9 Best Family Friendly Camping Places in Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica, commonly known as Costa Rica, is a famous tourist spot and country in Central America. It is notable and well-reputed for its destinations, attractions, and landmarks. They fascinate or entice thousands of people all year round. 

However, Costa Rica is noteworthy and prominent for another aspect. It is camping. The country offers numerous appropriate and superb camping spots. These sites make the perfect location to spend time with family or friends. 

Furthermore, Costa Rica vacation rentals with camping sites offer all the necessary facilities and amenities. It makes the experience even better and more memorable.

  1. Laguna Don Manuel

Laguna Don Manuel entails a broad space that serves as a private forest and has a lake. It is the perfect spot for camping, family parties, hiking, forest scenic adventure, mountain biking, and other activities. The cleanliness and safety of the place make it ideal for spending time with family.  

Laguna Don Manuel remains surrounded by several facilities you may need for camping. It can consist of free parking, drinking water services, walking trails, internet, electricity, and food stalls. Guests are allowed to bring their vehicles, pets, and food. Furthermore, entry for children under the age of five remains free. 

  1. Corcovado Adventures

Corcovado Adventures offers several luxurious accommodations on and along the beach. You can set up your camp there and enjoy the scenic beauty and the abundant wildlife. In addition, you can relax in a natural environment, immersed in the sights and sounds of the place. 

The accommodations available at Corcovado Adventures include full-size tents. They have wooden frames and private decks. On top of that, the living spaces come with amenities such as wireless internet and electricity. It makes it suitable for staying for even children, women, or the elderly. Thus, Corcovado Adventures can serve as a family-friendly camping site.  

  1. Bosque Caricias Los Leones

Bosque Caricias Los Leones is an ecological reserve spanning over four kilometers in a forest space. It promotes the concept of conservation and is a suitable spot for camping. It can get owed to its closeness to nature and the enthralling beauty of the place that captivates numerous people. Moreover, the reserve has several washrooms, benches, water facilities, and a rustic ranch. 

Campers have the facilities to prepare their meals. They can visit the aviary and ranarium or walk along the trails during their leisure time. Overall, it is an ideal place to spend time with friends, lovers, or family. 

  1. Camping Vereh Costa Rica

The refreshing and calm banks of the Vereh River make for an appropriate camping site in Costa Rica. The place remains away from the influence of modern society, embraced by the tranquility and simplicity of nature. Nevertheless, it does not mean that an individual has to stay devoid of comfort there. 

Instead, several companies and agencies prepare the best arrangement to create a family-friendly camping site. Their services range from dry and warm sleeping quarters to nutritious meals that can energize and revitalize. On top of that, they provide several camping pieces of camping equipment, allowing travelers to pack light.

  1. Camping El Chaman

Camping El Chaman offers some of the best accommodations for a memorable and enjoyable camping experience. The place remains close to Uvita Beach and thus has the perfect climate. You can get several amenities and facilities to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. 

For instance, you can get a kitchen, garden, shared lounge, free private parking services, Wi-Fi, and car and bicycle rentals. On top of that, you can get pet-friendly and family rooms to stay with your family. 

Camping El Chaman even has currency exchange services to cater to the specific needs of tourists and foreigners.

  1. Camping Los Malinches

Camping Los Malinches is a notable camping site located near to Playa Arbolito, in Guanacaste. It offers a spectacular view of the overlooking ocean. In addition, it entails a short yet well-maintained trail leading to the beach. 

The camping area is quiet and beautiful. You can find a sink area for washing clothes and cleaning dishes in the middle of the camping site. Besides that, the relevant authorities have maintained the place well with groomed trees and flat ground. 

Camping Los Malinches even has clean bathrooms and toilet facilities. Thus, the place is suitable for a camping outing with family.

  1. Rancho Camurí

Rancho Camurí offers a unique experience amidst the wonders and beauty of nature. It allows the opportunity to enjoy exercise, inner peace, and adventure surrounded by lush green habitat. In addition, the place offers a learning and relaxing environment. 

Camping at Rancho Camurí is a popular activity. You can make bonfires, enjoy delectable food, sing, and dance. The campsite site remains within an effortlessly accessible and safe private farm. At the same time, it remains far from civilization, proving the best aspects of nature. 

Overall, you can have a memorable camping experience at Rancho Camurí with your friends and family.

  1. La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park is one of the most popular tourist places in Costa Rica. It features the country’s largest animal sanctuary and five reputed waterfalls. 

The place is notable for its biodiversity without being too far from the nearest city. Tourists can do several things in La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park. They can enjoy hikes, cascading waterfalls, wildlife exhibits, and even an educational program on rescued jungle cats. 

Besides that, the nature park offers specific safe and protected camping sites where you can spend quality time with your family. Overall, the place ensures a memorable experience.

  1. La Palapa Hut – Nature Hostel & Camping

La Palapa Hut – Nature Hostel & Camping lies close to the town center and beach of Puerto Jiménez. It offers accommodations surrounded by abundant fauna and flora, making the hostel one of the best places to stay in the area. 

La Palapa Hut – Nature Hostel & Camping offers rooms with several amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, showers, etc. It also provides parking services, a shared lounge, outdoor hammocks, and access to a fragrant garden. 

The hostel allows its guests to partake in snorkeling, cycling, hiking, and horse riding. However, camping is undoubtedly the most preferred activity.

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Final Words

Camping is an enjoyable activity for many people. Costa Rica understands and supports the interest and enhances the fun associated with the endeavor. It does so with the help of its spectacular camping sites. 

However, some people may consider camping a taxing activity in the wild. Costa Rica offers well-equipped and safe accommodations for them with all the required amenities and facilities. It aims to allow the individuals to feel like home is where they are and remain comfortable. 

Furthermore, Costa Rica has several family-friendly camping sites, allowing people to enjoy the activity with their close ones without any issues.