Zambia – The Gift of Nature

Africa is a big continent which is really popular for diverse terrain, exquisite wildlife and its beautiful climate conditions. Zambia is one of its beautiful countries which contain very different wildlife and biodiversity respectively to its different climate conditions. Today we are going to discuss Zambia which contributes to making it a perfect place to travel. There are four countries in its southern region to explore which are popular for their tourism .Zambia is a southern African country with charming falls and a serious list of beautiful destinations. It has seventeen magnificent waterfalls along with Victoria waterfalls and in Zambia you will get the finest safari experience of your life. Zambia has its own charm of wildlife and thrilling activities which can make your vacation worthwhile.

Four interesting places to explore in Zambia


Livingstone is the oldest and very popular city in the southern area which used to be the capital of Zambia and now Lusaka became the capital .This can be an overwhelming experience to witness wildlife in its natural atmosphere by following different adventurous sports. Victoria Falls gives you a breathtaking view of falls which makes the tropical garden around it a heavenly treat. This waterfall is so perfect that you don’t want to ignore this gem. You can witness a big clear rainbow over it if you’re lucky.


Kasama is situated in Africa in its northern province. The Lake Tanganyika and very famous Central southern African plateau is here only. There are five major rivers in this city which named as Chambeshi, Luombe ,Lukulu ,Lusaka and Lubansenshi flow from here only . So Kalama is the city of waterfalls, rivers, valleys and lakes which makes it a best city to add in your future destinations.


Lusaka is the capital of Zambia which has a well developed network of highways which make it accessible from each part of the country. Lake Kariba is situated in the outskirts of Lusaka which makes it a weekend getaway where you can enjoy boating. Lusaka national park, Chaminuka Game Reserves and Kalimba reptile Park are worth visiting while in Zambia.

South Luangwa National Park

This park is famous as South Park and well known for its world class maintenance of wildlife sanctuary. South Park is the home for several birds and animals such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants, zebras, Buffalos and Thirnicroft’s giraffes.

Versatile wildlife, different biodiversity, beautiful nature life and for luxury tours this can be your dream destination for future. Zambia warmly welcomes you with open heart to its friendly culture and rich heritage to gain an experience of lifetime.