Jamaica -The tropical treat of Caribbean 

Jamaica is well-known for its sparkling sunrise and sea swallow evenings. Visiting Caribbean countries can be quite an experience in itself because of their rich fauna and Flore and exquisite golden beaches. But today we are discussing this country with most alluring beaches and god gifted biodiversity. Jamaica is the third largest island country of the Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus found it as the most beautiful island when he first sighted it and named it Santiago. But the original name remained the same as Jamaica, like before. Kingston is the national capital of Jamaica and famous for its natural Harbour. The people around here are well-known for their culture, their welcoming nature and rich heritage which can be seen all around the place.

Five main attraction of Jamaica 

Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs

This place is also known as seven mile beach which is popular for its white sand and turquoise beaches and surrounded by Negril cliff. This place has groves of coconut palm all over which made it more pleasant. All famous resorts and water sports activities are available to explore. Negril cliffs are unforgettable for its panoramic sunsets.

Martha Brae River

This is the romantic getaway for couples for their relaxing time. Rafting is the main sport where you can explore this river and its flora and fauna with the local guides on their bamboo rafts.

Blue & John Crow mountain National park

This National Park offers a wide variety of flora. You absolutely need to visit this place for its breathtaking scenic beauty, its rainfall, the well preserved jungle, Blue Mountains and their coffee plantation. If you are a wildlife lover then this place feels like heaven for its impressive 200 species of birds. This is the largest butterfly park. The high range mountains make this place adventurous for hiking.

Blue hole, Ocho Rios

Blue hole is the hidden gem of Ocho Rios which provides you with a series of dreamy blue waterholes which are made by numerous cascades. Your local guide can lead you to this place where you can explore the cliff jumping experience from the highest fall.

Reach falls

This is the peaceful place where you explore underwater caves, and swim in fern-filled water bodies surrounded by rich rainforest or you can spend your day while watching and listening to the beautiful music of Reach falls.

These are just five places we discussed today, but there are lots of places to discover while in Jamaica and enjoy for the rest of your trip.