8 Ways to Have a Fun Vacation at Pigeon Forge with Family

Planning a getaway with your kids can be a mix of anticipation and challenges. With numerous destinations to consider, finding the perfect spot to unwind and have a blast is not easy. If you’re seeking a vacation spot that combines awe-inspiring natural surroundings, exhilarating activities, and a dose of Southern charm, So start planning your vacation at Pigeon Forge with family and get ready to create lasting memories together.

Pigeon Forge, tucked away in the majestic Smoky Mountains, offers a variety of captivating activities that promise limitless joy and enduring memories. From outdoor pursuits to world-class recreation, this thriving city features an abundance of opportunities for a holiday to remember.

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as we reveal the top activities and experiences that will guarantee a vacation of a lifetime in this remarkable location.

Visit Dollywood:

A trip to Pigeon Forge cannot be considered complete without a spot at the famous amusement park. Dollywood is a theme park built by an eminent figure in country music. The theme park offers the ideal blend of amusement, joy, and Southern hospitality.

Buck up for an adrenaline rush as you conquer the different types of roller coasters, such as Thunderhead and the Wild Eagle, available at the park. Cool off on a hot day by plunging down water slides at Dollywood’s Splash Country water park. 

In addition to the attractions, Dollywood is known for its live entertainment that highlights the region’s rich cultural heritage. From foot-tapping bluegrass music to enthralling performances, there are a variety of performances to accommodate every taste.

Experience the Titanic Museum:

Transport yourself to a bygone era and delve into the captivating narrative of the RMS Titanic in Pigeon Forge at the mesmerizing Titanic Museum.

Upon arrival, you will receive a special pass that represents an actual passenger from the Titanic. This pass will enable you to trace the individual’s voyage and learn about their fate. 

Inside the museum, you will encounter an array of collections like interactive displays and life-sized replicas that vividly depict the historical significance of the ill-fated ship. Wander through the halls, interact with an imitation iceberg, and relish the grandeur of the ship’s iconic Grand Staircase.

Don’t forget to check out the memory wall, where the fate of each passenger is unveiled. Here, you will uncover the tales of heroism, tragedy, and survival.

Spend a day at the National Park:

Locate the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and create most of the natural wonders in Pigeon Forge. Indulge yourself in the lush forests, captivating waterfalls, and breathtaking mountain views.

Equip yourself with sturdy shoes and head on a journey along one of the park’s paths. Uncover hidden gems like Laurel Falls or venture deeper into the untamed wilderness for a secluded and immersive encounter with nature.

While hiking remains a popular choice, the park presents additional opportunities for visitors, such as observing wildlife, engaging in fishing activities, and setting up camp. Plus, embarking on scenic drives along the idyllic Cades Cove Loop Road.

Keep your camera close by, as you may come across captivating sights like white-tailed deer, black bears, and an array of bird species throughout your exploration.

For a truly extraordinary experience, take part in a program arranged by a park ranger. Permitted tourists get to delve into the park’s ecological importance, historical significance, and cultural heritage. Your kids will get to experience nature and learn more about a unique place this way.

Take a glide on the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster:

The extraordinary Alpine Coaster concealed in the core of Pigeon Forge offers a thrilling journey over exhilarating bends, curves, and descents. As you glide over this lovely region, prepare to be amazed by astonishing views of majestic mountains and luscious woods.

Some of the coasters here work both day and night, providing a one-of-a-kind experience beneath the stars. Share the thrill with family and friends since the coaster can accommodate many riders per car.

Discover Pigeon Forge snow:

Escape the summer heat or indulge in a winter wonderland experience at Pigeon Forge Snow, an indoor snow tubing park that offers year-round fun for visitors of all ages.

Grab a tube, hop on, and get ready for an exhilarating ride down the slopes. Feel the rush of the cool breeze as you slide through the snow, twisting and turning with laughter and excitement. Aside from tubing, you can also build snowmen (which you can be sure your kids will love), engage in snowball fights, or simply enjoy the whimsical ambiance of a snow-filled environment.

The best part is that the park provides all the necessary equipment, including tubes and winter clothing, so you can fully immerse yourself in the wintry fun.

Explore the Hollywood Wax Museum:

Soak yourself in the world of glitz and glamour at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge. Phase into a star-studded universe as you encounter incredibly lifelike wax figures of your favorite celebrities.

From iconic movie stars to beloved musicians and sports legends, the museum showcases an impressive collection of meticulously crafted replicas. Pose for photos alongside your favorite icons with “Hollywood” legends and marvel at the intricate details that bring these wax figures to life.

Indulge in Southern cuisine:

Pigeon Forge is not only a feast for the sights but also for the taste buds. The town boasts a culinary scene that celebrates the rich flavors of Southern cuisine. Treat yourself to mouthwatering barbecue, where tender smoked meats are slathered in tangy sauces. Sample traditional comfort foods like fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens, prepared with love and passed-down recipes. Don’t miss the chance to savor freshly baked biscuits drizzled with warm honey or paired with gravy. 

Shop till you drop:

Pigeon Forge is a shopper’s paradise, offering various retail destinations to explore. Whether you’re searching for unique souvenirs or looking to indulge in some retail therapy, you’ll find plenty of options.

Visit the outlet malls, where you can discover brand-name stores offering discounted prices on clothing, accessories, and home goods. Or explore the specialty shops, where you’ll find local artisans showcasing their craftsmanship, from handmade jewelry to intricate woodwork.

Stop by the Old Mill District, known for its charming shops housed in historic buildings. Here, you can browse through delightful stores offering everything from gourmet treats to pottery and artwork.



Pigeon Forge is a place with many activities and sites that are good for families. From the beautiful view of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the thrills at Dollywood, there are tons of specialties to do with your family.