wetime, the future of travel planning with ai .

Recently, I came across a Belgian travel startup called Wetime.eu that is using cutting-edge machine learning and AI algorithms to help travelers plan unforgettable trips with ease. What sets Wetime.eu apart is its intuitive interface that allows users to plan their entire trip with just four easy inputs. After selecting the type of group, budget, … Read more

5 Tips to Keep Your Body Moving This Winter

Most people tend to gain weight during the winter for a variety of reasons. Many of the activities you used to enjoy may be off-limits when there’s snow on the ground. You may be tempted to stay in all day when the cold starts to set in, but all that time indoors can leave your … Read more

How Online Hotel Payment Platforms Protect Travel Agents Commission

Businesses and individuals face challenges in finding the best travel deals due to the abundance of options available on the internet.  Many companies use travel management companies (TMCs) to overcome this challenge since they offer the best prices through their established relationships with hotels worldwide. Travel management companies (TMCs) earn money by serving as intermediaries … Read more

How to increase your earnings as a delivery driver

Delivery drivers are on the front lines of many businesses, providing an essential service for customers who rely on them to receive their goods and services in a timely fashion. As such, delivery drivers can make great money if they know how to maximize their earnings potential.  This article will decipher some tips that delivery … Read more

Why You Need Professionals When You Move

Whether it is a residential or commercial move, you need to engage professional movers when relocating. This is because moving household or office stuffs from one location to another is an overwhelming task. Moreover, contracting professional movers is crucial for a local or long-distance relocation. Since they are experts, they ensure the process is stress-free … Read more

Coming Out in A Perfectly Imperfect World

In this 21st century, most of us pursue lives that are not led on our terms but are dual. With such an advanced connection with the outer world, we are always sharing almost everything around us. The irony is that although we pretend as if we are an open book but it has turned opposite … Read more