10 Important Things to Consider on Your Phuket Yacht Holiday

Phuket is on every sailor’s bucket list. People flock to it year in and year out because there is something about it that is uniquely exciting and enjoyable. This article is perfect for you if you’re preparing for your next sailing holiday and your eye is set on beautiful Phuket. This article will tell you everything you need to know about it. With our comprehensive guide, you’d be able to prepare if you’d end up sailing in Phuket flawlessly. Read on, take notes, and sail away!

1. Where is Phuket?

Phuket – pronounced as poo-ket – is located in Thailand. Thailand is known as the heart of Southeast Asia and Phuket is located in its southern part. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Phuket is not in Bangkok but it is located 850 kilometers south of Thailand’s capital city. Phuket is a safe destination for all kinds of travelers; male or female or solo or group travelers.

2. How is the weather in Phuket?

Phuket’s climate is tropical and monsoonal. Hence, you can expect that it’s warm all 365 days of the year in the area. You need to take note though that it is the hottest in Phuket during the following months:

● April to May

● September to October

Considering Phuket’s climate, experts suggest that the best time to visit it is between December and March. This is because it is during these months that the weather is mostly settled. Maximum Phuket heat can reach an average of 35°C while its coolest temperature can reach 24°C.

3. Why do people prefer sailing at Phuket?

People prefer sailing in Phuket for the following reasons:

● it has beautiful beaches that are sunny all year-round

● THAI FOOD! I mean, come on. It’s impossible to go wrong with Thai Food and you’d enjoy so much of it if you’d have your sailing holiday in Phuket.

● Fantastic nightlife

● adventurous sailing activities

● numerous fabulous marinas for yachts

● beautiful culture

● amazing temples

● unlimited island-hopping opportunities

4. Will it be expensive to go on a sailing holiday in Phuket?

Not at all. A sailing holiday through a yacht charter is extremely affordable in Phuket. So much so that you’d find yourself pleasantly shocked at how your dollars could easily allow you to bring your whole family on a five-day sailing holiday and still end up having much money left to use for shopping and buying souvenirs. You’d be surprised at how the best yacht hire company in Phuket offers extremely wallet-friendly yacht charter rates.

5. What fun activities can be done in Phuket?

People can’t get enough of the following enjoyable activities in Phuket:

● island-hopping

● bar hopping

● shopping

● elephant sanctuary visits

● kayaking

● surfing

● jet skiing

● cave kayaking

● cave tours

● city tours

● temple tours

● museum tours

● food crawls

● hiking

● speed boating

● swimming

● sunrise watching

● sunset watching

● swimming

● snorkeling

6. What islands should I visit in Phuket?

You shouldn’t miss your chance to visit the following destinations during your sailing holiday in Phuket:

● Phang Nga Bay – for stunning limestone karsts and scenic kayaking

● Koh Yao Noi – fantastic beaches

● Koh Yao Yai – fantastic beaches

● Muang Phuket or Phuket Town – Thai temples and fascinating Sino-Portuguese architecture

● Phi Phi Islands – crystal clear waters perfect for scuba diving

● Phi Phi Don Islands – fun late-night activities

● Patong Beach – very popular among tourists

● Karon Beach – very popular among tourists

● Kata Main Beach – very popular among tourists

● Kamala Beach – very popular among tourists

● Similian Island – extremely private isolated beaches

7. How do I get to Phuket?

You can reach Phuket by landing at Phuket International Airport. You may also get to Phuket via the following:

● the road

● the rail

● traveling on a cruise

● via sailing on a private yacht

8. What foods should I try in Phuket?

You should not miss your chance to try the following delicacies when in Phuket:

● Tom yum goong

● Kuay tiew (noodle soup)

● Pad Thai

● Gai pad med ma muang (stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts)

● Som tam

● Tom Kha Gai

● Gengkheaw wan Gai (green curry chicken)

● Massaman curry

● Kao Phad (fried rice)

● Khao man gai (steamed chicken rice)

9. What clothes should I bring to Phuket?

As it is sunny all year round in Phuket, you should bring lightweight and comfortable clothes to wear during summer. If you don’t have much of such, you can easily spend a day or two shopping for such clothes when you arrive in Phuket. You will enjoy shopping at Phuket because all clothes and goods come at very affordable prices. You should bring particular sportswear for unique activities you want to enjoy as some may end up extra costly when sold in Phuket.

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10. How many days could I sail in Phuket?

Sailing in Phuket is extremely affordable so it’s best if you could make the most out of it and go on a five-day sailing holiday. Such duration is enough for you to enjoy hopping from one island to the next for at least three days. You’d get to save a lot as well as your food, lodging, and entertainment will all be handled and provided for by your yacht charter company of choice. If you’re lucky, your yacht charter may even come with your own personal trainer and personal massage therapist. If they won’t, you can easily request such.