Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge, A Comparative Journey

Hershey, often referred to as “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” is a charming and historically rich town located in Central Pennsylvania. Founded by Milton S. Hershey in the early 20th century, it has evolved from a humble chocolate factory town into a vibrant destination, renowned for its commitment to the confectionery world. Besides being the headquarters of The Hershey Company, the town is a haven for chocolate lovers, offering a vast range of attractions from Hersheypark, a family-friendly amusement park, to Hershey’s Chocolate World, an interactive chocolate experience like no other.

Hershey’s unique history, delightful chocolate-themed attractions, and the enduring legacy of its founder have made it an unmissable destination for tourists from around the globe.

In the face-off of Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge, each establishment offers its unique take on comfort and luxury. This leaves visitors with the challenging decision: Hershey Hotel or Hershey Lodge? To make your choice easier in this Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge comparison, we’ll delve into the details of each property, exploring the amenities, experiences, and distinct features that set them apart.

The Hershey Hotel

Starting with a touch of grandeur, The Hershey Hotel has been providing its visitors with a luxurious stay since its inception in 1933. Nestled atop a hill overlooking Hershey, the hotel showcases a historic facade that tells a tale of timelessness. Its architectural grandiosity and elegance reflect a bygone era and resonate throughout its 276 rooms.

Each room at The Hershey Hotel is a blend of classic charm and modern convenience. Guests are treated to high-quality linens, comfortable furniture, and spacious bathrooms. There’s no lack of in-room entertainment either, with complimentary Wi-Fi and large flat-screen TVs.

However, where The Hershey Hotel truly shines is its extra amenities. The on-site spa, The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, offers chocolate-themed treatments in line with the Hershey tradition. For those who favor outdoor activities, the hotel provides an 18-hole golf course and a series of tennis courts. Culinary delights are another highlight of The Hershey Hotel, with a choice of five unique eateries, each boasting exquisite cuisine.

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The facilities are offered by the Hershey Hotel

1. Rooms and Suites

The Hershey Hotel offers 276 elegant guest rooms, including 48 suites. Each room features luxurious bed linens, a marble bath, a coffee maker, and high-speed wireless internet. The rooms and suites boast an exquisite blend of comfort, elegance, and modern conveniences. 

2. Dining

The Hershey Hotel is home to five unique dining venues, each providing a unique gastronomic experience. These include The Circular, an iconic dining room offering upscale fare; Harvest, which serves genuine American cuisine; Trevi 5, an authentic Italian eatery; the chic Cocoa Beanery for coffee and light meals, and the Poolside for casual snacks and drinks.

3. The Spa at The Hotel Hershey

This world-class spa offers a range of treatments inspired by the rich history of Hershey, including the popular chocolate-themed treatments. 

4. Outdoor Activities

The Hershey Hotel features an 18-hole golf course, perfect for enthusiasts of the sport. It also provides tennis courts for guests who enjoy an active lifestyle. 

5. Fitness Center

The fitness center is fully equipped with a range of cardio and strength training equipment. 

6. Business Center

The business center offers computers, printers, and other business-related services.

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– Luxurious, upscale accommodations with historic charm

– Excellent spa facilities with unique chocolate-themed treatments

– Multiple gourmet dining options, including a fine dining experience at The Circular

– Ideal for couples or individuals seeking a high-end, relaxing vacation


– Higher price point which may not be suitable for budget-conscious visitors

– Not as family-oriented as the Hershey Lodge, with fewer child-friendly amenities

The Hershey Lodge

The Hershey Lodge, on the other hand, gives guests a cozy, family-oriented experience. Its aesthetic combines rustic elements with contemporary comfort, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The lodge features 665 rooms, significantly larger in terms of capacity compared to The Hershey Hotel. 

The rooms at Hershey Lodge offer a modern yet homey ambiance, with wooden furniture, soft, inviting beds, and delightful Hershey’s-inspired decor. Each room features amenities such as flat-screen TVs, coffee makers, and complimentary Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay for all guests.

Where the Hershey Lodge stands out is its unparalleled family-friendly amenities. The highlight is undoubtedly Hershey’s Water Works, an indoor pool complex complete with water slides, a lazy river, and interactive water features. This attraction is a delight for kids and adults alike. Hershey Lodge also offers a range of dining options, with four distinct restaurants, each with a kid-friendly menu.

The facilities are offered by the Hershey Lodge

1. Rooms and Suites

The Hershey Lodge provides 665 comfortable and warm guest rooms, including 16 suites. Each room is equipped with cozy beds, high-speed internet access, a coffee maker, and a refrigerator. The decor subtly incorporates Hershey’s branding, adding a delightful touch for chocolate lovers.

2. Dining

The Lodge offers four distinct dining options. These include Hershey Grill, known for its contemporary American cuisine; The Forebay, a cozy fireside restaurant; The Bear’s Den, a fun, sports-themed restaurant, and Cocoa Cabana for poolside treats. 

3. Hershey’s Water Works

Hershey’s Water Works is an indoor pool complex offering fun for the whole family. It includes water slides, a lazy river, and interactive water toys.

4. Fitness Center

The Lodge also houses a fitness center complete with modern workout equipment for guests who wish to maintain their fitness routines during their stay.

5. Business Center

The business center is equipped to cater to the needs of guests traveling for work, offering computer access, printing services, and more.

6. Game Room

The game room is a hit with younger guests, providing a variety of arcade-style games.

7. Outdoor Pool

Hershey Lodge features a seasonal outdoor pool where guests can unwind and cool off in the summer months.

8. Shuttle Service

The Lodge offers a free shuttle service to Hersheypark, a major convenience for families visiting the popular attraction. 


– Large, family-friendly hotel with a cozy, relaxed atmosphere

– Indoor water complex perfect for kids and families

– More budget-friendly than The Hershey Hotel

– Provides easy access to Hersheypark with free shuttle service


– While comfortable, the rooms are less luxurious than The Hershey Hotel

– Less appealing for visitors seeking a quiet, upscale, or romantic getaway due to its family-oriented environment


So, in the debate between Hershey Hotel vs Hershey Lodge, who takes the crown? The answer depends largely on your preferences. If you seek a lavish, upscale stay with a touch of historic charm and elegance, The Hershey Hotel is your go-to choice. Conversely, if you’re planning a family getaway focused on fun, leisure, and relaxation, Hershey Lodge, with its family-friendly amenities, will undoubtedly win you over. 

Remember, the choice between the two isn’t about which is ‘better,’ but about which aligns more closely with your desired holiday experience. Either way, both options ensure a delightful stay filled with sweet memories in the enchanting town of Hershey.


1. Which is more family-friendly, Hershey Hotel or Hershey Lodge?

Hershey Lodge tends to be more family-friendly due to its amenities such as Hershey’s Water Works, an indoor water complex, and a game room, which are especially appealing to younger guests.

2. Which hotel offers more luxurious accommodations, Hershey Hotel or Hershey Lodge?

The Hershey Hotel offers more luxurious accommodations. Its rooms are more upscale and the hotel offers high-end amenities like a world-class spa and gourmet dining options.

3. What unique amenities does the Hershey Hotel offer?

The Hershey Hotel offers a number of unique amenities, including The Spa at The Hotel Hershey, which offers treatments inspired by the history of Hershey and its famous confectionery.

4. Does the Hershey Lodge provide easy access to Hersheypark?

Yes, the Hershey Lodge provides easy access to Hersheypark with a free shuttle service for its guests.

5. Is the Hershey Hotel more expensive than the Hershey Lodge?

Typically, yes, The Hershey Hotel tends to have a higher price point due to its luxurious accommodations and upscale amenities. However, prices can vary depending on the season and the specific room or suite chosen.