Top tips for maximum exploration on and around the Beagle Channel 

What is the Beagle Channel? It is basically a strait that runs through the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, which is itself at South America’s southern tip.

A listing published on the Britannica website further explains: “The channel, trending east-west, is about 150 miles (240 km) long and 3 to 8 miles wide; it separates the archipelago’s main island to the north from Navarino, Hoste, and other smaller islands to the south.” 

With some of the Beagle Channel belonging to the Chile-Argentina border and another portion comprising entirely Chilean territory, it’s fair to say that a visit to the channel can make for a fascinating experience. However, before pursuing it yourself, you should…

Establish in advance exactly where you would like to go 

Exactly where within the Beagle Channel you would indeed like to go will have implications for how you ought to explore it. For example, you might want to reach what Go Patagonic has referred to as “the so-called lighthouse of the end of the world”.

This is the lighthouse Les Éclaiereurs. This French name means ‘The Illuminators’, as is pretty appropriate given the vivid colors in which the building has been painted as well as the obvious fact that it is, well, a lighthouse.

Though this lighthouse is only roughly 11 meters high, its location on a small islet has helped to make Les Éclaiereurs an especially attractive feature to check out in the Beagle Channel. The lighthouse is powered by solar panels and controlled remotely.

While in the channel, you might also be eager to visit the Isla de los Pájaros (Bird Island), a habitat for fauna including albatrosses and seagulls. Then there’s the Isla de los Lobos, where sea lions abound. You might also like the idea of seeing the penguin colony at Isla Martillo.

You don’t necessarily need to reserve your concerted attempts at sightseeing for time spent in the Beagle Channel, either. You could consider, say, Silversea cruises that take in the channel as well as the Drake Passage on the way to Antarctica. 

What should you do while on the actual trip?

As the weather conditions can change especially quickly in the extreme south, you should remember to wear warm and waterproof clothing for the journey.

You could also take food with you. However, if you choose to get to the Beagle Channel on a cruise ship, it might not be difficult for you to simply buy food on the ship itself. In any case, do not throw any food at animals you see in the channel.

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What could await you on your Beagle Channel journey?

Well, many different wonderful things — and that’s very much the appeal of visiting this particular part of the world. However, if you still want further insight into how your Beagle Channel adventure could turn out, just consider this account on the website.

Northern Irishman Jonny Blair recalls on this travel blog how he encountered the Beagle Channel during what he has declared an “epic quest to Antarctica”.