Orlando Travel Tips that can save you thousands of dollars

Orlando is one of the top visited tourist destinations in the world and is renowned as the “Theme Park Capital of the World” for good reason. It has many well-known attractions and hidden gems, such as the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and Orlando Museum of Art. As famous a tourist spot as it is, there are still certain concerns regarding planning and visiting this place that must be considered. 

Orlando, FL, has several exciting must-visit destinations, which make up for many expenses. If you are worried about how to have a budget-friendly trip, we are here to assist you. 

We have gathered a few travel tips to help you plan a trip to Orlando without emptying your pockets! Continue reading to learn more about the tips that will save you a thousand dollars in Orlando, FL. 

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Rent a car 

The first tip for all Orlando visitors is to hire a car for their trip from the airport to their destination than taking a cab directly from the airport since cabs and Ubers charge a lot more than what they provide. 

When you land in Orlando, you will want to avoid scrolling through different apps to book a ride when tired. You can instead pre-book your ride from one of the best transportation service providers in Orlando – MacksRide Orlando Car Rental Services.

They provide premium transport services to clients from all over the globe visiting the great Walt Disney Resort directly from the airport at rates better than most other transport service providers and to several distinct locations. They charge as low as $50/hour for a vehicle and offer different vehicles with varying spaciousness depending on the number of people traveling with you. You can book a ride for the exact number of travelers so you can ride together rather than book multiple Ubers and pay hefty amounts for each. The spacious vehicles also help with carrying your luggage with ease.

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Unlike Ubers and other local cabs, MacksRide Orlando Car Rental Services hires only professional drivers who are trained rigorously to ensure they are ready for any situation that may arise. These trained drivers ensure their clients have a comfortable and safe journey – something that needs to be improved in Uber, even with their increased rates.

Overall, MacksRide Orlando Car Rental Services remains an economical option for all Orlando visitors whether they want to go to Walt Disney Resort or Universal Studios comfortably, safely and in style in cars like SUVs. Pre-book a ride here and save over a few hundred bucks on your trip from the airport to your desired spot!

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Pre-book a hotel

When visiting a famous vacation destination such as Orlando, you should make reservations for your hotel beforehand than waiting until you land. This is because most people visit during the peak seasons when tourism is at its peak, and due to increased demands, the price skyrockets too. 

Pre-booking your rooms about 3 months before your visit would be best to get the best offers and save hundreds of dollars on your accommodation. If you pre-book hotels, you will also have time to compare the hotels’ services, rankings, and charges, making choosing the ideal rooms and service packages easier.

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Additionally, opting for hotels outside theme parks would be easier on the pocket too. Hotels within the theme parks offer several perks and great energy, but they are also extremely expensive and certainly the opposite of budget-friendly. Various other options near theme parks offer incredible services and are economical. 

It has been observed that hotels near Disney World are usually cheaper than hotels near Universal Studios. Some off-park hotels are a little further from your favorite theme parks but remain the most affordable ones, making up for the distance. 

Visit off-season

In addition to handling all your accommodation before your visit, another tip to save thousands of dollars would be to visit in the off-season. Orlando, undoubtedly, is a famous spot for tourists from all over the world who mostly visit during peak summers. Plan your trip in May, September, November, and January, usually the least busy months throughout the year. 

With fewer people, you can enjoy the enchanting places that would otherwise be bustling with visitors, but you will also save a lot of money. With less demand for tourist services and activities, the prices are likely to drop, and you can take advantage of that so your pockets remain happy and filled. The hotels are cheaper, and rental car service providers are likely to charge less per day, so that you will save a significant amount on accommodation and transportation. 

Invest in a reusable water bottle.

Undoubtedly, you will be walking a lot when you are on vacation. Walking more than 500 steps throughout the day comes with an increased feeling of thirst. You will find yourself gulping down bottles on top of water bottles and other beverages. On average, one water bottle costs about $3 in theme parks. When you spend your entire day frolicking through Walt Disney or Universal Studios, you are bound to gulp down more than 3 bottles on average. 

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You can invest in a reusable water bottle to save up on the cost of your trip. You can easily refill your bottles from the several water fountains and refill spots all over the resorts and theme parks, and that too for free! 

Often, food is expensive at theme parks, too, and it is advisable to explore other cafes and restaurants outside the theme parks to go on easily in your pocket. This way, you will explore more of Orlando than just the amusement parks and enjoy the city’s local food.

Explore the hidden gems in Orlando.

People are mostly drawn to the Walt Disney Resort, Universal Studios Orlando, and SeaWorld at Orlando. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on tickets and roller coasters at these sites, but Orlando has much more to explore than these renowned destinations. 

The local markets and other fascinating places like Alaska Farms, Orlando Museums of Arts and Shingle Creek offer several different unforgettable experiences, and they certainly cost a lot less than any of the amusement parks. Apart from the famous ones, various smaller and lesser-known amusement parks in Orlando do not come with a hefty price tag, and you can have the time of your life. 

These hidden gems are also easy to travel to, and you can opt for car rentals or, as we have mentioned before, use Macks Ride Orlando Car Rental Services to reach your destination to save on transportation costs. 

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It is easy to have an unforgettable time in Orlando, FL, without compromising on your budget, and we hope you will keep our tips in mind to make the most out of your time in this fascinating city. Do your research, book your accommodation and rentals, and remember to stick to your plans, and you will be good to go! Strategic planning and implementation are crucial to having an enjoyable journey, and we are certain you will have the time of your life in Orlando. With smart planning, this city of wonders full of enchanting attractions will not let you have a dull day and will not drain your bank account! Follow our tips to unlock the secrets to saving a thousand dollars in Orlando.