What Is Typically Included In An African Safari Tour

What would you consider the quintessential African safari tour experience? What comes to mind when picturing yourself on an awe-inspiring wildlife adventure in Africa? For most people, African safari tours consist of days and nights spent camping out under the stars in some of the world’s most remote and breathtaking locations, all while tracking lions, elephants, and other iconic creatures.

However, there is more to a typical safari than roughing it in the bush. This blog post will look at what is usually included in an African safari tour package. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or have been on safari, read on to find out what to expect during your next animal-viewing expedition.

Accommodation With Full Board

One thing typically included in most African safari tours is accommodation with a full board. This means your lodging and meals are covered in the price of the tour. It’s a great way to take care of two of the most significant expenses related to travel.

And it can be a significant selling point when choosing between different safari tour companies. When you’re on safari, you’ll be spending most of your time in the bush, so it’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay or getting something to eat when you’re back at camp. Just relax and enjoy your time in the wild.

Domestic Flights

While African safari tours can be customized to include various activities, domestic flights are typically included. These flights allow tourists to see multiple other parts of the country and provide an opportunity to view wildlife from above. In some cases, the flights may even be taken in small planes or helicopters, which can add to the adventure. However, domestic flights are just one part of the overall experience, and they should not be the only thing considered when planning a safari tour.

Food While Out On Game Drives

Most people think of an African safari as an opportunity to see wildlife. And while that’s true, the food is one of the trip’s highlights. Most safari lodges have chefs who are experts at cooking local ingredients. On game drives, which can last all day, guests are typically served a packed lunch with delicious food.

The emphasis is on fresh and simple food that won’t weigh you down. Of course, there’s always room for indulgence, and many lodges offer morning and afternoon tea, pre-dinner drinks, and canapes. So, in addition to seeing lions and elephants, an African safari is also worth it for the food.

Soft Drinks, Beer, And House Wine

While hot days spent tracking big game through the bush is undoubtedly one aspect of safari life, there is also a lot of time spent relaxing at the lodge or camp. And what goes better with downtime than a refreshing beverage? Most safari lodges and camps include soft drinks, beer, and house wine as part of the tour price. So you can enjoy a cold drink without worrying about the bill, whether you’re kicking back with a book or swapping stories around the campfire. Just remember to drink responsibly and not disturb wildlife.

Unlimited Game Drives

One of the great things about African safari tours is that they typically include unlimited game drives. This means you can spend as much time out in the bush spotting animals as you want. Most safari lodges have their vehicles and guides, so all you need to do is book a tour and head out into the wilderness.

During your game drive, you’ll see some of the most iconic animals on the planet, including lions, elephants, and giraffes. Plus, you never know what else you might spot – from antelope to zebra, endless possibilities exist. So if you’re looking for an African adventure that will keep you coming back for more, be sure to look for a tour that includes unlimited game drives.

Night Time Bush Walks And Game Drives

Many tour companies also offer nighttime bush walks and game drives. This is a great way to see nocturnal animals, like hyenas and leopards, active after sunset. Bush walks are also an excellent opportunity to learn about the smaller creatures that call the African bush home, like snakes, spiders, and rodents. So if you’re looking for a truly immersive safari experience, ask about nighttime activities when booking your tour.

Full Bed And Breakfast Service

Full bed and breakfast service is often offered at various African safari tours. This means that special accommodations will be provided for you for these meals. Bed and breakfast service is a great way to enjoy the African wilderness without roughing it. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious escape or an affordable option, a safari tour with full bed and breakfast service is sure to please.

All Conservancy Fees

While the exact amenities and activities included in an African safari tour can vary depending on the operator, some things typically included are conservancy fees. African conservancies are private landholdings that are managed for conservation purposes. By visiting a conservancy, you are helping to support the vital work of protecting Africa’s wildlife.

All Laundry Required

Lastly, while it’s true that you can find plenty of high-end lodges and resorts catering to tourists, the reality is that a typical safari tour is a lot more down to earth. Of the things included in the price of most African safari tours is all your laundry. That’s right, no need to pack enough clothes for a week or two – your guides will take care of all your dirty laundry while you’re out on the reserve. So whether you’re tracking lions or just taking in the sights, you can rest assured that your clothes will be clean and fresh when you return to camp each night.

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Book African Safari Tours For An Incredible Adventure

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, consider taking an African safari tour. You’ll see some of the incredible wildlife in their natural habitats, and you’ll get to experience Africa’s unique culture. There are many different safari tour operators to choose from, so do your research and find the one that best suits your needs. We hope you found this guide helpful, and thank you for reading it.