Take a Trip to Atlanta, Georgia

The open road is calling, it’s time to get traveling again! After years of canceled vacations, health restrictions, vaccine mandates, and mask-wearing, things are finally starting to open up in terms of travel. If you have developed a case of itchy feet, where should you head first? The options are endless, the potential for adventure is limitless, and the amazing sights that await you are beyond imagination! However, there is one place, in particular, that should be on every single person’s travel bucket list. What is this place? It’s the beautiful capital city of Georgia, U.S.A – Atlanta

“The City Too Busy to Hate”

The city of Atlanta (not to be confused with the underwater city of Atlantis!) is the most populous city in the state of Georgia, the 38th most populous city in the whole of the United States. Its unique topography boasts a landscape that has something for everyone, including beautiful rolling hills, dense areas of trees, and gorgeous, lush greenery. It is a city of fascinating history, stunning scenery, and rich culture. It is a place of amazing art, interesting industry, and a creative community and this wonderful array makes it a superb destination for any traveler. Whether you go to the city for its fantastic food or its paradisaic parks, it’s a place you won’t want to leave, a destination you want to revisit time and time again! 

Reasons to Visit Atlanta

What is there specifically about Atalanta that’s making so many people interested in visiting? Let’s find out!

  1. The variety of neighborhoods. Atlanta is a vibrant city and each neighborhood that makes up this metropolis is unique, distinct, and full of charm and personality. Whatever your tastes, hobbies, or preferences, you will be sure to find a neighborhood perfect for you. Whether you want to wander the vintage clothes and records stores of Little Five Points or dine the night away in the bars and restaurants of Midtown, there is a home for everyone in Atlanta. Traveling between the different neighborhoods is easy too: with the series of walking trails and eco-friendly trams that make up the new Beltline, you can easily visit all the neighborhoods that take your fancy and get a full picture of the beautiful tapestry that is the city of Atlanta.
  2. The rooftop bars and patios. Drinking and eating al fresco is part of the traditional culture of Atlanteans. Patios can take pretty much any form, from a rooftop bar to a sidewalk café, essentially anywhere that has room to set up a table. You can find a patio to fit any vibe and any budget and it’s a perfect way to get respite from the sun, listen to the laughter of the locals, and really feel part of the city. Foodies will be in paradise in Atlanta because you can experience any and all cuisines in this diverse metropolis. Experience the food of the South with BBQ and fried chicken or try something new you’ve never had before! 
  3. The momentous history of the city. Civil rights began in the city of Atlanta. You can visit the old home of Martin Luther King and visit the National Centre of Civil and Human Rights to gain a full understanding of this epic history of the city. You will find that this city has a lot to teach and a lot of stories to tell regarding pivotal moments in human rights history, and it will certainly prove to be an eye-opening experience for any who takes advantage of it. Besides the more serious side to the city’s history is the more jovial museums, such as The World of Coca-Cola, dedicated to the aforementioned soda. You can taste different flavors of the beverage from around the world and even enter the vault where the secret recipe is stored. 
  4. The beautiful parks and gardens. While the city is famous for its sprawl of urbanization, any space that is available is filled with green. This creates gorgeous havens of tranquillity for locals and visitors to relax, unwind, or perhaps catch a public performance. If you want to cool off from the sun, jump into the free public pool in Piedmont Park, or if you want a more refined experience, walk through the sculptures and outdoor artwork of Freedom Park. Again, there is a park for any person, for any occasion, in the city of Atlanta.
  5. The awesome filming locations. There’s a reason why one nickname for the city of Atlanta is “Hollywood of the South”. If you recognize some of the city but can’t quite remember why it’s probably from your TV screen. There are many different filming locations across the city that can make for exciting tours of the town. Scenes from high-end movies like Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Anchorman 2, and Black Panther were filmed in Atlanta. If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, you’re going to recognize quite a lot of scenery when you visit the small town of Jackson, on the outskirts of Atlanta. The vintage-looking buildings, that are still in use and intact, are the perfect backdrop for the popular 80s series. You can even see the outside of the characters’ homes on Piney Wood Lane in East Point. Right now, there is even an epic new  immersive event for fans of the show, the awesome Stranger Things: The Experience, where you can for fans of the show, the awesome Stranger Things: The Experience, where you can explore the Upside Down, complete tasks with your team, help the show’s heroes, and defeat the bad guys. Evidently, TV and movie fans of all kinds will have exciting places to explore in the vast city of Atlanta! 

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Get Packing, Get Going!

Hopefully, a brief overview of the fascinatingly diverse city of Atlanta has convinced you to add it to your bucket list of places to see. As you go about booking flights, hotels, trips, and van rentals in Atlanta, you will surely build up great anticipation for the trip of a lifetime!