Montenegro – Small Paradise of Europe

Montenegro has become a beautiful destination for tourism over the years. Montenegro shows versatility in their climate conditions respectively to the different areas. This is situated in southeastern Europe in the Balkans. There is the Adriatic Sea in the west which borders many countries like Croatia and Bosnia. In the southern area of the coastal region you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate like having beautiful summers and soft rainy winters. The Central and Northern regions have warm weather which elevates gradually. Montenegro has beautiful mountains which receive the highest amount of rainfall in all of Europe. So Montenegro has all the scenic aesthetics to behold people.

Podgorica is the capital and the largest city with its beautiful architecture to explore. But I am going to enlighten you about the best five spots worth visiting in Montenegro.

Biogradska Gora & Durmitor National Parks 

In central Montenegro, Biogradska National Park is distributed between Tara and the Lim River. You found yourselves between shiny lakes, transparent streams and a lush green environment. This National Park has the greatest biodiversity in its flora and fauna which makes it a must visit place. Durmitor National Park is situated in the mountain village of Zabljak  in the Dinaric Alps . This is a dense forest with 18 glacial lakes. The most famous sport attraction is skiing and snowboarding in winters and rafting and camping in summers.

Mount Lovcen

Mount Lovcen is famous for its panoramic views from its circular viewing platforms where you find yourself surrounded by the city of kotor, other hills and Bay of Kotor.


Perast is a beautiful small town worth mentioning for its historic churches and stone crafted villas which are present in the northwest of Kotor. Two of its famous chapels Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George is situated here. The stone jetty waterfront is popular for sunbathing and relaxing.


If you are a beach lover then budva is going to be in your favorite places list because of its breathtaking beaches. This city has a vibrant nightlife and relaxing days.


This is the very best preserved medieval city situated on the Adriatic coast. This city carries a lot of different architectural reflection due to its different rulers which makes it a unique place to discover its historic significance along with its ravishing beauty of surrounding hills and Bay of kotor.

Montenegro has lots to offer and you can plan a budget friendly trip there by yourselves. Although it is a tiny country, it has two airports, one in its capital Podgorica and another one in the coastal area Tivat. Otherwise you can reach Montenegro from Dubrovnik Croatia which just takes 20 min.