Wedding in Mykonos – Guide

Turning a milestone decision in a couple’s life into a dreamy reality feels like a walk in the park when adding an exotic Greek island to the mix. In Mykonos’ case, exchanging vows with the person who has heard and understood your heart’s song and aligning it with their own tune is an even more amplified experience.

Backed up with unique natural beauties, pristine golden sand shores, crystalline waters, whitewashed architecture, an unbeatable cosmopolitan feel, unparalleled levels of luxury, elegance, and glam, and limitless pampering options, you can expect Mykonos to deliver on its promise to create indelible memories for you.

Before you tie the knot, though, you may want to know about 5 key tips that can help turn your upcoming wedding into the most cherished, romantic, and happiest day of your life so far, sprinkled with exclusiveness, chicness, and uniqueness you seek and desire!

Tip #1: Choose your location wisely

Mykonos will grant every wish. So, what do you have in mind when thinking about your Mykonos wedding? A romantic beach wedding at the glorious Platis Gialos, Elia, and Ornos beaches or the more intimate and isolated Ftelia, Kapari, and Fokos shores? A ceremony that’s more private and traditional at a hilltop chapel? A formal, black-tie at an umber-chic venue? Something extravagant or fancy-chic at a gorgeous outdoor garden? Perhaps a boho wedding with the historic Old Mykonos Town or iconic landmarks with sweeping seascapes and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea like the scenic windmills, Armenistis Lighthouse, Little Venice, or Castle Panigirakis in the background?

Of course, since we are talking about Mykonos, you could even opt for a more out-of-the-box wedding option, including a ceremony on board a luxury yacht or stylish catamaran. In any case, the selection of the location will determine a significant part of the overall experience in Mykonos, so please take your time!

Tip #2: Determine the feel and style of your wedding day

First, confirm whether you will be having your bridal ceremony indoors or outdoors. Then please have a moment to decide on the style of your dream wedding (romantic, rustic, traditional, refined, funky, extravagant, glamorous, boho, informal, black-tie, eccentric), as well as the best season. Please note that Mykonos is mostly visited during the summertime, so all attractions, including the beaches, local landmarks, and wedding venues, are quite crowded at this time of the year. So, if you would love to give a more party-like atmosphere to your wedding day, then the high season would be a great period to plan a Mykonos wedding. Additionally, if you want to make your wedding venue look modern and trendy, it is best to display your wedding hashtag. If you aren’t sure what wedding hashtag you are going to use on your wedding day, you can get help from a wedding hashtag creator for more ideas.

If a more quiet and chilled experience is a prerequisite for you, then you can make arrangements for an off-season Mykonos wedding (from around May through mid-June and from mid-September through late October). Expect warm weather (probably even swimming-ideal conditions), better accommodation prices, more cost-effective rates for dining and wedding venues, more laid-back notes swirling around the island, and the beaches are remarkably inviting still.

Tip #3: Have a local wedding planner organize everything for you

Outsourcing your wedding plans to a professional local wedding organizer is probably one of the wisest moves you can make for a stress-free Mykonos wedding experience. That way, you will have all the time you need to focus on yourself and how to be your best-looking, most relaxed, happiest, and radiant self on your wedding day.

Leaving the exhaustion, fatigue, and headache of putting everything together (from music, decoration, food, and marriage licenses to guest welcoming) in the most seamless way so you do live your dream wedding to experienced Mykonos wedding coordinators will allow you to have the most ideal blend of top-tier services and world-leading amenities from the most leading local businesses and venues. Trust that these professionals have a valuable network of local businesses and only work with the Mykonos wedding-related-business elite. You provide them with your wedding date and the details (and must-haves) of your dreamy bridal Mykonos ceremony and they will make everything happen for you.

Tip #4: Go for the grandeur of a luxury Mykonos villa

Besides the boutique hotels with the elegant feel, Mykonos is home to some of the most upscale villas that provide guests with utmost privacy and an incredible array of services and facilities, which even include a private chapel, beautiful pool areas specifically designed to accommodate large parties, pristine sunset views, adorable, well-manicured gardens nestled in lands with olive trees, and adorable panoramas of the shimmering Aegean Sea, private beach options, and even on-premises spas, jacuzzis, and hammams!

Some of the most impressive mansions will also come with top-of-the-range services, such as private spa-like face treatments, couples’ massages, personal, a fully-equipped gym, and many more, so you get the much-needed mind and body relaxation and rejuvenation before your special day!

That aside, renting an exclusive villa will also enable you to provide supreme guest accommodation that delivers VIP experiences, unbeatable convenience, 24/7 services, and maximum comfort. Top-class Mykonos rental luxury villa agencies like Kinglike Concierge are the go-to door to knock to secure not only an immaculate wedding experience but also an all-around Mykonos adventure that includes from sightseeing trips and cruise tours to helicopter excursions and wine-tasting ventures.

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Tip #5: Inject some culture and history to your honeymoon or wedding experience!

After the big day, you and your loved ones could enjoy a mind-soothing endeavor at Delos island. Its spiritual energy and natural allure will surely make every second spent there totally worth it. Once a profoundly popular religious and commercial Mediterranean hub, Delos is an archaeology treasure from end to end, and a place with idyllic, powdery shores, azure waters, and ancient Greek ruins that open a time portal to eras when sites like the Sacred Lake, the Lions’ Gate, and temples of Apollo were brimming with life and worshipers of ancient Greek God of Sun and Music and his twin sister, goddess of hunting and nature, Artemis, before it became a sacred place where nobody was allowed to live on, give birth to or die on, to keep it pure and sanctified.

You can make this a day cruise trip or a stop during a private helicopter tour to other Cyclades islands. In doing so, you may even include visits to more remote Mykonos shores, isolated coves, peaceful spots, and signature Mykonos landmarks without mingling with the crowds or rubbing shoulders with thousands of other visitors, unless, of course, you want to!

Our wholehearted wishes for a blessed, new chapter in your life as a couple!