Two Days in Bristol

Bristol is a city that describes its recalcitrant streak, unique conception, and intelligent creativity. It is the best living place, especially for young generations. Here the nature creates the mood of ambience. It is the greenest city in the UK. This city is full of joy, entertainment, enthusiasm, creativity, art, and culture.

How Do You Get To Bristol?

The communication of the city Bristol is well connected. You can board a train from London, which takes 2hours only to reach. Bristol also has convenient transport to other cities. It has an airport facility to connect to the other part of the UK and the European cities. You can also drive to Bristol.

Moving Around Bristol

Bristol is a fun-loving city, and you can enjoy the flavour of the city on your foot. You need to get ready with your itinerary and start your journey. There are few hills, and you have to walk downhill to get to a significant part of the city. Alongside the excellent transport system, you will get a free boat service to visit the harbour sides. The bus services will take you to the attraction points that are in a nearby location.

Guide For Staying Two Days in Bristol

Bristol has migrant options for staying for a weekend tour. You will find out every kind of accommodation that suits your budget pretty much. Besides that, you can have the options of a wide range of rental apartments that give you the flexibility to stay as you wish.

Best Time To Visit Bristol

You can visit Bristol the year around to experience its indoor and outdoor beauty. But, if you want to enjoy the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, you indeed have to come in early August to experience this colourful festival.

Things to do in Bristol

Here we give best things to do in Bristol. If you have a full day or two then you can also try these day trips from Bristol.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

The art galleries and museums are a precedent of regional culture and lifestyle created by local artists. You will get information about the historical places and the fossils found in the Bristol area. A gallery will tell you about the revolution in Bristol. Then you can head to M-shed for your next experience.


This place will be your favourite one to visit. Many galleries and museums are the main attraction points of this place. You can experience the working exhibits and a giant crane that showcases an excellent architectural view.

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St. Nicholas Market

Your best lunch destination should be the Glass Arcade at the St. Nicholas Indoor Market in Corn Street. This market is the winner with the award for the best large market. You will get 60 stalls with different outlets. After that, you should get to the Glass Arcade, which offers you plenty of food stalls, cuisine.

Take a Street Art Tour

With your itinerary, you can walk through the city to enjoy its street art. You will get the Bristol street art map from the regional office to enjoy the famous pieces of street art, painted walls, incredible creativity all the way.

Experience The Sunset View From the Clifton Suspension Bridge

This place is highly suggested for visiting at sunset time. This is an iconic bridge that is Bristol’s pride. This bridge has the longest path to travel of any bridge in the world.

Summary Of Your Two Days Itinerary

Now, you have ideas overall for the trip to Bristol. If you are on your budget, then pack your bags and let yourself go for the journey. This impressive place will make up your mood, and you can enjoy all activities Bristol offers to the visitors.