If you’re seeking for a wonderful vacation this season, Sherman, Texas, is a must-see. Reveling in the splendor of natural bliss, culture, history and adventure, this city has something for everyone.  This vibrant downtown will definitely please anyone who is looking to escape the humdrum of daily life and want to have a good time enjoying themselves fully. 

Despite being a modern metropolis, this place retains an old-world charm. It was founded in 1846 and had played a key role in the American Civil War. Earlier, Sherman used to be a hub for the region’s agriculture and railroad sectors, thus it has got a lot of historical significance in Texas.

So, if you’re looking for some amazing and fantastic things to do in Sherman Texas, here are the top ranked ones to help you have the pleasant time that you’ve been looking for. Keep reading!

1. Board & Brush

Want to unleash your creative side? Make sure to pay a visit to Board and Brush! At this creative studio, you can learn to create stunning wood décor and discover new creative methods to bring out your inner artist! Learning art at Board and Brush will be a breeze since the team here is extremely kind and competent, with the ability to bring out the best in individuals.

Want more? You may also receive a complimentary drink here, keeping your stomach satisfied. 

Plan a day with your friends and family, and we are confident you will not be disappointed. This is definitely a creative and artistic experience for individuals wishing to develop their artsy side!


2. Sherman Jazz Museum

Do you love jazz music? If you nodded, then this place is perfect for you. 

Sherman Jazz Museum is a destination for folks who just enjoy jazz music! The Sherman Museum strives to conserve, educate, and impart the love of jazz to people by celebrating the impact and influence that jazz music has made on American society. 

Enriched with a strong music history, the museum features the best record collection of the jazz artifacts and memorabilia. 

But what makes this place unique? Thanks to the superb jazz records of top musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Maynard Ferguson, Doc Severinsen, and many others that are preserved! Many visitors experience nostalgia as they explore these displays. A visit to the Jazz Museum in Sherman, TX is a must for everyone who aspires to be a lifetime jazz enthusiast or is already a fan of the genre!


3. Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery

They say you can make your own pasta at the popular hub, Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery! Yes, you just heard that right!

Just fill in your favorite toppings and you’re done! Well, this place has much more to offer than food. Cellarman’s has been serving the best and most diversified selection of beers since 1998, and we are confident that once you visit, you will want to return again and again. 

All of the beers are handcrafted with attention to detail, flavors, and quality. Furthermore, stone-baked pizzas and burgers are must-tries for foodies. Besides, you may have fun trying the wines and other cocktails that are exclusive to the Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery!

4. Cinemark 339

If you love all things movies, then head over to Cinemark339 theater. Located in the heart of the town, the Cinemark 339 showcases the trending and sought after movies in a setting that is both exquisite and comfortable.

So, if you can’t miss your favorite movies while on a vacation, visit Cinemark 339. This place offers a friendly aura with the best meals available for cinema lovers. Chill and relax with your friends and family and enjoy Sherman’s all-time favorite theater hall!

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5. Kelly Square

Michael Barera, CC via Wikimedia Commons
Michael Barera, CC via Wikimedia Commons

How can one avoid shopping while on a tour? And this is the reason why you ought to visit Kelly Square. With a variety of locally owned shops, boutiques, and stores selling antiques, souvenirs, and other items, this is the right spot to explore for shopaholics in Sherman. We are certain that you will have a pleasurable shopping experience here. If you are a jewelry lover, you can also find extraordinary pieces here. 

Lastly, don’t forget to pay a visit to some of the top eateries and cafés along the way!

6. Harber Wildlife Museum

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, pay a visit to the Harber Wildlife Museum. Without having to actually visit the Safari, here you will be able to have a close encounter with wildlife. This museum, which houses a variety of large creatures, exudes a different degree of sophistication. From lions to giraffes to antelopes, the museum is recognized for having the most comprehensive collection of big game animals anywhere in the world. Everyone, from youngsters to nature lovers, enjoys exploring this place. As you wander around the museum, you will learn a variety of interesting information about the animals on display.

Besides, the museum also includes a library, displays, waterfalls, conference room etc. 

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7. Downtown Escape Rooms

If you’re a puzzle lover, make sure to visit the Downtown Escape Rooms! 

This is a perfect destination to spend a day with your friends and family. At Escape Rooms you will have to solve a puzzle based on hidden clues. This 60 minute real-time adventure will enthrall you as well teach a lot of other life skills. As this place challenges you to solve and survive a game, the experience here will let you develop Lateral thinking . 

You may choose from the various  escape rooms like The Cabin, or The Lost Teddy Bear, etc to solve and complete different challenges. Each room has a distinctive scenario that has to be completed within a specified time limit.

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8. 903 Brewers

Want to experience the best of Sherman’s nightlife? Go grab a beer at 903 Brewers. Serving some of the greatest in-house produced award winning beers including Kilt Switch and Sasquatch Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, we’re confident you are unlikely to leave 903 anytime soon. 

Besides the brewery, this place also organizes a variety of entertaining events: live music, movie nights, bingo nights, trivia nights, and so on. To provide visitors with an amazing experience, the Brewery provides a terrific ambiance that is ideal for a supper with your fam jams. Moreover, you may also try tasty American dishes like burgers and chicken wings here. 


9. Class Antique Mall

Who doesn’t adore antiques? If you want to discover old and unusual things, grab your wallet and head over to Class Antique Mall, the ultimate vintage shopping spot! 

This National Register of Historic Places-enlisted establishment lives up to its name and reputation by selling a diverse assortment of antique products such as décor items, ornaments, collectibles, and rare Italian Renaissance furniture. The mall has around 168 different stores, so you’ll have plenty of options to shop your heart out. So, make sure to get something to remember!

10. Sherman Skateland

Hello there, skaters! Are you a member of the tribe that gets an adrenaline rush from skating? Or are you someone wanting to develop your skills while on vacation? Regardless of any scenario, visit Sherman Skateland. 

People of all ages are welcome here. Everyone, from infants to adults and even the elderly, will have the opportunity to discover their passion for skating. 

Don’t know how to skate? No worries, you can also take skating lessons here. This high-end facility boasts to have skilled professionals to guide you through your skating sessions. However, the Sherman skateland gets a lot of traffic, so make sure to reserve your space ahead of time. 

11. Outlaws Trails Museum

If you want to explore historical artifacts such as old toys, gigantic antiquities, civil war weaponry, and other antiques, make sure to visit the Outlaws Trails Museum!

Located in downtown Sherman, the Outlaws Trails Museum, showcases a unique collection dating back 181 years, enough for recreating the history of North Texas in the imaginations of visitors.  

At the museum, you may also read exciting stories about the local railroad, President Teddy Roosevelt, newspapers, and so on. Thank you to Invert and Jeanette, who own the museum and furnish it with such treasures!


12. Splash Family Aquatic Center

A vacation is never complete unless you visit a water park or take a photo of yourself soaking in the sun by a pool. So let us realize your fantasy and venture to the Splash Family Aquatic Centre.

This is a place for people of all ages. It is packed with fascinating rides, cuisines, and cafés that will keep you and your family entertained for the entire day!

The center’s recreational amenities include a drop slide, two-story water slides, a current channel, and a variety of water-based activities. For those interested in learning to swim,  Aquafit programs and lifeguard instruction are also available. 


13. Stone Creek Golf Club

Want to test your golf skills? If smiled, spend the day at Stone Creek Golf Club. 

This 7,428-yard golf course with an 18-hole championship course offers everything you need to have a fantastic gaming experience. The pleasant atmosphere of this course is bound to motivate you to play here. With views of the greens and cutting-edge field design, you’ll have a terrific time golfing here.. 

Engage in this sport to stay active while on vacation. Make preparations to travel with family and friends, and don’t forget to stop by one of the nearby cafés for a quick meal.

14. Finley Cultural Center

Finley Cultural Center is a fantastic spot to catch some outstanding theatrical performances. Featuring the incredibly talented Sherman Community Players, the Finley Cultural Centre theater hosts stage productions on a regular basis for your enjoyment. Ranging from musical plays to dramas and from melodramas to comedies, there are different genres to pick from based on your interest. 

So, don’t forget to book your tickets on their website! Visiting here is definitely going to give you a memorable experience. 

15. Painting with a Twist

If you’re searching for a fun and creative way to spend time with your family or friends, Painting with a Twist is the place to be. 

Painting with a Twist was started in 2007 under the name “Corks & Canvas” by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney to aid in the recovery process of their community following the impacts of Hurricane Katrina. However, the company has expanded rapidly since then. 

Today, it is a popular hangout for creative individuals, with over 300 franchise sites countrywide. The most appealing thing about this facility is that you can paint while sipping wine and eating delicious delicacies. 

Even if you are not a creative person, do not hesitate to visit. Painting at Twist will be effortless as step-by step instructions will be offered by skilled local artists. To unleash your inner artist and spend a day here!

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16. Sherman Museum

Michael Barera, CC via Wikimedia Commons
Michael Barera, CC via Wikimedia Commons

Incepted in the year 1976, this museum transports you back in time and immerses you in the rich history and culture of Grayson County and the surrounding Red River area. The museum is dedicated to preserving and presenting around 50, 000 artifacts of lasting significance. 

This museum, housed in the gorgeous old Sherman Public Library, one of Texas’ few remaining Carnegie Library buildings, is a must-see for history buffs. 

Off-site displays, children’s workshops, and travelling exhibits are also accessible to schools, clubs, and groups.  And if you visit during the largest exhibition of the year, Dino Days, you will be able to see life-sized skeleton displays of dinosaurs, which will provide an equally instructive and enjoyable experience for both adults and children.

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17. Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille

For an all-around entertaining experience,  Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille is an excellent pick.  

There’s so much to do here, from watching movies to bowling, eating delicious food to playing arcade games, climbing up stone cliffs to indulging in axe throwing. Thus, there are virtually limitless possibilities to enjoy. 

Over 40 games, spanning from traditional to virtual, are available at the arcade. Moreover, while playing ball, you may have delicious food and drinks served directly to your lane. The whole Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille is equipped with modern amenities in order to provide you with the finest possible experience. This location is also accessible for holding birthday celebrations for children, teens, and adults.

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Wrapping Thoughts

A vacation is more than just taking time off from work or going away from home. It’s an opportunity to learn about various cultures, travel to new locations, and make memorable experiences with family and friends. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and prepare for an incredible vacation in Sherman TX that will leave you feeling rested, inspired, and renewed!