Top 5 Attractions in Franklin, TN

Franklin is the city of Tennessee, United States just located near Nashville. Franklin is called a vibrant music city having live festivals and many historic main streets. If you like to take a trip to Franklin you were going to the home of the civil war. The article gives you a glimpse of the top attractions in Franklin, TN where you like the most adventurous experience of your trip. 

Lotz House Museum

Lotz House Museum takes you to the past of the historic battle of franklin during the civil war. It is the home of immigrant german Johann Albert Lotz. The Lotz shows his excellent ability of a carpenter that creates beautiful furniture which is still in the museum. The museum covers great events f the civil war in and around Franklin.  


Carnton Plantation is built by Nashville Mayor Randal McGavock, the historical charm and beauty of Carnton Plantation take tourists in the dark past of battels. Carton plantation has a beautiful battlefield, a classic house which is once become the bloodiest main field hospital for soldiers during a civil war in Franklin. The visitors nowadays take hour-long tours in Carnton Plantation to see historic glimpses of war and buildings.   

Downtown Franklin

Downtown Franklin is an outstanding collection of fashions, shops, boutiques, arts, and galleries of historic homes that performance and the award-winning restaurants. The DownTown Franklin is a non-profit organization that preserves the theatre, Carnton Plantation Lotz house, and McConnel home. The association of downtown franklin is responsible for the popular festivals of their area that includes the festival of the main street, Mainstreet breakfast, pumpkin fest, and homes by tour.   

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Carter House

Carter House is the historic site located a mile away from Carnton Mansion is the home of businessman Fountain Branch Carter, who died on November 30, 1864, with his wife and 12 children during the battle in franklin. All members are died in bullets and gunfire due to the battle of franklin. The holes are still there on the walls since the battle. The war was short but casualties of soldiers are significant in which of a soldier is from the carter house the boy of carter succumbed to injuries in the house.   

Leiper’s Fork Distillery

Leiper’s Fork is a rural village in franklin in the county of Williamstown that seems unchanged for centuries. It is the best attractive place in Franklin due to its Parkway of Natchez Trace which has beautiful views of rolling hills and fire pits. You can experience the charm of art galleries and shops and other entertainments. This place is being registered as a  national register of historic places. You can enjoy the southern fare where you can enjoy the local art of gallery. 

The article as a whole gives you the hint of attractive places in Franklin which can be helpful to visitors before taking a trip to franklin. Like the above article, Franklin is city shows the history of civil war and the battle of franklin. You as a visitor can enjoy the other streets like shopping and art galleries of Franklin.