8 Reasons Why People are Booking Patong Beach in their Next Getaway

Patong Beach is the place to beat if you want to have a truly reinvigorating and relaxing beach holiday! It is one of the most popular spots in Phuket that thousands of tourists visit every year! But what about it is particularly enticing and magnetic? Read on to find out.  After finishing this article, you’d get why everyone is going loco over it! 

Patong Beach 101

Location: Kathu District, Phuket, Thailand

AKA: Thailand’s “West Coast” with reference to America’s West Coast and everything it represents like good weather and good food. Patong Beach is also known as the center of Phuket’s nightlife.

Area: 3-kilometer stretch of fine sand island with amazing tropical views

Main Activities to Enjoy: Bar hopping, cabaret shows, club dancing, swimming, go-karting, parasailing, massage, and more.

Patong Beach and its History

Patong Beach was part of the Silk Road or the trading route between China and India. It has been open to foreign visitors since ancient times. Trading ships would dock in the beach’s safe harbors during heavy monsoons before proceeding to their main stop. Patong Beach used to be a fishing village. Pirates and gypsies also used to stay in the area to mine and trade pearls.

Patong Today

Today though, Patong Beach is now considered the center of Phuket’s nightlife. Foreigners and backpackers discovered it in the 1960s and its tourism has boomed since then. Its white shores and crystal clear seawater is the best if you’re after experiencing a fully relaxing beach holiday. Local tourism reached a brand new height when the government of Thailand built an airport in the area. Today, it’s visited by over 3 million tourists annually. It’s one of the most recommended spots for travelers who want to go around Southeast Asia. If you want to part and enjoy your beach holiday, you should definitely visit Patong Beach. It gets more exciting and ever colorful when the sun sets.

Here are the main reasons why people keep on booking a Patong Beach holiday again and again:

Reason #1: The Tropic Vibe

Patong Beach offers the best of both worlds. This is because it will give you all the excitement and relaxation that you could ever need while on a beach holiday. At Patong Beach, you will have hundreds of spots and activities to choose from on any given day. You could choose to go all out with water sports or simply relax by the beach as you bask in the place’s calming and refreshing tropic feel. Its uniquely mesmerizing tropical vibe will have you rejuvenated.

Reason #2: The Vibrant Nightlife

Patong Beach is the ultimate place to visit if you love partying. You will never run out of choices when it comes to bars and clubs that you could enjoy. You’d be happy to know that the place doesn’t go quiet when the sun sets. You’d be amazed at how differently Patong Beach comes alive come nighttime. You’d be endlessly entertained by street performances of people dancing and doing magic tricks. You have to experience it to believe it. Only then will you truly understand why tourists who love partying keep coming back to Patong Beach. Writing about it will never give Patong Beach’s nightlife enough justice. You have to see for yourself!

Reason #3: The Amazing Shopping Experience

You’d be amazed at how your money will go a long way if you’d go shopping at Patong Beach. You’d have so many goods to choose from at unbelievably affordable prices. You’d love how you’d still have excess money even after buying stuff for everyone at home.

Reason #4: The World-class Accommodation

Patong Beach has been welcoming guests from around the world since the 1960s. It has perfected the art and science of hospitality and accommodation. You will find that you’d have access to world-class hotels with no sweat whatsoever. Hotels like Kudo Hotel on Patong Beach simply know to treat each guest in the best way possible. Patong Beach hotels go above and beyond when it comes to satisfying their guests’ every need. And the most exciting part is, all are extremely affordable as well. A week-long stay with your family will not even put a dent in your wallet.

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Reason #5: The Beach Itself

Patong Beach is simply breathtaking. It’s so beautiful that you could get there and you’d immediately feel relaxed and renewed. The sight, feel, and experience of the beach is a joy in itself. Some tourists love it so much that they don’t even book other activities. They simply opt to go all out lounging and relaxing by the sea.

Reason #6: The Energy of the Place

Patong Beach is a unique beach holiday spot because it’s close to the city. You’d love how the area is so relaxing and rejuvenating even if it’s thriving with cosmopolitan energy. This very energy easily makes it the best spot for enjoying relaxing beach days and exciting nightlife parties.

Reason #7: The People

Patong Beach is in Thailand and the country is known as “The Land of Smiles” so you’d love how warm and friendly all the locals are. You’d be surrounded by people who are always ready to smile and are willing to help. All are very gracious and generous to foreign visitors. This is why millions of people keep coming back year in and year out.

Reason #8: The Easy Access

Patong Beach is very accessible. It’s also only half an hour away from Phuket Airport so you can easily enjoy the beach in no time upon arriving. If you choose so, that is. Flights to Thailand are also extremely affordable. Some flights are even sold for only $22.