned and operated by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. This place offers a window to the day-to-day lives of the coal miners along with their families during the 19th and 20th centuries. This village had once been a busy coal town which housed a population of over 1500 people. Today, through a tour of this village people get to know about the rich history and heritage of this region and the coal mine workers. If you want to have a peek into the industrial history of the city, then this place should be on your must-visit list. 


Connect with Local Farmers and Artisans at Hometown Farmer’s Market

Hazleton PA, boasts of its rich farm produces and handicrafts which are all available at the Hometown Farmer’s Market. What attracts a good number of visitors to this place is the locally-sourced fruits and vegetables that are always available in the market. You can even interact with the vendors who will provide you with all the knowledge that they have on the fresh produces available in the market. When the market started in the early 1900s it comprised of the local farmers who sold their produces to the residents of the city. With the passage of time, the market witnessed an enormous growth in size and popularity and today it is considered to be one of the biggest markets in this area. 


Go for a Theatre Show at The Pennsylvania Theatre of Performing Arts

The Pennsylvania Theatre of Performing Arts (PTPA) was founded in 2004 and has ever since been presenting high-quality theatrical productions through which it aims to inspire and educate the audience at large. PTPA showcases a wide array of shows every season which includes musicals, plays, and productions specifically for children. The organization acts as a pedestal to promote local talents and often the local residents of the city are seen featured in the productions. The venue has a seating arrangement for up to 400 sponsors. The annual “Broadway in the Valley” concert organized by PTPA is one of the famous productions featuring songs from Broadway shows performed by local musicians.

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Visit the Transport Hub of the Local Community- Hazleton Municipal Airport

The Hazleton Municipal Airport has been the base transport hub of the local community for decades. Not only does it perform the function of connecting the local residents to the rest of the world but also it plays a crucial role in the promotion of economic growth of that area. Ever since its establishment in 1935, the airport has been renovated multiple times and now it offers a wide range of services with regards to aviation to the pilots as well as the passengers. The airport is situated at a convenient location, being just a short drive from Hazleton downtown. Therefore, one of the main benefits of this airport is its easy accessibility. 

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Let Nostalgia Drive You Back in Time While Dining at the Top of the ’80s

Top of the 80’s is an iconic eatery in Hazleton PA. Being situated on the top of the mountains, it offers spectacular views of the valleys beneath. The whole atmosphere with the décor and ambiance will transport you back in time, straight to the 80s, when America was undergoing transformation. The eatery is not just known for its retro vibes, it also serves delectable meals to its guests. The restaurant has curated the choicest menu which is filled with classic American cuisine. The guests are particularly fond of the Colossal Crabtini in which crabmeat is served with lemon and in-house cocktail sauce. 


For Epic Water Adventures, Head Over to Jim Thorpe River Adventures

The Jim Thorpe River Adventures in Hazleton PA has been operating for quite a while in the beautiful Lehigh River. They include a lot of fun water activities like rafting, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Although challenging, these activities are actually fun-packed and will provide you with a lifetime experience. If you are a beginner, then you can go for guided trips where your safety will be in the hands of well-trained and certified guides. In addition to these water sports, Jim Thrope River Adventures are also known for its hiking and biking tours, where you will be able to go along the splendid Lehigh Gorge Trail, which is known for its scenic beauty. 



Hazleton PA has been considered a hidden gem in Northeast Pennsylvania which is packed with a wide range of activities and attractions. Whether you are a history enthusiast or an adventure lover, this city will have something in store for you. You can also spend a relaxing weekend trip without doing much, by just soaking in the natural beauty that this city offers.