Places to Stay in Vanuatu

Being one of the most underrated groups of the southwestern Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is a chain of 13 principal and many small islands. With its rich culture, diverse land, and numerous volcanos to gaze at, it deserves more hype and attention than many islands. It’s a bit of a hassle deciding where to exactly stay when you have 83 islands to choose from, while you are planning to vacate in Vanuatu.

The place you decide to stay at really depends on what your personal preferences are. Whether you are traveling with family who wants to experience some cool water activities like swimming or snorkeling or traveling with your partner, looking for an island fully dedicated for honeymoon and weddings, we have got you covered. We have listed down some popular places that would be ideal to book your holiday.

Efate Island

Efate island, along with the airport and a harbor where cruise ships stop, is in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Port Vila is right in the center of the country where people who are traveling to Vanuatu, most likely arrive.

Port Vila, being the mix of exciting hotels and resorts, here you will find lit-up streets to stroll around and beautiful white sand beaches that you have never encountered before. There is only one resort on Efate Island, Iririki Island, which is designed fully for couples to spend their magical idyllic days. So, if you are traveling right after your wedding, this one’s for you. Another destination for couples who want to have some fun activities like snorkeling and diving is Moso Island, facing the north coast of Efate.

For a great experience in Efate, you can also rent a car and drive around the Island.

Espiritu Santo

Another mesmerizing place where you would love to stay while in Vanuatu is a place up north, Espiritu Santo. Espiritu Santo is an isolated space, for people who are looking specifically for a getaway experience, who are tired of the work-life and want to relax in a nice, cozy, and private space.

Espiritu Santo is not only the biggest island in the north but of the country and it is the only one whose infrastructure is particularly designed for tourists. In Espiritu Santo, you won’t find as many options as in Port Vila but the options available, are worth being excited about. For tourists, the easiest way to reach Espiritu Santo is by taking a domestic flight from Port Vila.

Tanna Island

Not more but a few islands which are present in the south are worth checking. Tanna Island is the only Island that offers few picturesque resorts where you can stay overnight. Now if you are someone who can not say no to an adventure if you are thirsty to explore the world’s biggest Banyan tree, Tanna is a place for you. You can have a chance to snorkel in the blue hole water and right after some trekking, you get to see the mighty Banyan Tree.

Moso Island

Another Island offering beaches with amenities perfect for traveling couples is Moso Island. Because it is untouched by most of the world, it has a maintained, calm and relaxed atmosphere. If you are not into roaming around the busy, crowded, major tourist hubs, this quiet laid back vacation destination is what you can count on. The appealing blue water is perfect for all sorts of water sports and activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, or whatever your heart desires.

People travel to Vanuatu for multiple reasons, to enjoy stunning landscapes, rich history culture, to meet lively island people, to gawk at the active volcano, eat fresh seafood, and whatnot. Some people also plan to buy a Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment, people who see potential in the country’s economy, plan to invest in a business over there and for that purpose, they buy a Vanuatu citizenship. You can get citizenship in about 1-2 months and a Vanuatu passport allows visa-free travel to 130 countries including the UK and some Asian countries.