Choosing the Right Size of Yacht

Deciding on the size of a boat that you will buy is important from the beginning. It will save you money getting the ideal boat size for your travel needs. Many factors have to be assessed in choosing between small and bigger yachts. Of course, bigger options will demand a higher cost and also additional time for maintenance. Most boat owners can affirm that the ideal yacht size is not beyond 45-feet to accommodate not just a solo sailor.

The market supplies plenty of yacht sizes ideal for different travel needs. A 30-footer boat could accommodate a single sailor, but bigger boats can offer more spaces for a family of six. In addition to that, you must consider the things you should bring on board in selecting a boat size. It should never compromise everyone’s comfort during the trip.

Tips in Finding the Right Yacht Size

Buying a new boat online could be more difficult, especially in anticipating how huge it is. However, yacht brokers can assist you to narrow down your choices. They have both knowledge and skills in determining which yacht best matches your budget and lifestyle.

Below are the tips to identify the boat size for your needs:

  1. Get To See the Yacht Personally

Seeing photos of boats online may not be enough to help you decide which to buy. It can be overwhelming and can also be deceiving at the same time in the pictures. To personally inspect a boat is much better to give you an idea of how big or small it is. Well, this is the most exciting part of buying a boat for the first time.

You will get to see the rooms. For instance, catamaran boats about 38-feet in size can accommodate a small family. It may look big in the picture but cannot cater to more guests for special occasions. Additionally, look for a lot of boat sizes to choose from so that it will be easier to end up with the right boat.

  1. Be Wise

In case no one has told you, smaller boats can cause discomfort when the weather is rough. It is more reactive to strong winds and waves compared to a bigger boat. A yacht that is more than 45-feet long can remain calm even on the rough seas. This reduces seasickness and makes the travel joyous.

The final choice of a boat size also depends on how you will use the boat. If you plan to live on the boat, there is no need to consider the status of the sea as long as an anchorage exists. On the other hand, you will need to get weather updates when you will use a boat for cruising.

One way to test the stability of the boat is to actually sail through it. Take note of how the short trip works, like how it is moving when meeting waves. Indeed, the right boat size speaks a lot for the speed and comfort of the vessel.

  1. Accommodation Factors

First, you need to consider a sleeping space that promotes privacy. Living on a yacht for a long period requires a lot of cabins, especially with multiple guests. The best setup would be a cabin separated from the living space of the boat. Cockpit yachts are the most recommended type of boat for such a need.

Up next is the convenience onboard. Bigger boats can contain more luxuries that can improve comfort during the trip. These include tools and equipment which will make living a lot easier. This is possible with the above 40-feet size of a yacht.

Last but not least, is the storage space. Living on a boat is not that easy without enough space to store your stuff. An example is the tank space which plays a vital role throughout your journey. It should be larger than you could ever imagine so that in case you need water or fuel, you would not be lacking. The truth is, this must be the highest priority in choosing a boat size. Your best choice of yachts in this scenario would be not less than the 40-feet range.

Why Not Buy A Small Boat?

Though a small boat is less expensive, it also has a lot of downsides. The first drawback is the limited travel capacity which leads to discomfort when it reaches above 5-feet sea level. It also has restrictions when it comes to the accommodation of guests. The space provided would be less than a bigger boat which cannot be a good venue for a huge occasion.

Small boats are slower in speed due to the smaller engines used. This results in having trouble handling strong waves.

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Why Not Buy A Large Boat?

The initial cost of a large boat is higher than smaller boats. Also, it requires maintenance that could be 10% of the boat’s cost. Your fuel bill might also increase over time as it has a larger tank and engine for extended travel duration.

Storage fees will be added to your expenses which are also higher because of the needed dock space. It is harder to navigate a large boat in tight spaces that demand the help of an expert sailor. Lastly, larger boats are made of a deep draft which can be prohibited in some cruising areas.


Sizes matter in looking for super yachts for sale to assure you are spending for a worthy investment. Follow the tips above to avoid picking the wrong size of a boat. Contact a broker to help you decide what yacht size is best for you.