Spring Break In Pigeon Forge: A Tourist’s Guide

Can’t figure out what to do for spring break this year? How about taking a trip to Pigeon Forge? Pigeon Forge in Tennessee is known for its famous Dollywood theme park and the fantastic Splash Country water park. But there is so much more to discover in this small town located in eastern Tennessee. It’s home to a comedy barn, a theatre, a museum, and other attractions that invite tourists and travelers alike. Pigeon Forge looks and feels magnificent during spring, especially when you’re with kids.

Have you decided to visit Pigeon Forge? Great, this guide will help you plan your trip and explore all the best things in Pigeon Forge. So follow along to make some good memories.

1. Hop-On a Roller-Coaster at Dollywood 

Dollywood is a spring break destination of family enjoyment, with more than 50 world-class rides and attractions. First, at the Daredevil Falls logging camp, get drenched. Then, on Wildwood Grove’s Dragonflier, you’ll feel as if you are flying on the wings of a dragonfly.

Aside from attractions and entertainment, there are more than 20 different dining options around the park serving excellent and down-home country cuisine. And, of course, it’s essential to stay in one of the best Pigeon Forge cabins for a comfortable lounge, but you can’t have all the fun indoors. So, for a crazy and fulfilling time, you must visit this amusement park.

2. Go On a Hike 

The spring season brings out a new splendor in the Great Smoky Mountains. As the weather warms up and there are more hours of sunlight, spring wildflowers emerge, giving you lots of opportunities to explore the park’s natural beauties. It’s the ideal time of year to go trekking and enjoy the miles upon miles of the breathtaking landscape! Do you want to go hiking in the Smoky Mountains with your kids? We have four fantastic hiking trails for kids!

3. Get Competitive on Go-Kart Tracks 

Spend a day or evening at one of Pigeon Forge’s go-kart tracks to get the kids away from their “screens.” Several places across the city offer plenty of exciting ways to get out and enjoy time with the family. Go-kart tracks aren’t the only outdoor games for kids; and there are bumper cars and even a section filled with attractions and games for youngsters. Indoor and outdoor courses are available for a realistic racing experience that will stick with your kids forever!

4. Take an Escape Room Challenge 

Do you consider yourself a sneaky detective or perhaps a puzzle master? If so, Pigeon Forge allows you to race against the time in one of its escape rooms. So put your money where your mouth is! Visit The Escape Game and take part in a thrilling adventure with your pals. You will have five different themes to choose from.

If you choose the most difficult one, the Trapped Escape Game, you will know how it feels to escape from the Alcatraz jail. This escape room experience might make you hate escape rooms altogether or fall in love with the game.  

5. Travel to the Forbidden Caverns 

Did you know Tennessee has thousands of caves? It has the most caves among all states in the USA, and pigeon Forge itself has more than 8350 caves! Pigeon Forge is home to Forbidden Caverns and caves with a view. These Caverns are a chain of underground tunnels located underneath the Smoky Mountains. You will get a guide to take you on a cavern tour for further exploration.

From dripping stalagmites to glistening sub-surface steams that move between the rocks, this will be a mesmerizing experience. Several of the caverns have been decorated with lights and music. Another cool thing about the Forbidden Caverns is that they maintain a constant temperature of 60 degrees regardless of the weather outside.

6. Catch a Glimpse of Hollywood with the Wax Museum 

Who says you have to go to Hollywood to appreciate Wax statues of famous? Pigeon Forge brings you the flash and glam with the Wax Museum.

Two levels of the museum are devoted to wax figures of well-known people. If you’re from a previous generation, you might be excited to see the wax figures of the famous Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. On the other hand, if you are a millennial, you might be excited to see the figures of Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, and some others. Once you have taken photos with these celebrities, visit the entertainment center filled with more amusement. The museum has something for guests of all ages, such as a hall of mirrors, an escape room filled with zombies, and various other attractions.

7. Catch Snow in Spring 

Tennessee doesn’t get much snowfall; we all know that. Plus, it’s spring, so why would there be snowfall. However, this is not the case with Pigeon Forge because the Pigeon Forge Snow can make you catch snow in spring. So, book your tickets for the Pigeon Forge Snow and feel the snow on your tongue. You will find an indoor snow park and an artificial playground for wintertime games and entertainment.

The draw has a series of slopes. You can rent a snow tube and slide down. But that’s not it; there’s also a free-play section where you can make your snowmen or have snowball battles with each other. The snow powder never melts, and it is synthetic, which means you will have a great time.

Pigeon Forge Snow is one of the most significant locations to visit if you are looking for family-friendly activities.

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So there you have it – the best things to do to enjoy a lovely summer in Pigeon Forge. It is plain to see that there’s so much you can do at Pigeon Forge to have a memorable time. More so, you are only a 20-minute drive away from enjoying the mountains and soaking up the beauty Pigeon Forge offers. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, put that “we’ll be back soon” sign on your doorstep and have the best spring break in Pigeon Forge.