10 Best Things To Do In Cosby TN

Located on the Tennessee-North Carolina border, close to the Great Smoky Mountains, lies the little, tranquil town of Cosby. 

Incomparable in its history, culture, and natural beauty, Cosby is a one-of-a-kind tourist destination in Tennessee. This town is a haven for vacationers looking to get away from the bustle of Gatlinburg. Gladly, Cosby, Tennessee, is not a very populated area. 

Popularly known as the “Moonshine Capital of the World” both the history and landscape of this town are rich. Owing to its distinctness, the Cosby is recognized for its fulfilling outdoor activities like a drive across the Great Smoky Mountains Foothills Parkway,  camping out in the Cosby Campground or chasing a nature trail.

The town is lush, and you are assured a warm, welcoming stay here. It is the ideal location for spending the holidays with your family, friends, and children. With the aid of our below-listed curated guide, you may start exploring Cosby, Tennessee.

Here’s a list of the 10 best things to do in Cosby TN:

#1. Unique Llama Trek In The Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains Llama Trek is one of the highlights of Cosby, Tennessee. It is a popular place for family vacations since little visitors like seeing cute llamas playing around in the Smoky Mountains. A professional guide leads you along this nature trail. Additionally, you will get to visit the Llama Farm and interact with the Llamas while traveling!

#2. Explore Handmade Souvenirs At Cosmic Ties

Shopping at Cosmic Ties is another special thing to do in Cosby, Tennessee. Cosmic Ties offers handcrafted items for sale, including jewelry, t-shirts, tie-dye, tapestries, and incense. The owner collaborates with nearby Cosby artists to offer you the best, most meticulously curated assortment. The store’s goal is to promote world peace, and Cosmic Ties’ artwork perfectly captures this idea.

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#3. Go Camping At The Cosby Campground

For travelers looking for outdoor adventure, camping is one of the more popular tourist activities in Cosby, Tennessee. The Cosby Campground allows you to camp in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Whether you bring your own supplies or buy your groceries in Cosby town, whether you come in a group or solo, there is no doubt that you will have an endless amount of fun here. 

There are multiple nature trails to and from the Cosby Campground. You can even enjoy a hike to Mt. Cammerer Fire Tower from the campground itself. You can explore the Smokies’ ecology and animals and rely on the park rangers in case of need.

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#4. Enjoy A Few Drinks At The Adventure Distilling Company, Cosby

Do you want to learn more about the mysteries behind the world’s moonshine capital? Well, the Adventure Distilling Company in Cosby, TN may have an answer for you.

The public can have access to this unique experience thanks to The Adventure Distilling Company. While enjoying live entertainment, you get to sip on delicious cocktails. The JB’s 103 is one of their special flavors. As a result, the Adventure Distilling Company provides a rich experience, particularly for history fans who are interested in learning about the extensive past of distillation in Cosby.

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#5. Go Off The Beaten Path With The Smoky Mountains Adventure Tours

The Smoky Mountain tour is the perfect match for you if you truly want an offbeat experience. This is a UTV tour that allows you to explore the topography of the Smoky Mountains. The rides are tough – perfectly suited to the rough mountainous terrain. You can drive up and down the beautiful landscape.

 If you really want an offbeat experience, the Smoky Mountain tour is the best fit for you.  This is a UTV tour that allows you to explore the topography of the Smoky Mountains. The rides are challenging and are ideal for the rugged hilly terrain. However, you can drive all over the stunning scenery, the paths must be navigated by professionals. 

Couples looking for a more exhilarating excursion through the Foothills will find this to be ideal.


#6. Shop Indulgently At Foothills Of The Smoky’s Quilt Shop

A dream destination for those interested in quilts. The Foothills of the Smokies Quilt Shop is unique to Cosby. Run by the local women, here you can find a variety of fabrics. While this is primarily a shop, you also get lectures on types of stitches. This is one of the best places in Cosby to go sourcing for quilt materials.

The Foothills of the Smoky’s shop is nestled in a rustic, log cabin. It is said to be the largest quilt shop in Tennessee. The staff is knowledgeable and warm, and you get to experiment with several skeins of fabric! You can also go on a quilting retreat and enjoy an offbeat holiday with your friends here.

#7. Take A Short Drive Through Foothills Parkway, Cosby

The Foothills Parkway National Park is one of the major attractions of Cosby, Tennessee. This national parkway takes you on a brief trip across the foothills of the northern Great Smoky Mountains. Particularly in the fall when the leaves are all golden, you get stunning views of the Foothills. Despite only being a 6-mile section with four pull-offs, the Foothills Parkway is worthwhile. After all, the vista of the Smokies is unmatched!

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#8. Hike To Mt. Cammerer Fire Tower

The Mt. Cammerer Fire Tower gives a bird’s eye view of Cosby, TN. It is a coveted climb for tourists wanting to enjoy the splendid view of the town. Moreover, you don’t have to be very athletic to climb to the fire tower. There are some curves along the approximately 6-mile ride, but it is rather smooth overall.

Mt. Cammerer is widely popular for offering stunning views. The journey is just as beautiful. You can pack a wholesome lunch and make a picnic out of it. It may take you about 6 hours to complete the entire hike, therefore it’s better to set a day aside.

#9. Shop Till You Drop At Our Place Books, Coffees, Unique Gifts

If you’ve always wanted to explore second-hand bookstores in small towns, here’s your chance. Like the name suggests, this cozy corner in Cosby sells used books, coffees and unique souvenirs for tourists. The store is open all year around and has unique, vintage finds.

You can also get organic, made-to-order coffee, CDs, crystals and T-shirts. It also serves as a  repository of Cosby’s history, art, and culture. Thus, it makes for a charming stop during your visit to Cosby.

#10. Enjoy The BTS At Carver’s Orchard And Applehouse Restaurant

If your kid loves apples then Carver’s Orchard is the best place for you to visit. Located in Cosby, Carver’s is a classic. It gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of the apple orchard. 

The best part? You can indulge in apple-based treats in the restaurant. Nevertheless, it also offers a variety of delectable options, including excellent salad rolls, barbecued pork, chicken, and dumplings. This location is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful staff who are always willing to assist. 

Thus, visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the attractive decor exotic ambiance and reasonable charges.

Conclusion – Cosby, A Pocket-Friendly Retreat In TN

Cosby makes for an unaffected, intimate tourist spot. The hospitable residents here make sure that your stay is enjoyable and that you get the chance to experience the town’s unique culture.

Most of the activities in Cosby are outdoor. You can spend your time camping, trekking or even taking a simple trip around the town. It is a peaceful retreat as there are only about 807 people who call Cosby home. That being said, you can also visit the nearby town of Gatlinburg and extend your tour of the Smokies!