Top Attractions in Pasadena, California

Pasadena is situated near the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, just 11 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles. We will discuss aboutTop Attractions in Pasadena, California Also known by its nickname of the Crown City, Pasadena is known due to the new Year’s Day Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game.

Sunny Southern California is a popular destination for many tourists however, it is easy to become obsessed with Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. But, Pasadena is definitely worthy of a place within your Social travel plan, and it’s a popular destination for those who love culture and sports enthusiasts. There are numerous chances to exercise outdoors in the nearby hiking trails. To assist you in planning your excursion, here are our top choices for the best activities to enjoy in Pasadena.

Pasadena might not be your first choice of cities within California you’re thinking about going to, unless you’re heading towards the Rose Bowl, but it’s an area worth visiting. With its rich history and culture and a lot of entertainment, tourists quickly discover the reason why it’s called the Crown of the Valley.

Here are some Top Attractions in Pasadena, California.

Norton Simon Museum: Collection of private art

The museum houses among the world’s most impressive collections of private art. Artwork of Norton Simon Museum and other artifacts gathered by the industrial person Simon from the 1900s to the present. More than 12,000 items are within the museum’s permanent collections of the museum. ¬†Visitors have the opportunity to view more than thousands of them from the galleries as well as in the garden of sculptures.

Huntington garden landscapes and library

Established in March of 1919 by the person name of Henry E. Huntington, The Huntington garden landscapes and library is a tribute to the three things Henry was a fan of books art, gardens, and books. The collection of art is spread across three galleries located on the grounds of Huntington. It is among the largest collections of the 18th through 19th centuries of American art, French art, and British art.

Walk Around the Campus of Caltech

It is the California Institute of Technology is a doctoral-granting research institution located in Pasadena with a stunning campus. This is a huge university for engineering and natural sciences, however, it has also home to short film scenes from movies and on television. The campus is easily accessible close to Old Town Pasadena and the neighborhood theater district. The 124-acre campus is lined with beautiful walking paths and is situated at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Visit of Old Pasadena

The area extends for many city blocks along Colorado Boulevard and surrounding streets, Old Pasadena is buzzing with restaurants and shops. This vibrant atmosphere takes the traditional charm of Pasadena to connect it to modern-day businesses. Take a break for a cup of coffee, walk through the specialty shops, or spend the evening in some of Pasadena’s many restaurants.

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Head up to Tour Gamble House

It is believed to be the most impressive instance that exemplifies American Arts & Crafts style architecture The Gamble House is constructed in 1908 by the Greene Brothers 1908 for David and Mary Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble Company. The House is a National Historic Landmark and one-hour guided tours led by a docent are available during the week. Prices and times for tickets vary.