13 Ghosts of Christmas Past Christmas

They say that Savannah is the most haunted city in the United States, and just about every building tells a story of tragedy, love, or hatred. Throughout the year, visitors come and go, and the ghosts remain. Even on Christmas, the spirits are not soothed, and many of them are especially active on the merry holiday.

In Victorian times, Christmas wasn’t all joy and merry. It was a time to celebrate life, love, and tell scary stories. In modern times, that last tradition is reserved for Halloween, but at the time it was common to tell frightening tales on Christmas, many of which are still told today such as the legend of Krampus or more famously, Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas carol.”

We hope to revive that ancient tradition with the “13 Ghosts of Christmas Past” tour! Starting after Thanksgiving, we will be handing out the hot cocoa and Christmas cookies while traversing the haunted streets of Savannah.